May 7th, 2021

Joint Chiefs Overthrown. Rumors 5th-6th May. Some from Mystery Babylon-Secular Humanism.

The excreta filled sacks masquerading as humans are telling us the body's waste disposal of exosome debris is a contagious disease? For how many centuries has this been happening and how come we aren't all dead?
Here's an idea that holds more water, DARPA hydrogel and unnatural EMR responsive fibres in swabs are causing the problem.
a) They don't want you to know that hence the frantic arm waving about nonsensical shedding,
b) the shedding nonsense sustains the imposed fear and
c) it creates a division in society, hostile to each other instead of hanging the secular humanists by the nutz.

If they've already killed you with the vaccines, swabs, intubation and suffocation, why the need to kill you a third time?
Perhaps this vid will incentivise people to get out there and start meting out justice, western (cowboy) style. Posses and lynch mobs would be a good idea, as would baseball bat armed vigilantes waiting outside hospitals for the murderers. Up to 3 years from when you were pricked or swabbed to get the job done.  Share this:
Bitchute May 2nd, 2021.
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The Pushback Is Hard And Coming Fast. It Has Started With The Alliance Backed 35 Billion Lawsuit Against Trudeau The Pothole, And The WHO, And The Queen, And The Pope Etc
Testimony - All Vaccinated Will Die In Under 3 Years - Hospitals Now Considered To Be Murder Zones
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Posted By: Seawitch
RMN 5-May-2021
Pentagon Coup! Joint Chiefs Overthrown
Real Raw News  5th May 2021
By Michael Baxter
Last month Real Raw News reported on a shocking incident at the Pentagon, the seat of America’s military might: The man who calls himself president, Joseph R. Biden, had visited the Pentagon under the pretense of conducting a surprise presidential inspection. His real impetus was to learn whether a rumor he had heard was true, that Donald J. Trump was in the building meeting secretly with Marine Corps General David H. Berger, which could explain why Pentagon police denied him access to the property. While RRN cannot confirm Trump’s presence, we can now authenticate earlier reports that pointed to a dramatic shift in power at the nation’s most fortified structure.
On April 14, two days before the Pentagon Protection Force turned away a shocked and confused Biden, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley summoned the 7 other Joint Chiefs to the Pentagon for an emergency meeting, according to a confidential source involved in Trump’s mission to eliminate Deep State operatives throughout the nation.
Gen. Milley, our source said, lambasted his colleagues for allowing high-ranking officers from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces to undermine Biden’s presidency. Gen. Milley said Biden was the democratically elected President of the United States, and that all armed forces personnel, from the lowest private to the highest general, had a patriotic duty to support and protect Democracy, Joseph Biden, and Kamala Harris.
“From what we know, he went off, ballistic-like. He was a cursing machine, swearing at and excoriating these highly decorated, lifelong members of our country’s military. He said he’d heard they were helping Trump do what he called ‘secret and illegal arrests’ of prominent active and retired politicians. He kept blasting them and told them he was going to recommend that Biden and Harris fire them,” our source said.
Gen. Milley reportedly offered the other Joint Chiefs of Staff a final chance to abandon their allegiance to Donald J. Trump and swear fealty to Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris.
Of all the Chiefs, only one leapt to his feet in support of Biden. Gen. Daniel R. Hokanson, Chief of the National Guard Bureau, denounced Donald Trump and told Gen. Milley that he and the National Guard would honor their oath to the Constitution He said they were prepared to defend Biden’s presidency with their lives, if necessary.
Our source said Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps David H. Berger, a longtime supporter of Donald Trump, passed Gen. Milley an envelope. The envelope held an arrest warrant issued by the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps. It named Gen. Milley as a traitor to America and its people.
“Except for you and this coward,” Gen. Berger said, pointing at Gen. Hokanson, “we all support this great nation and what it stands for, and we reject the forces of darkness destroying what our Founding Fathers worked so hard to codify. We stand for a nation, not a man. Why are you so eager to say Kamala Harris’s name in every sentence with Biden’s name? We know why.”
Gen. Milley, our source added, shredded the warrant, calling it a joke, and promised Gen. Berger he would hang for treasonous behavior.
“If anyone hangs, it won’t be me,” Gen. Berger reportedly said. “We’ve been expecting this for a long time.”
A dozen armed members of the Pentagon Protection Force entered the conference room and handcuffed Generals Milley and Hokanson.
In closing, our source said Milley and Hokanson have since been shipped to Guantanamo Bay, where they will ultimately answer to a military tribunal.
Asked if Donald J. Trump was at the Pentagon on April 16, our source replied: “I cannot say yes or not. I can tell that what’s happening now is a prelude to his reinauguration on Independence Day.”
Presumably these creatures are the ones that have been conducting regime change wars and aggression towards Russia for the British establishment (the club that you ain't in) and European Jew controlled corporations.(that emigrated to China) in liason with NATO, the CIA and MI6.
If the Pentagon is being sanitised of foreign assets, the world has a chance.
Thanks Michael Baxter and Seawitch.
Don't forget to watch the BBC report on this, slash sarc.
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Official Figures: 3848 Deaths 118,902 Injuries After COVID Vaxxes, Including Children
[Those numbers could be between 1% and 10% of reality. Cc]
20,000 new eye disorders are reported

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Rumors Thursday 6th May
35 Billion Lawsuit Against Trudeau The Pothole, And The Who, And The Queen, And The Pope Etc
Testimony - All Vaccinated Will Die In Under 3 Years - Hospitals Now Considered To Be Murder Zones
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Agenda 2030: No Property, Cash, Freedom, Meat or Pets May 3, 2021

We’re being frogmarched into an Orwellian future.
The United Nation’s Agenda 21 intends to ban all unsustainable practices including irrigated crops, animal farming, having pets, freedom of movement, private cars, air travel and sea freight.
They intend to outlaw the ownership of all private property, as this leads to accumulation of wealth and promotes inequality.
by Teresa Tannahill
(excerpt by
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This is for those that trust those pretending to be in our service, occupying the seat of government.
Milton William Cooper, Mystery Babylon 06 Part
Youtube Oct 10, 2020
Hone & comb

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