September 3rd, 2021

Dear Mr Trump. UKC News 1st Sept. Genocide by 5G, as well.

Is the British taxpayers' tax fund being credited with approximately 50% of the cost of the fake vaccines for the saline injections that are reported to be up to 50% of the total bought by the criminals occupying the government buildings?

Where are the goddam researchers and scientists demanding that real science is listened to?
Screwing the public while the satanists destroy everything?
How dare you. How dare you.

[Seems to work for the opposition.]


Those who can make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
CDC Withdraws PCR Testing Protocol BUT NOT Until December 31st, 2021
Denmark Abolishes All Corona Measures
2.5 weeks ago.

Scott Morrison unveils ‘dose swap’ deal with UK to provide extra 4m Pfizer vaccines
Amy Remeikis
Yahoo 3 September 2021
Australia’s vaccine program has received a boost, with a doubling of the number of Pfizer vaccines flowing into the country, after a “dose swap” deal was secured with the UK.
The prime minister, Scott Morrison, says the deal will “break the back” of the September supply issues, with his UK counterpart, Boris Johnson, agreeing to send 4m Pfizer doses to Australia, which will be distributed to the states and territories on a per capita basis.
Some 292,000 doses will leave the UK on Saturday to boost the September vaccine program, when 12-to-15-year-olds are included in the rollout, with the remainder to follow. Australia will return the doses from its own supply at a later date when the UK is looking to bolster its vaccination of children.
Concealing and or disposing of evidence, aiding and abetting genocide, coercing and forcing inoculation with a known harmful substance, (in Australia soldiers are holding people down while they are stabbed) participating in a global cull, that's off the top of my head. They'll all likely get hanged half a dozen times before cremation and disposal in a waste facility. My toilet is available.

Welcome back to the team. A fair bit of malpractice, law breaking and incitement has been going on.

UK Column News - 1st September 2021
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.
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Some comments from Bitchute.
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The UKC team talk about the fake vaccine at length. All that is necessary to shoot the virus-vaccine confidence trick in the head is to ask why.
Why was the fake vaccine used when cheap, safe, proven more effective than any harmful experimental COVID inoculation, over the counter "cures" that are in use in other countries and recommended by the Japanese health authority and others, were available before the first round of the virus-vaccine con job was unleashed on the public? That fact made the roll-out illegal.
Why continue when the fake vaccines do not meet the definition of vaccine?
Why continue when the fake vaccine death toll globally is officially tens of thousands (Britain - over ?0,000 dead, taking the lowest estimate of unreported victims as accurate) and the harms are officially in the millions, when the fake swine flu inoculation was withdrawn after 25 32 a low number of deaths, I expect it's not just me that can see the cull (murder, genocide) by inoculation agenda as plain as day.
Dr Fuellmich has the necessary info to take down the Rothschild's WEF, the UN Corporation's WHO, the CDC Inc, the US and UK's NIH and NHS management, the various occupation regime corporations and advisors, the fake vaccine industry Zionist Jew led boards, the principal stakeholders, all the military brass with divided loyalties and all others that broke the Nuremberg Codes. Each of 10 Nuremberg Codes carry the death penalty. I and many others hope to see real justice under Common Law.

Finding the total deaths by injection of the COVID serum to cure an immune response (exosomes aka coronaviruses) caused by electromagnetic field radiation poisoning from permitted, harmful telecom frequencies, proven and most recently by trade secret adjuvant graphine oxide, proven is extremely dificult for reasons that should be obvious. The MsM and the (RICO) organisations are hiding the truth. For profit.
Graphene oxide (GO) has been found in food, and in rain after persistent toxic contrails were evident.
Bothof  these inorganic causes of cell damage produce Common Cold (flu) symptoms. Ignorant doctors (perhaps deliberately) misdiagnose radiation poisoning as a viral infection. A huge percentage are completely unaware of the presence of toxic GO in the serum that makes up 99.9% of the inclusions.

The PCR test can neither detect an alleged virus because it has not been isolated nor can it identify pretended variants.that obviously haven't been isolated because they are not real.

