June 26th, 2021

Anna Brees Discussion with Dr. Roger Hodkinson Special and a Clothcap response

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Bitchute video of Discussion with Dr. Roger Hodkinson [38 min video, gone from YT now]
Thanks hobie and NaturalWisdom
RMN Saturday, 12-Jun-2021
In Response To Discussion with Dr. Roger HodkinsonYou’ve got until tomorrow to watch this before the poster deletes it from YT [38 min video] (NaturalWisdom)
Very Important Message - Brees Media 11th June 2021 Dr Roger Hodkinson
Dr Roger Hodkinson – “When the history of this madness is written, reputations will be slaughtered and there will be blood in the gutter“
-Freedom of Speech, May 24, 2021
11th June 2021 Dr Roger Hodkinson
Anna Brees
June 11, 2021

Clothcap says: Blood in the gutter AND necks stretched AND other responsibles jailed.
Gosh, an honourable and intelligent person inside the BBC.

For Anna's consideration.
The Johnson occupation regime corporation is proof of this:
hoppe the state.jpg
So nothing coming out of their mouths is trustable. How can you tell they're lying? Their lips are moving,
Sorry lovey but there is some heavy reading. Careful how you use this info, you could lose your job or worse so please be cautious. The interview was memorable.,
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Don't know which vax caused it but people are becoming magnetised, for real.
The CDC vaccine seller company is owned by BP
Fauci has U turned so many times he should see a psychiatrist to unknot him before he goes to jail.
Australian TV presenter announced that airlines were refusing vaxecution jabbed due to "shedding". If only George Carlin was still alive.
The going rate (from tax funds) for fraudulently putting the cause of death as Covid is £82, 2nd sig not required.
The going rate for intubating people to death is
More to do on this