September 24th, 2021

Dr Fuellmich. NO Record 'QFS' Exists. UKC News 22 Sept. Rumors 20th. Waking Up to America

Hello World.
War is being made on mankind and if we allow it, on biomass. How many millions have died already? Some have suggested it is because the pension funds have been plundered to an extent the corporations, incuding the regimes wouldn't be able to pay their commitments. Despite being able to print to infinity and bail out banks to the tune of billions or more.The vaccines inoculations to a very high % kill the elderly. Murderous health workers finish the job. It would explain why they have targets. 'Cos they love you.

How much have we paid for own destruction so far?
Not much hope for GB yet, info is locked down so tight. UK Column is making a heroic stand but is limited by the staffing level contributions permit. Wearing down the criminals by a constant flow of correct information strikes at the heart of the beast. Taking over MsM remains an ideal. Zio Boris may be making his daddy's wish to kill 50 million Brits come true. I wonder what the other British nations leadership's targets are?
JG Hallet (alias KJIII) seems to have disappeared and some say replaced with an intelligence agencies' plant. Seems logical. Occupation regime corporation leaders are grown by the (corporation) spy agencies.

Lymerick, RMN found this, it is long and with the reservation that the COVID info needs a major update, i.e. the falsification of germ theory and the discovery that what has been presented as a harmful virus is exosomes that are part of the immune-repair-defence system, the documentary is highly commendable.
Fauci has been hung out to dry. They won't let Trump be dragged down with his "chum." Any Jesuits or Freemasons in the Tribunal?
I understand the enemy has begun swapping out the regular flu jab for the COVID jab. Just say no, it is your right.

2030 UnMasked - For those Preparing for what's Coming After Covid-19
2030UnMasked Published August 24, 2021
Rumble — A Documentary revealing the connection between Covid-19 >> Vaccines >> Masks >> The Banking System and The Great Reset

Jaybot Media uploaded this to Bitchute in two parts,
The effort put into making the falsified COVID theory as if real makes me wonder about a pig in a blanket, especially after Simon suggested everyone get their bell rung with graphene oxide.
Reiner Fuellmich - Is There Still Any Point in Going to Court?
Bitchute September 20th, 2021.

