February 27th, 2021

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Added Icke's Common Law response to regime BS, WHO says stop lockdowns, BBC victimising Vanessa

In one of Judy Byington's posts she mentions that cash has been deposited in everyone's bank account.(In America?) How do the banks benefit?
The gold and other valuables that was taken from under the Vatican by the Pentagon(?) is not being used in the handout so has it been used to create currency, and with whose authorisation? Trump as CIC doesn't have the authority. Has the Pentagon used the EOs it got someone they addressed as Biden to sign to convey the gold to the custody of the Pentagon? Illegal, unlawful in too many ways to shake a stick at? If I got the cash, I'd turn it into metal post-haste in case a letter requesting its return arrives in the post.

There is also the question of legality in taking the gold in the first place. Without doubt much of the gold is the result of plunder by countries such as Britain (NATO) and America, booty from regime change wars like Libya, Syria and other countries that aren't controlled by bloodline central banks as well as America (9-11 heist). But much must be (quasi legit) donations and bequests. The plunder must be identified and returned to its owners.
What is happening to the BoE, another criminal operation that refuses to be audited, bankrupted a while back, and the gold it has stored for other countries? Is it really still there? Fort Knox maintained the illusion by refusing to be audited and showing 1 pallet of gold that may have been a hologram.

Observation. There are a lot of people whose opinion is deeply respected that are STILL talking about COVID19 as if it were a real virus rather than (if it exists) a non infectious bioweapon. It reduces the value of their information and further down the line, their credibility. The correct terminology is to plainly state "the hypothesised new disease called..." or "the imaginary infectious coronavirus" or simply "the mischaracterised exosomes".

Is covid19 a virus or merely an exosome?
Also see:
Understand what they are vaccinating against, (your immune system).
I expect the computer generated SARS COV2 to be a doctored bat exosome, maybe the one spiked version. Not infectious, never made it to Europe. Quite possibly, SARS COV2 variant 19 never made it out of Wuhan unless it was fabricated in labs outside China, or transported. Possibly desperate to keep the harmful virus - vaccine binary confidence trick alive, support for the increasingly impossible hypothesis that natural viruses harmful to humans exist is coming from those that are against the politically administered privations in the form of referring to the CV19 virus as if its existence is fact, SARS COV2 too, when, in fact not a single natural virus of any description harmful to humans has been isolated anywhere in the world.
From UKC's newsletter.
BBC Puts Vanessa Beeley's Life At Risk
As many of you know, Vanessa Beeley lives and reports from Damascus in Syria. She has been a tireless thorn in the side of the UK government, the BBC and Channel 4 News in particular, as she has challenged their narratives on Syria in particular, and the Middle East in general.
The recent BBC hit piece on Radio 4, called Mayday, was a tissue of lies based on "evidence" provided by a "researcher" who has worked with the specific individuals who beheaded the twelve-year-old Mohammad Issa in 2012. We will have more to say on this on Monday's UK Column News.
Today, the BBC crossed the line on journalistic ethics, in a follow up article to that Radio 4 hit-piece. Not only did they make a further personal attack on Vanessa, but they decided to publish a photograph of her car, with the number plate clearly visible.
We would like to call on everyone reading this email to lodge a complaint with Ofcom. You can do so here:
Ofcom does not normally deal with written material on the BBC website unless and until the BBC's complaints process has been completed. We believe the circumstances are exceptional here, because it appears the BBC has intentionally provided information in such a way as to put someone's life in danger - there was no clear editorial reason for including the image.
When you click on the link above, there is an option to select "No, because I have exceptional circumstances", so that is the option you should choose.
Sadly, Ian Crane's battle ended. Deepest condolences to those close to him.
UK Column News - 26th February 2021
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

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For those that self-identify as a turkey without realising it. How so? By voting.
A person may wonder whether the sacks practised on turkeys before applying their science to people.

