February 20th, 2021

UKC News 17th Feb. Sameness of Hoaxes. All You Ever Needed To Know. Dr Tenpenny. Is Boris dead?

A really fast cure for COVID19.
Introduce everyone in the ocuupation regime corporation that has pushed the COVID hoax and the theft of freedom to a body bag. By all some accounts they are doing just that in America. One hopes the US Navy doesn't take advantage of the situation to supplant the actual American Gov.
If the Navy is working with Gould and or Goguen, that would indicate a problem. Martial law has been in place since the end of the "Civil War". Mr or President or CEO or CIC Trump has either invoked the Insurrection Act or reinvigorated the Martial Law. That puts the Pentagon in charge? The suggestion has been made that the Pentagon has performed as a mercenary military, fighting wars for other regime corporations, or their bank.
From a "not there" perspective I'd wait until the smoke and mirrors clear before deciding if there needs to be an uprising so as to see exactly what is going on and who or what needs supporting and how, to get America self-governed after all this time. That's just in case people get fooled into fighting for more of what has been dished out for many generations. Muslim mercs in Syria were lured to fight for the NATO-CIA supported extremists by being told they'd be fighting Jews. President Assad may have a semitic appearance but I expect his Allah is the same one the Muslim mercs raise their bums higher than their heads 5 times a day for.
Oxford Prof Sir John Bell, "Vaccine Will Only Sterilize 60-70% of Population" - 3 min vid
RumorMail -- Sunday, 14-Feb-2021 13:57:51
I don't want to get anyone's hopes up but is Boris dead? Vaxx man Hancock? If so and if the list is accurate, he has a lot of sacks to keep him company.  The list is reported updated as of 17th Feb -  https://amg-news.com/archives/10559
Duchess of Sussex expecting 2nd child, a sibling for Archie
February 14, 2021
Captap Lymerick
The Great Reset Flu Coup
Hydroxychloroquine "cures" the common cold? COVID19 is an imaginary infectious virus produced by a lot of arm waving, deception and threats if you deny it is real. Flu casualties and other disease mortalities (even road accident victims) have been credited to the imaginary disease and that is why there is no pandemic increase in all causes total mortalities. And a flu flatline. Not wishing to be associated with the cull cult, doctors, nurses and others have risked their livelihoods to inform you. You show your ignorance by wearing a mask.
Vaccines are described as a 2 part kill shot. First jab dispatches the elderly and infirm. Second jab dispatches the surviving elderly and infirm and kills and harms the rest in ~3 months to ~5 years. It is yet to be confirmed what the swabs put in your brain. If damage is caused to the membrane, it is likely to reduce your IQ significantly.
Is the (formerly? British) Army Inc allowing, even forcing the lower ranks to be innoculated with this untested mRNA against an imaginary virus that the top brass must know is imaginary? One is forced to wonder why.
Proof must be demanded that the virus exists and is infectious. Without it the lethal immune system suppressing "innoculation" programme must be stopped immediately and investigations into the ingredients and who knew must begin.

On the hydroxyC, why were the sacks so desperate to avoid it being used to cure the mythical virus? Could it be that chlorine based medicines avoid the mRNA or the biotech from performing, maybe even prevent morgellons nano fibres assembling, as well as moderating flu symptoms? That's worth looking at.
UKC is gently leading the victims, perps blunder by blunder, lie by lie up the financial and vaccine industry's yellow brick garden path. (Wizard of Oz seems more appropriate than Alice's reality.) Cc

UK Column News - 17th February 2021

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.

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Remember, COVID is merely renamed seasonal flu and subhumans pretending it's a pandemic. Seasonal flu (not seasonal, just gets worse in winter) is caused by radio frequency radiation poisoning from Telecom cell phone frequencies, from all electrical equipment and solar emissions. Vaccines can't cure it. Bioweapons that aren't contagious but produce some radiation poisoning symptoms, such as designer bat exosomes that are the alleged coronavirus, have to be administered.
Like the COVID god molecule, the CAGW by god molecule CO2 (reframed as climate change to sustain the fraudulent justification for global governmet corporation CO2 tax) has been ABSOLUTELY DEBUNKED by the climate, the Sun and common sense informing that the manmade fraction of 0.04% of the air cannot drive the climate. Cc
The Eerie Similarities Between the Coronavirus and Climate Change Hoaxes
davidicke.com Posted on 16 APRIL 2020

Coronavirus and climate change
may at first glance not seem to be connected. One is a tiny invisible virus, and the other is an issue as big as the planet itself. However, there are some eerie similarities. Firstly, look at their propagandistic value – they are both false narratives being used to manipulate your perception and centralize power in a NWO (New World Order) Global Government. Secondly, they are both hyped threats which play upon your emotions (fear, care, etc.). They create what is ultimately a fake emergency (even if there are legitimate problems connected to them). Recently Pope Francis has both implied and outright stated that the coronavirus outbreak was “nature’s response” to humanity ignoring ecological issues, and that “nature is throwing a tantrum so that we will take care of her.” Francis has long been a mouthpiece for Agenda 2030 sustainable development plans, a way to usher in global governance while pretending to care for the environment. Are the NWO manipulators achieving in just weeks and months with the coronavirus hoax what was taking them years to achieve with the manmade climate change hoax?
The Essence of the Coronavirus and Climate Change Hoaxes: Making Humanity Itself the Enemy
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David is persuaded by Sacha to reveal what he knows about those psychopaths devoid of empathy that manipulate your perception of reality by repetition and by conditioning you to be too stupid to see it.

David Icke, Sacha Stone & Sean Stone: ‘All You Ever Needed To Know’
Prepare for Change February 13, 2021
by Derek Knauss


"All you've gotta do to recognise that governments have to be brought into wholesale dissolution globally is to see what governments have amounted to. It's a wholesale assault against the microbiome of every baby on the planet. That's extinction of species right there."
Dissolution by firing squad, guillotine, garotte or the gallows. After trial in Common Law courts. (Company courts are for-profit yes men, corporation tools.) The choice is ours.
Dr Sherri Tenpenny adds her voice to the growing chorus of vaccine truthers:
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RMN 15-Feb-2021
Thanks to reader Kyle..
Thank you, Kyle! I had heard the video clip, from Dr Tenpenny, on Gardasil vaccines being used to sterilize young females. ... I added that one below the one you sent us ..
Lynda Response To: Oxford Prof Sir John Bell, "Vaccine Will Only Sterilize 60-70% of Population" - 3 min vid
Lynda, Have you seen this video?
Dr. Tenpenny Speaks With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about the Dreaded mRNA “Vaccine” And They Discuss the Element of CONTROL of the Human Race by the Elites; the Manipulation of Our Currency and Many Other Despicable Issues Which Will Adversely Affect Our Lives Forever.
Thanks for all you do,
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