April 2nd, 2021

UK Column News 31st March. Neanderthal Biden Regime Warmongering. Rumors 1st - 2nd April

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UK Column News - 31st March 2021
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.

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http://annavonreitz.com/noticetovacate.pdf )
All the hoo ha about the White House being closed to keep Biden out is BS. It is closed as part of bankruptcy proceedings and the fake alt media pretends all kinds of nonsense to hide the fact.
Bear in mind the Biden stand-in regime has no authority outside the Brtish Crown's DC, this has been widely advertised by the actual American Government and is the reason many countries' leaders have refused to have anything to do with it. It's executive orders have relevance only to the Biden regime's executives. That leaves Trump in the same situation.

The following is a decent assessment of what the military industrial morons are up to in their pursuit of mass murder for profit. As the pretend Biden Presidency has no authority, who is running the military performance in the Ukraine? If the military is pretending the fake Biden Presidency has authority and the brass is provoking Russia on its say so, I suspect that could be treason. Which of the top brass are behind the action? Is Trump the CiC?
Trump appears to be claiming the Presidency of the bankrupted and closed down British Crown owned  territorial and municipal service corporations that have masqueraded as the US Gov. since the corporation war that was mistermed** the Civil War.
I expect the blank executive orders the military got the Biden stand-in to sign on camera have a function in this. "Bonkers Biden" catches the blame for WWIII, Trump is the fall back guy that rescues America from the Russian aggression. Is it all theatre with Putin-Trump co-operation?
The CFR is the MI complex shop front. It was a Soros op for the American Pilgrims (Rockefellers). IF he's dead who has replaced him, the supreme Rockefeller ("I am a Rockefeller, you will be exterminated" - "for profit.")?
**The American Civil War was a cat-fight among commercial business entities and their backers, what we call a “mercenary war”. This is why there is no actual Declaration of War associated with the civil war and no actual Peace Treaty ending it.

Here It Is, Tied Up With a Bow http://annavonreitz.com/tiedupwithabow.pdf
The initial deception explained
Confederate "States" v. Federation States http://annavonreitz.com/confederatestatesvfederationstates.pdf
Plenty more:
Parting question. Is the British Crown the Pentagon Corporation's organ grinder?
Rumor Mill News 31-Mar-2021
By: George Eaton

A major event recently that few Americans paid attention to, was the announced attack by U.S. military hackers on any and all Russian systems where they can create havoc and cause shutdowns throughout their national system. It could actually result in the loss of lives since it involves the power grid, oil and gas pipelines, emergency services, government buildings and operations, the Russian defense system and the transportation system that delivers food supplies.

Not only is this an actual deliberate attack, it is irrational and bizarre because they announced it in advance. In addition to that, what has Russia done to us to deserve this attack?
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Obama And His Socialist Cabal Are Running The Whitehouse
.Rockefeller-Biden Scam Falling Apart As World Shuns It
Russia Officially Warns Its Citizens: “The West Is Preparing For Nothing Less Than War With Us

As Russian Tanks Move Toward Ukraine, Earth Braces For Possibility Of World War III Eruption
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Try us and we’re declaring WAR
Insanity As An Artform
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How can we sue the council corporations for the return of fines illegally imposed and compensation without it coming from our tax funds?
Opportunity there for some able and capable lwyers to make a few bob. Evidence is abundant for the harmfulness of masks. Perhaps after whetting their appetite on that they could sue individuals in the the regime corporation, particularly the board of directors for compensation for deaths and harm caused directly due to policy based on an unprovable hypothesis, the natural virus, harmful to humans nicknamed COVID19.  And presumably financial incentives from Gates and perhaps 4 felon vaccine manufacturers.
Please note statute law does not apply to those not dependent on or otherwise in the purview (sphere of influence) of the corporation regime. Think of the regime as a pharmaceuticals corporation. They say all staff must wear a white coat. Obey or lose your job / benefit. Except it's our taxes they are using as a cudgel.