Turkey Farming
Via Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch February 24, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz
When I was a kid I was Queen of the Poultry Yard.  I learned up front, close, and personal about pecking orders and Geese Police and, most of all, about turkeys.
Turkeys are so stupid that they will stand under a rain gutter and drown.
They can fly, but they won't do so to save themselves.
If they do fly, they will land on the roof of a shed and sit there until you go get a ladder and risk your life and skin to scrabble around grabbing them and bringing them safely back down to the ground.
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For example:
Turkey Farming in Colorado
Via Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch April 9, 2017
By Anna Von Reitz
I told the Colorado Grand Juries not to do these things which have resulted in their members being arrested---and I thought they understood the reasons why--- but turn your back for five minutes.....
So, here they are facing a lot of unnecessary unpleasantness and giving those of us who are proceeding lawfully a bad name.
To explain the situation by analogy: a bunch of Irish nationals got confused and thought that Spanish courts and Spanish elected officials were doing something wrong because they were not obeying Irish law.
The sane person asks--- why should Spanish people be obeying Irish law?  What are these nutcase Irishmen doing crossing over the border and threatening Spanish judges and elected officials for?
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The off-guardian covered the story: “Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests ‘Unreliable’ & Quarantines ‘Unlawful’; Important legal decision faces total media blackout in Western world”
See Jon Rappoport: "Historic Portuguese Appeals Court ruling on PCR test
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Worth repeating.
Re Bidens or his ambidextrous lookalike's executive orders:
Public Notice - Twenty-Second of February 2021
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch February 22, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz
Executive Orders apply ONLY to the "Executive Branch" members of the organization being represented.
Joe Biden represents a new, bogus Municipal CORPORATION that is trying to snag a contract with us by assumption. 
He is not President of the United States of America and, more importantly, he is not The President of The United States of America, either.
Anyone who isn't directly employed by "President Biden" and who isn't part of the Executive Branch of his commercial corporation can ignore him and his Executive Orders with all the impunity of non-employee of Wendy's ignoring an "order" for a Wendy's Burger.
As an example---  "mask mandates" apply only to actual Municipal "citizens of the United States" and his Executive Orders apply only members of the Executive Branch of the privately owned and operated Municipal CORPORATION he is trying to use as a storefront "representing" our lawful government more than five (5) years after we served Notice that we are in Session and not accepting representation apart from the explicitly enumerated delegated powers.
We have told Biden and his Administration and his Handlers and the Principals responsible for this Mess---- no deal.  No further contract without a complete audit and renegotiation. 
Biden is a self-admitted influence peddler and crook, and we refuse any authorization of any credit or any use of American assets by his Administration.
We demand a full audit and disclosure of actual and validated political status and fiscal standing related to every so called "citizen of the United States", including an audit and validation of all IRS and Internal Revenue Service Master Files, which deliberately create False Dossiers on Americans and impersonate living people.
All the Municipal Corporations authorized under the Corporations Act of 1870 are improperly chartered and are operating illegally in this country and worldwide. We have already stipulated the conditions under which they may be re-chartered under American Public Law.  They are otherwise all subject to liquidation. 
This Public Notice is being sent to peacekeepers and law enforcement officers, courts, and regulatory authorities worldwide.  Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals and Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents.
by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
According to the sacks occupying our government buildings, we must obey advice from the Satanic UN's criminal WHO gang. Why don't the regime corporation sacks do as they compel?
WHO official urges world leaders to stop using lockdowns as primary virus control method
The Military used to protect us from our enemies within and without. Ditto the Police. They are no longer ours. They are helping to oppress us. Stop paying them.
People wishing to tell our enemies in London to GF themselves can do so without breaking the law. David Icke has a very interesting conversation with a Common Law expert:
Common Law Court’s John Smith talks with David Icke about how businesses can reopen under common law and overcome the fascist impositions of the state
DavidIcke.com 28 February 2021
How you can lawfully disconnect yourself, your family and your business from governments and the institutions of law enforcement and no longer comply with ‘Covid’ fascism. David Icke talks with common law expert John Smith at Commonlawcourt.com. A must-watch for those who choose freedom and want to end this madness. Please share everywhere.
Common Law Court website:
Governments, agencies, law enforcement, courts and institutions are CORPORATIONS:
Attention all law enforcement: