March 29th, 2021

UKC News 29th March grand theft nation edition. Rumors March 28, 29. Corbett.

Fixed the incomplete links in UKC News section.

Can the alt news community speak with one voice and demand a test to prove covid is infectious, please?
Reason, it isn't.

On the unsafe, experimental mRNA innoculation.To my mind, the only question is whether we can get the entirety of the occupation regime and advisors before a Common Law Court Judge and jailed or executed according to the depth of involvement in the deadly COVID hoax (it's seasonal EMF radiation flu - link) before the satanic UN and its Chinese contingent arrive to rescue the sacks of excrement from justice.
Monday's UKC is quite spectacular in calling out the Johnson regime for deceiving and harming the public with the intent to steal the country on behalf of corporations, very likely for immense for personal profit. They are not worth spitting on.

Here's the show, I called it the UKC grand theft nation edition.

UK Column News - 29th March 2021
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

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Corbett Report Episode 397
You don’t need a crystal ball to predict the future and you don’t need secret, anonymous sources to know what the globalists are planning to do. Don’t miss this week’s edition of The Corbett Report podcast where James peels backs the curtains on the open conspiracy and details what’s likely to happen in the coming years.

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Summary of the globalists objectives:
Impose a total control system, a supra corporation world government over national corporation regimes.
Impose a global digital currency system in order to write off their own debts and to be able to conduct criminal operations such as creating currency undetected, money laundering, theft.
Innoculate everyone to reduce the population, to make people even dumber and more susceptible to illness - vaccine dependent, with the eventual elimination of whites.
Tag everyone and inject a nanite system where your personal deatails can be streamed live, continuously to an AI control system. (This person has outlived its usefulness, bye bye)

Those that still have their eyes shut should read the Lock Step section in this PDF, approx. p18.
Thanks Nomme Radio
Lower Mortality in No-Lockdown SwedenThan Most of Europe"

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The EVERGREEN Story Continues To Unfold….Red Sea Moment!
By Ben Carson
MAR 25, 2021
Interesting story I guess, but typically not something I’m covering here on WeLoveTrump.
Except…..for this.
You seriously cannot make this stuff up folks, check this out.
So the ship that got “stuck” is called the H3RC.
Remind you of anything?
HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Or as many of you affectionately refer to her, Hillary Rotten Clinton.
Now here’s where it gets good….
The ship trying to free the H3RC is the “Baraka”.
For real.
Oh, and three ships around it are called the Mosaed (Mossad) 1, 2 and 3.
Are you kidding me?
All true, take a look: