March 21st, 2021

UKC News 17th March. Brexit Secession. The Protocols of the COVID19 Con.


UK Column News - 19th March 2021
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

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This may help clarify the secession of the UK Ltd from the EU Ltd., and why they can take the piss.
Secession From What?
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch March 19, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz

There is a lot of talk about “secession” yet nobody spouting off about this topic understands what they are even referring to.

It’s like someone waving around a loaf of “Wonder Bread” as a weapon, and taking it seriously, too. The spectacle may be droll, but hardly reassuring.

The only “secession” most Americans are familiar with is that famous one associated with the so-called American Civil War, in which the Southern State of State organizations “seceded” from participating in the original Confederation.

As already reviewed, the members of the original Confederation formed in 1781 were all American State-of-State organizations like The State of New York and The State of North Carolina, which were in fact business organizations tasked with conducting international and commercial business for the States.
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After reading that, it must be weird being an American right now. I'd say the same for Britain, but everyone is still mostly asleep to the genocide in progress.
You know when you say shoot me, indicating a preference of death to listening to someone...
Sheeple warning. May contain long words. Joking apart, it's a translation from French. However good any translation, there are always influences on the product.
Thanks to Benjamin for making it available. I made images from the first 7 pages, click them to see the bigger picture.
The Police Service should be advised. This doesn't constitute evidence but provides areas where to look. The "disease" is a product of cell poisoning by RF radiation and or modified alien (animal) exosomes (toxins) introduced by "vaccine" or swab. Not infectious. CV19 is less bad than many earlier years' flu. Yes flu. There are a number of other reasons why there is no justification for vaccines. Childs play to uncover them. Hydroxychloroquine for starters. The "vaccines" sterilise women and kill the elderly by commissioned design.
After presenting this to them, if no action results, we have to fear the worst. They are not there to protect us. Like the military.

Rule 71. When you are in the middle of genocide, tell someone. There's no pandemic. They are making it up as they go along.

The Protocols of the COVID19 Con aka

Make America Exist Again - Anna Von Reitz on SGT. Rumors 20-21 March

.Added the rest of Sunday's selection from Rumors
Just when you thought there was a chance of the old "normal" being restored...

Bitchute March 20th, 2021.
SGT Report

Is this the key to restoring our Republic and our freedom? Listen as Anna von Reitz helps to unlock the secrets which have allowed two Corporations to steal our government and our birthright in the largest FRAUD ever committed in human history.
Captap SpaceCommando RMN
So where is the gold backed currency?

The background noise is provided by rusty eyelids creaking open.
What is different in Britain? We have a huge criminal corporation government and Civil Service, we have "legal persons" except in rare circumstances where a person is aware and not dependent on the corporate state. And the country is plundered with abandon. Lots of similarities.
A Law above the Law:
Christian Roots of the English Common Law
Augusto Zimmermann
selection 20th - 21st March

Spotlight: Anna Von Reitz: "Let's Put It to Rest"
And that was in tandem to the plot to gratuitously confer U.S. Citizenship on the victims for the purpose of re-enslaving them as public property.

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If the Sun is a proton, Saturn an electron, what are the other planets, neutrons?