China has stopped using the PCR test because it can't differentiate between the EMF radiation poisoning aka the  Common Cold (flu) and alleged coronaviruses that are exosomes, an immune response product.
I hope a person reading this can see how inhuman people like Rockefellers, Gates, the Schwab blob and equally eugenic Johnson take advantage of the public's gullibility. Bojo's father would like to see five sevenths of Britain's population dead.

The PoS WHO determined last December, 2020 that the PCR test was rubbish. The PoS CDC Inc is not withdrawing its request for emergency approval until December 31 2021, presumably to maximise profits and deaths. The CDC Inc. whose "guidance" is clung to by the the Bozo regime when it is profitable, sells vaccines. It is not a public office. The Gates creature owns the WHO since the US Inc. stopped paying it. Bozo, I mean Bojo pretends that when the WHO and the CDC are forced to step back, along with evidence that radiation and GO cause all the symptoms credited to first exosomes called coronaviruses and or SARS COV2 with the impossible COVID derivative (no SARS COV2, no COVID possible) and now bits of cell debris called spike proteins are immaterial. Lucky he's not a truck driver with the same attitude to road signs.
SARS COV2 was never isolated and never found in Europe, likely just another psyop like COVID.
I don't want to end this segment the way the PoS regime has left its employers (us) in the dark about vaccine kills. Just to give people an idea of how serious, and how advanced the cull is, here's something from Jim Stone:

Young people start dying en masse.
Other countries are shown in the article and linked video in this article posted in May:

What happened, did someone drop a bomb? The COVID injection has been called a silent weapon for a quiet war. The silent war is WWIII and it appears to be the Pilgrims as Rockefeller, Mellon, Luce, Rothschild, Cecil, Windsor, the Federal Reserve, WWII, the CIA, and more against humanity. The Rothschilds seem the most in need of a world war. As a Pilgrim I expect their motto is WWG1WGA. There is a sub cult from the Jew cult called Zionism that has extremists and literalist that take the old testament (Talmud) as if carved in stone truth, much as students of history believe fairytales because it was taught to them, and there are versions of the one that got burnt and rewritten from memory by an elderly Rabbi (teacher). I expect there were others that remembered differently, or wished somethings different that gave rise to versions. Interpretations lead them to believe that the predicted end times requires some participation of humans in making it happen, the extremist Jews are participating.
This comment is how one person understands the mind set.
Dr. Carrie Madej reveals to Health Ranger that Covid vaccines contain “exotic nanotech” for tracking and bio-control – Comment
How many of the Israeli injected were Zionist?
Some believe it is specifically the Rothschild clan that are the extremists, and they have a following. It would explain much, even Macron's behaviour that borders on suicidally insane.
The loss of the heroin source must have been a kick in the guts. The pallet of cash could have been a gift to keep the poppies growing. Time will tell. People wonder how protecting poppies is defending the home country.

"Your country will be destroyed by microwaves"
"Public transport users can be up to 3000 time above any safety limit"
5G Genocide – Dr. Barrie Trower
Bitchute October 19th, 2019.

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Barrie Trower interview with Sir Julian Rose - International Conference - Zone free from 5G - Kraków, Poland - Feb. 28, 2019. Will the drastic reduction of the world's population predicted to occur by 2050 be primarily the result of 5G deployment?
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Rockefeller's Lockstep Guide to Martial Law and Genocide by Injection Latest
Controlled Demolition of Supply Chain Bringing Civilization to Brink of Collapse
Bitchute September 2nd, 2021
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The American Journal w/ Harrison Smith (Full Show) - Commercial Free - 9-2-21

While it's in my mind, for the kids, it's their future.
I believe participatory democracy which is government from the bottom up is the only option. Politicians are not required. You don't have to look too far to see the mess politicians can create, either by saying nothing or actively participating in creating the mess of the moment.
With politicians gone, your nation can be repaired. There is nothing to stop you other than lies.
Ozone has to be a top priority, replace what the porridge for brains military and other sources caused ozone destruction. UVC is reaching the surface. It kills biomass. (We're part of biomass.) It may have been the cause of mass extinction(s) in pre-history.
History must be abolished from curriculums, its all false. The known falseness keeps getting earlier and earlier. Find out how the history of Tartaria and a mud flood has been hidden.