June 11th, 2021

CCP Set-Up by the Globalists. UKC News 9th June. Fulford Newsletter 7th June.

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FKTV: "CCP Set-Up by the Globalists, SWQW Plot Foiled?"
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Date: Thursday, 10-Jun-2021 06:18:34

CCP Set-Up by the Globalists, SWQW Plot Foiled?

As you know by now, I am a huge fan of Clif High’s and I just find him incredibly amusing and brilliant. His latest video is over an hour long but nine minutes in, for about 10 minutes, he gives what is, in my opinion the best explanation of what’s going on with China and their alleged role in the release of the COVID virus that I’ve heard yet and the upshot of what’s happening is potentially great news for the whole world.

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"Vaccines don't stop, according to the manufacturers, transmission or "infection"."
Communist Purpose collective edition.

UK Column News - 9th June 2021
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today's UK Column News.

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Fulford full newsletter 6/7: "War Intensifies as Cabal Takes Aim at Returning Trump"

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RMN 11-Jun-2021

June 7, 2021

War Intensifies as Cabal Takes Aim at Returning Trump
By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports Comments
The Khazarian Mafia tried on the Satanic day of June 6th (66) to overturn a grassroots movement to remove the fraudulently installed Joe Biden presidency. Following Donald Trump’s live GOP speech in North Carolina the day before where he claimed the fraudulent election was “the crime of the century,” the MSM tried to portray him as broken and incapacitated. By infuriating Trump supporters, it has had the opposite effect. This means the war to hunt down and kill all members of this cabal has intensified, MI6, CIA, and Pentagon sources agree.

The Trump on display was the real one, and not his loose jowled body double, NSA sources confirm. The democratically elected president of the United States may be considering military action against the illegal Biden regime as the only option left.

Trump tried to assuage supporters by hinting at running in 2024. He had also raised attention with comments about returning to the White House sooner than people expect and responded to interview questions about the “interesting” idea of joining the 2022 house race to become the speaker and impeach Biden. The cabal seems to be hoping any delay will give them time to permanently cement their satanic grip on the U.S. A growing body of evidence shows they intend to accomplish this by murdering most Americans with toxic vaccines.

This has been confirmed by a whistleblower from Pfizer who contacted 5 eyes intelligence last week and described the detailed manner in which their vaccine is designed to kill people.

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I keep forgetting I'm in Alice in WTF land.

IMO. Bill Gates' excuse? "I'm just a product of the system. Learn how to profit by deceit." The American (Jewish) dream. Sigh.

Support for Benjamin's info..
Is China Turning away from the New World Order?
The Duran June 9, 2021
by Malcolm Harris
Enviros should read this.
The Dynamics of Nuclear Power Diplomacy: Russia and China vs the Neo-Malthusians
The Duran June 9, 2021
By Matthew Ehret
I expect the hydrocarbon goose that lays the golden eggs has played a major role in the suppression.
Just say no. It doesn't require anything else. Without control of your birthright, their parascityness have nothing to support their debt payments. Their China resident creditors can have them as security fwiw.
Tinnitus noise level, (radiation noise audible to some, like a dog whistle) has been low for a couple of days. Today (11th) it has seen a return to mid volume with a pitch change.

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