April 16th, 2021

AGW Fraud Exposed. UKC News 14th. Rumors 13th,14th. American city is burning

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Added half of one of Jon Rappoport's An American city is burning on television.

Brits, form your own local council and sack the regime's tax imposer and collector pretending to be your council
As the sacks get the 180 degrees to reality global warming gravy train back on the rails, never forget the UN admitted that it is more about wealth transfer than the environment. Ask the BBC, I'm sure they'll point you to their articles about that.
Image from this article: Global Warming Fraud Exposed in Pictures
Can we start to produce CO2 yet, to avoid catastrophic cooling? /sarc
[Locally, 0 degrees at 6 am (S. Wales). Lengthening winters short hot summers=cooling climate regime, I should dig up the iceball, or was it snowball Earth article. Scwab is a 2D cartoon psychopath. Has AI found superhero comics?]
Ongoing legalised pillaging. The corp'n regime has had much practice.
Does anyone think the regime would hesitate a nano second to
drive the public into getting the Gates' experimental injection?
Btw, there is no compensation for harm. It's not a vaccine, no insurance.
There remains revenge.
UK Column News - 14th April 2021
[Opens with expert witness testimony.The vaccines are not vaccines. Cc]

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

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Rumors from Tuesday
Charlie Ward, Super Con Man
Tulsi . Sigh. :)
Reasons For Getting Vaccinated
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Rumors Wednesday
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As the real truth gets around (the Pentagon company is part of the deep state, like occupation regime corporations), a lot of patriots will find themselves increasingly embarrassed. The remedy and the bigger truths can be found if you look. https://theamericanstatesassembly.net/
Chem trails, lasers and HAARP cannot control the weather or the climate - can they?
Find out.

An American city is burning on television
by Jon Rappoport April 15, 2021

In the city of Poreattle, it was all police lieutenant Eddie Lace’s fault. He dreamed up the scheme during the third straight night of riots, in which two citizens were shot and killed, four cops seriously injured, and more than dozen stores torched and burned to the ground.
Eddie had intelligence reports on local Antifa leader, Martin Jackson. He had met with him several times, and knew Jackson had insights into “the new revolution.”
So Eddie had four of his men go to Jackson’s home, wait for him to return from the burning and looting, and grab him as he was getting out of his car. They brought him to a small cottage on the outskirts of the city.
Guarded by the four men, Jackson sat in the living room, where a hidden camera was already rolling. A live stream was going out online.
Eddie walked into the room and sat down.
—Lieutenant, what am I doing here? Lost your mind?
You’re a smart guy, Martin. I wanted to have a meeting with you, because I hope we can set up some rules of engagement.
That’s not going to work, Eddie. There are no rules.
You’re smarter than that. Two sides can always come up with something beneficial…
You mean a compromise. No dice.
(At this point, a computer tech at a local TV station caught the live stream, quickly alerted the station manager, who, eager for ratings, decided to interrupt a cooking show and pick up the stream and send it out to viewers. A larger network, sensing the possibilities, cut into its own sports talk program and picked up the stream as well and beamed it to its audience.)
Everybody compromises, Martin. Come on. There are certain venues you wouldn’t dare touch, right? They’re off-limits. Your bosses wouldn’t appreciate seeing them burn to the ground.
Bosses? What the hell are you talking about?
You mean you exist on penny-ante donations? Antifa is just doing charity work?
“Antifa isn’t an organization, it’s an idea.”
Good one. One of my men who’s in the hospital right now was hit with an idea. What I was hoping to do, Martin, was set up boundaries in the city. You can operate in a couple of spaces, but nowhere else.
Forget it.
Where did you go to school, Martin? Stanford?
That’s right. It slipped my mind. You majored in animal husbandry.
Journalism and political science, Eddie.
You read the speeches of Martin Luther King.
This isn’t MLK or even Malcolm, Eddie. This is burning everything down. Don’t try to put that civil rights stuff on us. That’s for old men who live in the past. They think we’re trying to earn our piece of the American dream. Useful idiots.
I guess I’m behind the curve.
You’re not even on the map. When we finish off the country, we’ll start over from scratch and build a different one.
From the ashes.
There’s no other choice.
So you’re not going to be making any appeals to Joe Biden.
He’s lucky if he can find his way from the shower to the bedroom. He’s rotting like a banana out in the sun.
When Kamala takes over, maybe you’d like to sit down with her.
She’s just another hungry politician. A better puppet. Wise up, Eddie. We’re doing a squeeze play. A pincer movement. Can’t you see it? Or are you just another dumb cop?
You’re talking about COVID plus your riots.
Good boy. Very good. Lockdowns on one side, riots on the other. Keep people bottled up in their houses. Huddled masses, yearning for food delivery.
The economy’s starting to open up.
Temporarily. But there’s another wave coming. We’re just getting started.
You’re the shock troops. If the courts and politicians don’t fall in line with what your bosses want, you burn down things. It’s an old game, Martin.
Stop with the “bosses.”
Some of the richest people in America are backing your action.
You don’t know what you’re talking about.
A smart guy like you, Martin, and you don’t even know you’re Rockefeller socialist.
Continues: https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/04/15/an-american-city-is-burning-on-television/
One of Jon's finer examples. :)
Monkeys form gangs and throw stones at other gangs to defend or gain territory. People form gangs (armies) and  throw stones at each other using machines to defend or gain territory. Now we have people (almost) in space. Guess what will happen, if it isn't already happening? What would a monkey do? Ask the head monkeys.
Progress. Military leaders should be equipped with baseball bats and put on a desert island with every politician, banker, royal representative and their think tanks with enough food for all for one month. Isolated for 6 months.
It's only monkey nature after all.
Survivors should be vaccinated with the Astra Zeneca "vaccine".
Do people understand how the sacks we allow to make decisions for us use that power to make wars?
It doesn't have to be food. Sanctions on e.g. essential raw materials work equally well. That was the reason Germany was forced to go to war. Zionist bankers financed both sides. Possibly the same group (Zionist collective -
wwg1wga) was behind arranging the sanctions.