May 28th, 2021

Sandboxes. Rumors 28th.

.Dear BBC, please keep digging. Cases against the COVID fraudsters are proceeding in 7 or 8 countries so far.

What is a sandbox?
In software terms, it is a defined area in which e.g. a new program can be run to test for bugs where anything outside the sandbox is protected.
R. D. Steele's sandbox boundaries are the US Inc. borders and the Constitutions that specify what a government services corporation can and can't do.
The gent, with the best of intentions is attempting to clean up the currently illegal administration corporation, and illegally created evil twin-child State of State corporations (provided under charter by the Brit Empire (managed by the Crown Inc. aka the City) and the Luciferian unholy Roman Empire (managed by the unholy See aka the Vatican) and repopulate it with humans that that will automatically fall under Jew controlled Crown and Jew controlled Vatican control as principal service providers.
Anna, whose reclaimed living political status freed her from being subject to the boundaries set by corporation regulations and as the non corporation Government is the principal with regard to chartering government services companies, is not limited by the Constitution in the way Robert is.
Washington DC is owned by the Crown Inc. and so is the Anglo-Roman Empire's Capitol of America.
I sit here and wonder how I'll end up pissing off Anna, seems chasing the dragon called truth always ends up pissing off nice people at some stage.
Seems the Satanist Jew stranglehold on lawmaking isn't going to survive much longer. The truth emanating from Henry Makow and Jeff Rense has finally got it's shoelaces tied and is up and running after the lies that have spread all the way around the world. There were no gassings in a Nazi holocaust. Concentration camps that were work camps were created for Jewish industrialists like Ford. Living conditions were good until the 'allies' started bombing the camps and their food and medical supply lines. The wailing wall is part of an old Roman fort (called kissbutz?). Jerusalem is not the original. The "Jews" are mostly of Eastern European origin. The originals were all killed according to Bible accounts. The Moslems' holiest of holies, Mecca was probably originally intended to be the unfinished Petra***. The establishment of Protestantism was Jew financed to create division. And on and on.
[Talk about weird. The stand-by sign in screen that just popped up on another laptop after I knocked the second mouse is a view of part of Petra, a ravine with a temple frontage carved into the ravine wall.]
To my mind, 'Jew' is just another word for deceiver that is the main reason for calling them the followers of the father of lies.
SOTN appears to be diving in at the deep end. The ever persistent eternal victims (kicked out of every country they infected at one time or another for their disgusting, immoral and inhuman practices and for their interference in governance) aka the Satanist Jew collective has adopted the mantle of victim of RDS USA Tour. If they wish to be exposed as the sacks behind the sacks behind most of the evil going down in America and most other countries, be aware that the common and garden street level Jews are a sacrificial onion layer, like the lower orders of Freemasonry that was hijacked by the Khazar Jew Rothschild about the same time as the French Revolution that he financed, (I wonder how much French royalty treasure he was safeguarding) that his buddy Weishaupt planned.
Dutch Jews financed the Cromwell English Revolution, that was how they got back into the country.

Anyhows, before I lose sight of SotN:

How many Satanist Jews are living off the fat of the land in the House and the Senate? How many of the rest are their familiars? The British occupation regime has an unhealthy and unrepresentative number of Satanists polishing the benches. Hancock has a decidedly Khazarish appearance. Boris (Americo-British Jew) is probably of mixed European ancestry like most convert Jews.
JUDEOCRACY: Here’s the Stark and Perilous Reality
Here’s who is really gunning of the Patriot Movement
Another Nazi, (European Black Nobility) Jewish, (bank families) WEF (familiars) objective ticked.
(Initially, get the 4G upgrade and 5G rolled out to cause a flu "epidemic" (tick) then inoculate the world with ID tech (tick) and use the jab to reduce the population - in progress.)
Big banks have gone digital and now, DIGITAL DOLLAR ANNOUNCED (Video) (tick)
Hope Porn Artist Juan O Savin Proves Again that His Hopium Addicts Are No longer Buying Fake Hopium (Video)
Posted on May 26, 2021
(But does he self-identify as Kennedy?)
I gave it 10 minutes. Maybe a more tolerant person could listen and say if there is any content?

The WEF bandwagon is hitting high gear yet the hopium peddlers just keep making excuses to keep the public under the jackboot as the world government corporation nee Bilderberg Inc. tries to flex its pecs.
Freemasonry is a Satanist Jew controlled gang that gets initiates by deception then controls them by fear and more deception. Its rituals are straight out of one or another version of the Talmud.
Royals? They originated in Phoenicia - (W. Syian coastal region and Lebanon), and prospered peddling purple dye extracted from local molluscs. Going where the best profits were to be had, their operation moved to Venice, grew and from there they screwed the world at every opportunity.
Khazars, a nomadic bandit race converted to Judaism. Their involvement with the Black Nobility came via the Rothschild developed habit of lending money to "royals" (Phoeny Venetians) against security, (jewels, gold, diamonds etc.) and later acting as a safe place to keep treasure which they stole at every opportunity, according to accounts. Because of their business acumen, royalty used them to collect taxes. The Jews gradually supplanted royalty as nation leaders, getting their own in their beds and so producing a variety of doubly evil offspring. Once the top of the food chain was stiched up tight, it was quite easy to get their own followers, and buy and blackmail or murder others to permeate and control bureaucracies and governments.

It is so obvious and blatant, only the MsM preventing us all from seeing it, that it was inevitable their overconfidence in our submission  would lead them to overplay their hand and here we are at the last stages of absolute Satanist control attempt. (You'd have thought they could of got something more palatable than the swab to front for them. Could have been worse, imagine Cameron, "Speaking to you as a member of the board of the global regime corporation, I like to firstly apologise for betraying you for over a decade...")

The only question left to ask is when the full truth rolls out, will any Satanic Nazi 'royal' or false Jew be left to do it all again?

Bitcoin was allegedly created by the NSA, bankcoin by the WEFecutionista.

Any person that has helped, is helping the Satanists by investing in bitcoin needs to get back to helping mankind by dumping them and buying metal.
Facebook and Twit were created by the CIA.
Weather warfare was a joint DoD-NASA project.

I haven't fathomed why people keep voting for Black Nobility-Jewish oppression and financing it with voluntary income tax. Fear, ignorance, stupidity and brainwashing seem to be the likeliest reasons.
Rumors from Thursday

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Seeming bankster asset Judy revealed that she supports and promotes the banksters' get out of deep doo-doo for free digital currency. Careful what you step in people.
Kimberly Goguen is a mystery, I haven't sussed who she works for, a guess would be Rockefellers via the part of the military brass that supports the self-confessed criminal at large, Biden, that in turn is a Crown-Vatican asset, like the DoD. Doesn't anyone else notice that familiar bathroom smell?