Reiner Fuellmich interviewed by Dan Astin-Gregory
Can any of us realistically use the law to challenge the global Covid response?
That’s the question to which my latest high-profile guest has been seeking an answer for more than a year now, having set up the Coronavirus Investigative Committee in July 2020 with a view to taking on governments and public bodies worldwide in far-reaching class actions.
I will be exploring with him what’s been achieved so far and what he has discovered after gathering evidence from more than 150 key expert witnesses. Their testimony has touched on all aspects of the physical and psychological fall-out from the global pandemic response, how it’s impacted the economy, our politics, our personal freedoms, the law itself.
Join me at 5pm on Monday 20 September when I will be asking my guest where we go from here, in or out of the courts, what we can learn from history and whether legal options offer any promise or whether we now need to start looking for more innovative and spiritual solutions.
Captap NaturalWisdom RMN
If Dr Fuellmich is serious, I expect the Fed (corporation) courts are untrustworthy. And if we win we lose. I'm not screaming for blood, simple justice under the Christian God's laws that used to serve us so well. Publish and be damned. Or is it that if we win they'll kill a lot more with their dirty bombs? That sword of Damacles has been there a long time. I'd be unsurprised to learn their radioctive dirty bomb is a lot less harmful than their 9/11 demolition. Their problem is they've been exposed. I wonder if the Swiss are up to speed with the attack on mankind?
Dr Fuellmich, please make an international Common Law Court.
I wouldn't be at all surprised if the actual American Government were to take an active  interest.
If unbiased prosecutions can't be guaranteed by regular channels, then a venue where the truth is supreme must be created by trustworthy people.
There must be enough law knowledge among your associates to get it sorted, and I'm pretty damn sure the general public would back you to the hilt.
Bullshitery bullshitery horseshit, cow poo,
QFS is a phantom like COVID, SARS too.
Where is it, what is it, is it a con?
To find out what is known, You have to read on.
Fact Check: NO Record 'Quantum Financial System' Exists Beyond Claims In Videos, Online Articles
Apr 14, 2021  by: Arthur Brice
Have all the nations of the world agreed to abandon the current global financial system and adopt one that will back currencies with gold and offer instantaneous transactions? No, that's not true: There is no verifiable record anywhere that the "Quantum Financial System" (QFS) exists, much less that it has been adopted globally. One of the most vocal QFS proponents is a highly visible British QAnon supporter who has espoused disproven and baseless conspiracy theories about COVID-19 and former President Donald Trump.
The claim, which has appeared numerous times on social media, also was made in a video on BitChute on March 19, 2021 titled "Charlie Ward Discusses QFS Iraqi Dinar with Nicholas Veniamin" (archived here).
Users on social media only saw this title, description and thumbnail:
Image QFS CW and NV
Facebook: http://NickVGr....
The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is a theoretical construct that would replace the current global system in which each country issues its own currency and international transactions are mostly handled through the Society For Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, a legitimate organization commonly known as SWIFT.
QFS also would replace what is known as fiat currency, which defines as "government-issued currency that is not backed by a physical commodity, such as gold or silver ... Most modern paper currencies are fiat currencies, including the U.S. dollar, the euro, and other major global currencies."
Money according to QFS boosters, would be backed by a hard commodity such as gold. And due to the potential power and speed of the emerging field of quantum computing, all transactions would be accounted for instantaneously. (You can read more about quantum computing here.)
Some financial institutions are interested in quantum computing, but it has nothing to do with QFS. They want, instead, to use the new technology for instantaneous analysis, not to transfer money nor become part of the fictional global financial system based on gold-backed currencies.
As the Financial Times reported on January 6, 2020, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Citigroup are charging forward:
"The potential for the technology to revolutionise activities like risk management and trading are so great that banks need to start learning how to harness it now, said William Hartnett, a managing director at Citi. ..."
Besides boosting their computing resources, the banks hope quantum machines will greatly reduce the time it takes to analyse complex risk positions, making it possible to adjust on the fly rather than relying on an overnight calculation.
For a detailed and complex analysis of the current global financial system and the "financial reset" that is a central tenet of QFS, go here.
Some entities insist, however, that quantum computing and the quantum financial system are already in place, although they offer no evidence of it.
That effectively makes Ms Goguen the enemy banksters' babe. Or Moll.
Salt is still cheap, around 70p for several hundred pinches. Throw a little in each corner of your rooms, it's said to ward off blood drinkers. Perhaps they meant garlic salt.

UK Column News - 22nd September 2021

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.
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Rumors of Interest

Monday, 20-Sep-2021 00:34:25
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Patriotically speaking, " is not our government. It is not and it never was."
Waking Up 101 Revisited
By Anna Von Reitz
October 2016

Imagine someone who is mentally insane, and the essence of their insanity is that they can't tell the difference between their own body and someone else's. When they get mad, they punch the guy in the mirror and then wonder why it hurts so bad. Then they get even angrier, and punch "him" again, and wind up on the floor in the bathroom with a concussion several hours later, with no idea what happened or how.
That's how some patriots are reacting to the news that the federal government is just a governmental services corporation in the business of providing us with essential government services (Article IV). They can't quite wrap their heads around it, even though it has been hidden in plain view for over two hundred years--- and they continue to be confused about who is who. They get angry at the federal government and its "federated state" franchises which are part of the federal corporation---and they bash themselves and other patriots by mistake.
They don't know who they are, so they don't recognize who anyone else is, either. Like the insane man, they start making assumptions and punching away, with much the same result.
There is no New Republic. There is just another Rothschild-funded services corporation operating under a new name. I wish I could say that it was under totally new management, but it isn't. And no, it is not our government. It is not and it never was.
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