July 27th, 2021

COVID19 is the name of the black op. Coronavirus, the alleged disease is the Common Cold. UKC 26th

Changed the activist post link to a research dedicated page.

A couple from Poofness (Rumors, later)

UK Government Advisor Admits Masks Are Just "Comfort Blankets" That Do Virtually Nothing
Yet fails to admit they cause bacterial lung infections. These people serve the money god.

Getting More Information On The Poison Found In The Vax, Graphene Oxide Has Also Been Found In Regular Flu Shots. Clearly A Death Jab.
Poison. The weapon of murderesses.

And from RT

The bombs rain down as I visit the Idlib frontlines, and witness the atrocities committed against civilians by NATO-backed terror
by Vanessa Beeley
23 Jul, 2021
Image: A young child injured during a recent attack on homes in Jurin, a Syrian village near the frontlines of of Idlib. © Vanessa
Children are being killed, homes are being shelled, and fields scorched, often by Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorists armed with US-made weapons or by Turkish artillery. Where’s the outcry in the West against these war crimes?
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres celebrated the extension of a “humanitarian” border crossing at Bab Al Hawa on July 10 as a “lifeline for millions of people” – many Syrians would rather describe it as a “lifeline” for Al-Qaeda.
On July 15, I visited Jurin, a village to the north of the Hama governorate and only 5km from the Syrian-allied military frontlines with the Al-Qaeda-dominated armed groups controlling Idlib in northwest Syria. We arrived at around 9a.m. to the boom of mortar and rocket fire from the Jabal az Zawiya mountain that is under the control of Turkish-backed armed groups. Jurin is in the Al Ghab plains at the foot of two mountain ranges, and is an easy target for the elevated terrorist positions on Jabal az Zawiya.
On June 20, a three-year-old child, Massa Akram Saleh, was murdered by armed groups who targeted her family home, injuring her father and brother, five-year-old Akram Saleh, whose body was lacerated by shrapnel wounds. Massa was rushed to Al Sqeilbiyyeh hospital, a journey of one hour, but later died. Her brother and father are still receiving treatment. Massa’s grandfather tells me:
“If this had been a child of the militants, the UN would have made a big case of it. Hundreds of children have died in our area but it is as if nobody died at all.”
Continues: https://www.rt.com/op-ed/530082-attacked-syrian-civilians-us-weapons/
The terrorists are plainly BLM-Antifafa supporters and so immune to political COVID.
Who pays the outfit that rents out the terrorists?

Leaked files expose London’s cloak-and-dagger scheming to secure the permanent divorce of Kosovo from Serbia
RT OpEd 27 Jul, 2021
By Kit Klarenberg
Documents have revealed Whitehall’s multimillion-pound involvement in efforts to increase support for Kosovo’s national government among the Serbs, proving once again Britain cannot resist flexing its neocolonial muscles.

The pandemic claims are for the outbreak of the Common Cold that happens every "flu" season.
It is caused by radiation from Telecom signal frequencies. It is seasonal because although we are bathed in the radiation 24-7-365, in the warmer months most people's immune-repair-defense system (IRDS) is robust and able to cope with the cell damage the radiation causes. In the cooler months with less fresh air and lower D vitamin levels due to less exposure to sunlight, the normal IRDS is less responsive so the cell damage is more extensive and the more drastic IRDS response becomes pronounced, producing symptoms called the Common Cold or seasonal flu.
Gates, Fauci, Obama, Soros and doubtless the military-intel of several nations including Britain have been pursuing an infectious version of the exosome that is common to most species by funding biolabs in several countries. The exosome is produced by cells for a number of reasons and especially in response to cell damage, to alert other cells that are part of the IRDS.
The degree of the success of the FoE creatures in producing a harmful infectious exosome is testified to in the excremental creatures use of graphene oxide in inoculations lyingly called vaccines to produce the flu symptoms, again by damaging cells.

Because the "vaccines" are in fact harmful inoculations targetting gene adulteration, the CDC vaccine seller corporation allowed the vaccine industry to call them gene therapy. Calling them a vaccine is simply a lie to persuade people to accept the experimental vaxecution inoculation. Because they are not vaccines, the vaccine producers are not protected from liability, the occupation regime corporations are also liable and further liable for deceiving the public repeatedly by calling them vaccines and failing to protect the public from them.

People that have been harmed by the "vaccine" industry, politicians and their advisors' deception need to find a lawyer competent in prosecuting such cases. Perhaps if Dr Fuellmich and his team's prosecutions don't run past your lifetime...
Don't forget to include the failure of the occupation regime's Dept of Sport, etc. to protect the public from the harmful radiation frequencies. Research papers abound, a fine collection is maintained at https://radiationdangers.com/5g-roll-out/  and
https://www.activistpost.com/2020/06/just-the-science-list-of-studies-that-prove-5g-and-4g-densification-is-not-safe-and-3g-isnt-safe-either.html and have been available for a long time highlighting the dangers. There is no excuse for the duplicity of that dept.

Not many people have a good grasp of the relationship between radiation poisoning of our cells by electrification and the virus-vaccine confidence trick. John Lukach at https://www.estateartistry.com/blog.html stands head and shoulders above most.
His latest summation,
A Clear Verifiable Pattern Emerges tells it as it is.
Large excerpt:
Today's post has some very important information. Take it slow through this, because there is a lot to it, and the evidence spans over a decade of time. Some of this will take us all the way back to 2012 for the meat of it, but it builds upon and clearly supports some of the more fantastic sounding claims being made in very recent whistle-blower testimony, more of which seems to be coming out with increasing regularity from all over now.

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Thanks to John for writing it.

UK Column News - 26th July 2021

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

UKC MHRA Yellow Card Covid-19 Adverse Reactions Data:

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