April 3rd, 2021

Note for Gen. Flynn. CV19 is a psy-op. Fulford Report March 29. PCR on the Floyd Death Trial. Rumors

Completed Sunday's Rumors. Added some Yahoo
Dear General,
Thanks go to General McInerney for revealing part of the nature of the illness afflicting the globe. A bioweapon, not a natural harmful invasive virus. Further enlightenment is required.
The common cold symptoms have been credited to the hypothetical coronavirus SARS COV 2 derivative, the hypothetical COVID 19 that are both computer fabrications that turn out to be EXOSOMES common to most mammals, are not pathogenic and not communicable as viable exosomes.
SARS COV2 could not be found in a wide ranging European study of thousands of samples so didn't make it to Europe,
These cell created exosomes serve a number of functions in cell to cell communication, waste removal and spare parts delivery and so are valuable in the protection and defense of the body, colloquially the immune system. They also heal.

Obviously there are a great many permutations possible and "virologists" call these essential, inert, cell creations several different diseases and or derivatives.
As exosomes have been proven to be a response to radiation poisoning, particularly from the 3-4-5G frequencies and are obviously found at sites of damage, they are blamed for the damage, called a 3rd party disease and vaccinated against. .
Fauci, Obama, Gates, Soros and others stand accused of sponsoring research into bioweaponisation of these containers, bat exosomes in particular, maybe by the addition of a neurotoxin that produces flu-like symptoms, a misanthropic military brass and vaccine peddler's wet dream except they don't reproduce and obviously a dog's cells can't make bat exosomes so they are not infectious. The research was very probably to try to make them infectious. All highly illegal in the West so the Wuhan labs got the job.

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COVID 19 is a Psychological Operation, not infectious.
If you don't understand that, then try this info that your brainwashed grey matter can accept:
The liars have claimed a new natural harmful virus is in the environment without proof. Computer models can prove the Moon is made of cheese in the hands of corrupt modellers such as those funded by the Gates creature. Models are political "if" tools, nothing more. They (Fabian Agenda21-30 proponents, eugenicists, vaccine peddlers, corrupt politicians, civil servants) have used the BBC and other mass media corporations
, councils and police to convince people that exosomes that are part of the body's defenses are dangerous coronaviruses. They have simply called common cold and flu victims victims of coroanaviruses. And because we were already having a relatively quiet flu season, a whole load of other disease and accident victims were recorded as COVID as testified by relatives of cancer victims whose deaths were recorded as COVID for the few £s bribe from tax funds and the benefit to the cancer insurers.
It still wasn't enough so sacks of brown liquid calling themselves health officials and representatives fraudulently altered the numbers. The Telegraph caught one such event. A lorry load of evidence of fraud in your face but no arrests, no prosecutions because the people that could prosecute work for the regime corporation. I expect there were a lots more.
And still there weren't enough deaths to support the claim of any kind of pandemic. But the sacks carried on regardless.

Vaccines, I think the shooters get £30 for the first one and a tenner for each Russian roulette shot administered thereafter. An average GP stabs how many, 300, 500? It's malpractice AT THE VERY LEAST.
Beginning to feel like a sucker yet?
They've injected around 30 million COVIDiots in Britain with a vaccine that doesn't cure, doesn't prevent and despite that there is no cure for the common cold aka CV19. The common cold and flu are caused by non ionising radiation, this is proven beyound doubt by numerous researchers and scientists.

Every expansion of electrification, especially cell phone wifi frequency upgrades has been accompanied by an outbreak of flu symptoms. The only cure is to reduce electrification or live in a Farraday cage. Awake people in many countries are banning 5G. They need to wake up more and get the roll-back to 2G (and even 2G is harmful but much less than the higher frequencies). The radiation poisoning from electromagnetic fields emanating from everything electrical is caused by "dirty" electricity. The answer is to use cables rather than wireless OR clean up the electicity. This can be done with a special magnet. There are other methods. Faster Internet is brilliant because you can find out more quickly that faster Internet makes you sick and can kill your grandparents and those whose defenses (immune system) are depressed by e.g. "vaccines". Most of the eldely in N. Italy killed by the 5G roll-out and 4G upgrade had received an annual (make you weak) flu shot.

