May 15th, 2021

Satanic Inversion. Dear Doctor. Rumors 12th, 13th, 14th May.

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Has anyone else noticed the not so subtle change in our employee corporation entities, from doing as they are told to telling us what to do?
That breach of contract needs to be reversed with both haste and effective reassertion of our rights by whatever means necessary both as employer and as their electors, however limited in both truthfulness, honesty and intellect the preselected offerings presented to us to choose between. The criminals, yes they have committed many crimes against us, too many to list, are now assisting our enemies to kill our elders and harm the rest of the population by illegally forcing, there is no other way to interpret the illegal coercion, injections that in no way can be described as vaccines being neither beneficial nor curative, and not even alleviating symptoms of the illegal Telecom densification of 'electrosmog' commonly called Influenza.
(More to follow on this.)

Dear Doctors,
I hate preaching to experts in 16th century diagnostic methods but someone has to.
In my opinion.
Influenza is the body's immune defence response to EM radiation poisoning due to incremental Telecom densification of so-called electrosmog. This has already been proven beyond doubt.
The latest attack on mankind comes from the intermixing of all the currently used frequencies in constantly varying signal strengths that pose a severe challenge to the immune - defence system in that each frequency causes cell damage in different ways, 3G plus 4G with the latest upgrade's higher frequencies in 4G causing O2 to change rotational speed so that haemoglobin fails to recognise it, higher signal strengths breaking the O2 bond to release the resulting oxidants (incidentally depleting the atm. O2 content due to EMR from radar and satellite freq's).
The lower 4G freq's and 3G cause water molecules to vibrate akin to a MW oven function inside cells.
The appropriate first step in treatment must be to isolate patients from EM radiation. (Moving them to old folks' homes cruelly increased the likelihood of higher exposure to harmful EM radiation. One can only hope this happens to those responsible in health management in their senior years.)
The second is to assist the body's response by not treating fever unless it nears life threatening heat and coughs unless they are non productive.
That is why vitamins are so useful. I haven't found why chlorine in drugs such as hydrochloroquine is so effective but speculate that it eases the bacterial load on the defence system and frees up more of the white cells and perhaps encourages exosome production. Introduced high volumes of exosomes (coronaviruses) have been demonstrated to relieve symptoms and even cure diseases, albeit without the reason being known. A 2 day water only diet dramatically increases white cell population and may prove an effective and economic alleviator.
So-called vaccines, lately (accurately) slanged as vaxecution jabs appear to be designed to attack certain exosomes (corona viruses) wrongly assumed to be a cause of disease rather than mitigators, perhaps deliberately to increase susceptibility to EM radiation poisoning, for profit.
Dr Fauci, the hero and financial beneficiary of (the military? And) the vaccine industry is being prosecuted for financing bioweapon production in Wuhan. The weapon of note appears to be a modified bat exosome (corona virus) that sponsored and self-deceiving scientists pretend to be natural, that has to be artificially introduced by injection or other means, perhaps in DARPA hydrogel in swabs and injections. Exosomes (corona viruses) are containers. The payload seems to be selectable, no reason why it can't be spike proteins. DARPA hydrogel is soluble.
A report I read stated a US military top brass called for research into a bioweapon that would kill the eldery. Jesuit criminal Fauci (above Freemasons) and criminal occupation regime corporations provided the delivery means.
Forgive the sarcasm, however deserved, and have a nice day, unwitting hired assassins for mankind's nemesis, the insane comic book cut-out satanists.
Any honest doctors will call for the abolition of all vaccines until even one natural, harmful virus is isolated.
A suggestion for research, how is tannic acid beneficial?

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[In Britain, the enemy is using "cracks in the framework and chassis" to take down the rail delivery system. If nothing else, the timing is highly questionable. Ornamental representatives dance like monkeys for the sick organ grinders. Cc]
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