September 6th, 2021

Rumors 4th, 5th Sept. Trump HHS COVID Advisor Says Pandemic Isn’t Real, ANR Headlines

There is no novel strain of coronavirus
Proven by Dr Martin in his exposure of constructive fraud in the illegal patenting of the human and bat exosome constructs.
Why are patents allowed without proof of existence such as an isolate?
No virus harmful to mankind has ever been isolated. None, not a one. It's always been a lie and always a virus - vax confidence trick performed initially by the Rockefeller Institution that is nowadays a foundation and still raking it in from the fraud.
One proviso, has influenza A or B (coronaviruses?) been isolated? I don't know if Jon has got into them yet.



"Of the 650,000 odd Americans who died, we could have saved thousands ..." [who were harmed?]
"Lockdowns were having a catastrophic effect..."
"This is not a vaccine, it's an mRNA delivery platform"
"The vaccine is of no benefit to children, it can only harm"
"Do not mask children."
.The Prof mentions 10-13,000 reported in VAERS may be 1% of the total deaths. If so, add 2 zeroes, if it represents 10% add one zero. All causes mortalities will reveal the truth as they did with the Common Cold (called COVID) mortalities.

Trump HHS COVID Advisor Says Pandemic Isn’t Real, ‘Task Force’ Deliberately Lied To America
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RMN Saturday, 4-Sep-2021

Senior Trump HHS COVID Advisor Drops BOMBS! Task Force Mislead POTUS, No "Pandemic"
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WOW! Dr. Paul E. Alexander appeared on “The Stew Peters Show”, confirming what we have all suspected, and leaving no doubt about what’s really behind the COVID narrative.
Stew Peters lived up to his reputation for asking the real questions, in search of the uncomfortable truth.
Dr. Alexander was not shy about answering the questions surrounding President Trump, the “pandemic” and the “vaccines”.


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Australia National Review, some headlines

Top FDA Vaxx Officials Resign To Avoid Prosecution for Crimes Against Humanity As White House, CDC Commit Genocide
September 6, 2021
(FDA director Woodcock is on board with the crimes, of course, which is why she’s fraudulently issuing personal letters to “approve” vaccines, bypassing the rest of the FDA’s regulatory process.)
"So even if the vaccines “work” and produce antibodies, those antibodies can then attack your healthy cells. This explains why so many people who have taken the deadly vaccines are having their brains eaten alive by their own bodies, turning them into real-life “vaccine zombies.”
Or it's the graphene oxide.
CDC Counts People Dying Within 14 Days of Jab As Unvaxinated
September 6, 2021
Total all causes mortality tells the true story.

How to Brainwash 7 Billion People
September 6, 2021

The Elitists Who Control You
ANR Lifestyle September 6, 2021
By JP Sears
Meet the elitists who control you…
Couldn't d/l the vid so I got it from Bitchute
December 6th, 2020.
The enemy that you obey is a PoS **** wit Hahahaha.
A song? Words, Bee Gees.
The strongest WMD.
Take back MsM. It needs military to do that. As soon as the job is done sack the brass and put them under watch, 360 degrees for their protection. Take control. Nothing else will work.

I expect the military corporations are aware of the public's growing awareness of their duplicity in participating in the virus - vaccine confidence trick and the global cull by fake vaccine and 5G, the spraying of toxins that destroy ozone allowing UVC to reach the surface and by using radar at frequencies that break oxygen and make it unavailable for breathing, that apart from using tax funds to perform missions for third parties against foreign countries, particpating in land piracy and aiding and abetting theft of resources. The enemy occupying our government buildings knowingly gave permission for it all. I withdraw that permission as one superior to all the occupied offices.