The mRNA injection is not a vaccine. It is the delivery system for non infectious toxins created from others species' exosomes (Gen Flynn's bioweapons) and CRISPR gene modification tech that alters DNA. The peddlers want to modify you to claim they own you through the corrupt and abused patent system. The actual American Government and 42+ non incorporated American State Assemblies passed a law outlawing the patent of living people.
"This measure makes it illegal throughout The United States for any corporation or commercial entity or person however defined to claim any patent interest or make any ownership interest claim against living people based on the injection or other introduction of patented gene fragments or nanotech into the natural genome of men and women."
We need this in Britain's public law, the Whitty Johnson regime corporation can't make public laws. We need a non incorporated government.

And because the slimeballs are insanely genocidal they are happy with the population reduction that goes with the injection of mRNA + gorilla excrement experiment.
Proprietary cold'n'flu, (paracetamol and phenylephrine, I use the 300g), chlorinated drinking water, high dose vits C and D plus zinc supplement, HCQ and Ivermectin ALL relieve the symptoms. Gargling with chlorine based mouthwash also helps quite a lot.
Btw did you know as well as admitting vaccines cause autism, the WHO also admitted polio vaccines CAUSE POLIO. The Gates creature is a wanted criminal because of that.
Please remember when hanging, strangling, shooting or quartering any of the sacks, do it with love.

Selection of headlines from SOTN
April Fool’s Day in the Biden-Harris Era
Posted on April 2, 2021 by State of the Nation
Public Intelligence Blog
We have a President with dementia, an ex-call girl for Vice President, a transvestite overseeing Health and Human Services, a President’s son who is a crackhead and human-trafficking pedophile who money-laundered millions from other countries sharing half with his dad, the same crackhead’s buddy is now in the Department of Justice. A guy who was sleeping with a Red Chinese spy is on our House Homeland Security Committee. We are borrowing most of our money from Red China. Thousands of illegal immigrants are pouring across our southern border for our jobs, healthcare and social security benefits. The Democrats are still focusing on destroying a former President who is not even there anymore — and all this with 50,000 jobs lost in just the past two months. And teenage boys can legally shower in teenage girls locker rooms.
There is nothing any one person planning an April Fool’s prank can do to top this.
Not even, "Wear a mask to cure a psy-op"?

Johns Hopkins Physician Trashes Fauci False Narrative Regarding Vaccine-Induced Herd Immunity

Here’s how the CIA’s Mockingbird Media is fabricating a false case against Gaetz and covering up the serious felony extortion committed by former DoJ and Military Intel operatives.
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Fulford newsletter:
Posted By: MrFusion
RMN 1-Apr-2021

Source and comments:
Rockefeller-Biden Scam Falling Apart As World Shuns It
By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 919 Comments
March 29, 2021

The coup carried out in the United States by the Rockefeller family and their Council on Foreign Relations slaves is falling apart as the world shuns this heinous crime family. Following the exit of Donald Trump, there is a growing consensus among the power elite that Joe Biden’s fake presidency is becoming a disaster movie. That is why a third alternative is being worked on at the highest levels of world power, multiple secret society sources say.

As things stand, the Dragon family, the P3 Freemasons, the Knights of Malta, the British Commonwealth, the Lotus Freemasons, the Russians, and other groups have agreed that a meritocratically staffed future planning organization, with trillions of dollars in funding, is needed for the planet. The Thule society has also been contacted to see if they would be willing to come out of hiding and make their anti-gravity and other technology available to humanity as a whole.
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Officer Chauvin’s Show Trial Will Bring the End of Law and Order
By Paul Craig Roberts
LewRockwell.com April 1 2021

The United States now has attributes of the 20th century totalitarian regimes that it opposed. The New York governor is implementing the hated Soviet internal passport that prevents freedom of movement, and the illegitimate Biden regime is working with private firms to create a nationwide internal passport.
American elections mean no more than Soviet ones. As Stalin said, it is who counts the votes that matters.
Washington’s foreign policy is more aggressive and bloody than the Third Reich’s.
Soviet show trials are now the new normal for American “justice.”
As an example, consider the highly orchestrated show trial of Officer Chauvin accused of George Floyd’s death currently underway. Yesterday, the second day of Officer Chauvin’s trial was “eye-witness day.” Eye-witness Donald Williams told the prosecutor, Steve Schleicher, that “I believe I witnessed a murder.” Eye-witness Alyssa Funari said, “I was upset because there was nothing that we could do as bystanders except watch them take this man’s life in front of our eyes.” Eye-witness Darnella Frazier said, “When I look at George Floyd I look at, look at my dad. I look at my brothers, cousins, uncles, because they are all Black. I have a Black father, I have a Black brother, I have Black friends. And I look at that and I look at how that could have been one of them.”
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‘Vaccine’ Depopulation
The Truth About the Covid-19 Pandemic & Vaccines
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