September 17th, 2021

Stew Peters - Dr Ardis. Rumors 14th Sept. UKC 15th Sept. FinCEN. Some ANR and a note for the MoG

Last gasp of the desperados? They are revealing their tools. as a distraction from what?
Seems like all the DUMBs were prefitted with gas cylinders to eliminate witness testimony. Kind of appropriate really. (Just when you thought the charade couldn't get more farcical, elimination of the perps that took part in the elimination of the witnesses and creditors, mankind). I'd suggest taking Trump to somewhere where O2 masks are available. Minus corporation military advisors whose, (I mean the public's as their taxes paid for them) DUMBs they control
Expect good news from Switzerland. Not from the blobbies. Nice to know some Swiss are on mankind's side.
Captap to Lizzie II. She avoided much of the badness that could have been inflicted by the Rothy family's pre orangutan Prince Philip. Enjoy your retirement, your majesty.

War is when the State tells you who the enemy is. Revolution is when you decide for yourself.

I wonder how - when they'll steal the Crown Jewels? The family silver is already gone, I expect. What else?
At least the old girl is getting a dignified exit. Prince Charles, devout believer in the lunatic CO2 drives the climate and an ardent participant in the Rothschild (family?) WEF pursuit of the Lockstep ambitions that include the decimation of mankind.
Clearing the set.
The documentaries about Tartaria suggest that it happened before, around 1800.
Perhaps the DoD could arrange another expedition to the unholiest of unholies and recover the contents of the vaults that are far more valuable than metal ingots. Call it a crusade. Call it doing the right thing for once. We deserve to know.
Is the Vatican subject to the FOIA that seems to be universal? Worth a try. :)

Oh, keep tabs on the Clubs of Rome members. I'm sure they'll be needed to testify at their trial. And the luvvies in the Privy.

When the frequency is changed so they can't hide...

Talking of which, the regime corporation has its finger on the kill button. Dismantle without damaging the concealed 5G antennas and leave them on the doorstep of the nearest BT office.
Bobbies, you've been suckered. Now kicked in the nuts by a Dick and her klingons, and the fake government. Who are the Rothschild cannibal's assets in your station? Your reputation and the bottom of my shoe after stepping on something, George St mason building was blessed with a single chimney pot over a centrally heated building. Obviously CP Council approved by whom? And the owners' permission?

"27 studies from 18 countries stating Ivermectin is both safe and effective in treating COVID19."
MASSIVE EXPOSURE! American Medical Association, Propagandist Doctors, Deception and Info Theft!
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Stew Peters and Dr Bryan Ardis

Bitchute September 5th, 2021.
Conservative Politics,anti-NWO,anti-left/socialist

"27 studies from 18 countries stating Ivermectin is both safe and effective in treating COVID19."
Ask your fake representative what he and the fake regime think they are doing.


Tuesday, 14-Sep-2021 00:17:21
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UK Column News - 15th September 2021

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.
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Need a reminder who Judy Byington has associated herself with?
The FinCEN Files: How Criminals Moved Trillions of Money Through JP Morgan, HSBC and More
The Fintech Times September 22, 2020

Banks such as HSBC, JP Morgan, Standard Chartered and more have been implicated in thousands of suspicious transactions across the globe totalling $2 trillion after secret government documents were released to investigative journalists.
The leaked documents showed that $2 trillion (£1.55 trillion) of potentially corrupt transactions had been enabled through the US financial system between 1999 and 2017. The information was leaked to an international group of investigative journalists (the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists). For the past 16 months, 400 journalists in 88 countries have investigated the transactions, with Buzzfeed News breaking the story on Sunday 20 September.
These documents, dubbed The FinCEN files, are made up of suspicious activity reports (SARs) amongst other US documents, and highlight the global financial corruption that has gone unchecked by the government. They show trillions of dollars of “dirty” money passing through major financial institutions, enabling money laundering from Ponzi schemes, terrorists and mobsters. These documents are compiled by the banks and shared with the government but usually kept from the public eye. Banks and other institutions file SARs with the US Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen) when they have reason to believe a client is using their services for potential criminal activity, but are not required to stop doing business with said client despite the concern of where the money has come from.
This exposé has taken the world by storm, as it exposes the empty threats of banking safeguards and how easily criminals are able to exploit them. Even the banks own employees were alleged to be warning the institutions of this problem, as in interviews with the ICIJ and Buzzfeed News confirm, over a dozen former compliance officers at HSBC were said to question the effectiveness of the banks anti-money laundering programmes with their warnings falling on deaf ears.
The laws that are in place to stop this kind of financial crimes do very little. As long as a bank files the SAR notice, it is protected from any criminal prosecution – acting as a “free pass” to move the money and collect on the fees. At no point are banks required to stop taking money from criminals, and even in the rare cases that banks have been prosecuted or fined for financial misconduct, some continued to carry out suspected criminal money laundering – including HSBC, Standard Chartered and JPMorgan Chase. From the investigation its also possible to see a pattern in which several of the banks process multiple transactions for the same risky clients, despite having previously filed the report.
Unsurprised at the news, Ivan Zhiznevskiy, CEO at 3S Money said “To file a Suspicious Activity Report is easier than run proper KYC on a client. Banks file SARs and let the regulator deal with the problem. If there’s no response – does not matter, it is not their business anymore, carry on. And in 99% of the cases there’s no response. This is because 478,437 SARs were filled in the UK last year alone. And there’s just 80 officers processing this. Quite a significant amount of SARs were filled as a precaution. Serious crimes simply get unnoticed.”
The documents are the latest in a series of financial corruption scandals made known to the public over the last decade, one of which was HSBC’s deferred prosecution agreement in 2012.
The repercussions of this leak can already be seen across the globe, with shares in the banking sector falling just one day after the report was released, where in London Barclays fell by 4% and HSBC lost 3%. In Hong Kong, HSBC dropped over 4%, the lowest their shares have been since May 1995.
Ilia Kolochenko, Founder & CEO of web security company ImmuniWeb said, “This sensational and unprecedented leak clearly demonstrates a wide spectrum of data protection weaknesses in the governmental sector, affecting even the most developed Western countries. In light of the diversity and long timeline of the leaked documents, we may hypothesize that the documents were likely stolen by an insider, or in a silent breach of FinCEN or one of its suppliers.
“From a cybersecurity standpoint, we may expect a growing lack of trust to governmental agencies, which on one side have quasi unlimited access to the most sensitive data of the largest organizations, while cannot duly safeguard this data on the other side. A transparent investigation is required to restore confidence. We might likewise foresee a further hardening of data protection laws that could dramatically exacerbate the situation if implemented too rapidly or overbroadly.”

Biden Is Lying: Data Shows We Are Actually Experiencing a ’Pandemic of the Vaxxinated
September 15, 2021
Navigating the Fog of the Global Agenda With Jamie McIntyre in September 2021
September 16, 2021
Read Lockstep. Listen to the Schwab blob here
Situation Update, Sep 14th, 2021 – How Globalists Convinced Billions of People To Exterminate Themselves
September 16, 2021

Hey, Simon:
Message to "Man of God" --- and "Graphene is Good" Narrative:
Via Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch September 14, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz
Are you inexplicably naive, or just insane?
The "New" Republic you are trying to confuse with our Federal Republic is just another attempt to substitute your syndicate for our lawful government, and to impersonate us and our lawful government.  It's bushwah. 
And nothing good or lasting can be built on bushwah. 
So just stop. It's unnecessary and stupid and we object to it and can see it for what it is from considerably more than a mile away.
The original plotters got away with substituting foreign "State of State" organizations for the American "State of State" organizations after the Civil War, but that was then and this is now.  You won't succeed in substituting your "Republic" for ours.
And now that we have dispensed with that ruse, let's deal with the ridiculous "graphene is good" narrative.
Graphene is a poison that damages the nerve systems of the victims and causes blood clots, paralysis, and death.   If you bought the bullshit you are peddling and got vaccinated yourself, you can expect that outcome unless you take very specific countermeasures.
That's just for starters. 
Graphene used as you describe in your second missive by the purported "White Hats" to play the music of the spheres and create "heaven on Earth" by artificially stimulating everyone's nervous system with "beneficial sound frequencies" is complete, utter, inexcusable violation of the Universal Law of Freewill and the actual Creator will stomp you all like so many bugs. 
He didn't manipulate anyone, so how in the hell do you present yourself as a "Man of God" and pretend to have any such authority?  Which "God" are you representing, you miserable excuse for anything approaching godliness?
While you deceitfully present this invasion of living flesh with billions of tiny knives as a good thing, you neglect to observe the equally obvious point that if the victims can be artificially "stimulated" to feel good and do good, they can just as easily and arbitrarily be "stimulated" to feel bad and do harm.
You are talking about the zombification and control of the entire population of the Earth and whether you are "intending" this for good purposes or ill, you need to be locked up in a padded cell, or executed together with all your collaborators, at the earliest opportunity.
You are a liar.  You are lying when you try to substitute your "Republic" for our Republic and confuse the two things.  You are a liar when you present the use of graphene to control people as something that can ever be controlled or used for good.  You are a liar when you say you are a "Man of God" and yet offer to violate the Universal Law of Free Will which our Creator established as the Law for every living creature.
Get thee away, Satan, your time has come!  And your son, Lucifer, too!