February 9th, 2021

Rumors 7-8-9 Feb. Guess What's In The Nasal Swab Tests. 5G: The Real Story. UKC News 8th (corrected)

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Added Monday's UK Column News and "What Is Really Going On In The State Of Israel?"

Masks are for the unintelligent

Vernon Coleman – Face Masks: Ending the Confusion & Hand Sanitisers Can Kill You
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See CrytalRiver's You'll Never Guess What's In The Nasal Swab Tests.
Alfred Hitchcock could not have created a more horrific story.
The entire English government corporation board and their advisors,
Civil Service and NHS leaders need to meet their maker FAST.
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Re executions
Publish death certs so if the despatched are seen on the street, they can be killed as zombies without consequence.
What’s Really Behind the 5G Push?
5G: The Real Story
The wireless industry has announced that we are in a “race to 5G.” The industry is cleverly pushing the same line in every country: We Americans, we French, we Japanese, we (you name the country), need to be the first to deploy 5G because it will somehow magically confer economic advantages over countries that adopt the technology more slowly.
But the real reason for the “race” has little to do with national economic prowess and more do with wireless industry profits. The industry faces stagnation. The ugly truth for these companies is that in the world’s advanced economies almost everyone who wants a cellphone already has one. So, there is little room for expansion by reaching the very few who don’t own one. In addition, with multiple carriers serving the same markets, intense price competition has driven down company profits. And there’s more:
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When is a pandemic not a pandemic?
It's a shame they didn't do 'cases' when the less clownish were occupying the pantomime called government, the truth - stats may have been less of a hysterical mismatch with the rhetoric.
Were the numbers computed as a per cent of population there would be a lower mortality rate contrasted with earlier years As it stands. the 30k deaths above last year can be credited to occupation regime corporation manslaughter by lockdowns, masks, vaccines, nasal swabs and densification of harmful electrosmog by Telecom upgrades, let alone NHS Commonunist Purpose management's, "do not resuscitate".
The team is almost there.
There is no COVID19.
It's a psychopaths' psyop. Regular flu, respiratory, cancer and heart disease deaths have been called COVID.
That's why flu flatlined when COVID was invented. That is why I call the scum doing this sacks of excrement.
How else to account for the huge volume of verbal diarrhea emanating from their gobs?

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UK Column News - 8th February 2021

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

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Trump's popularity and his assault on the Learned Elders of Sion's KJM - Vatican - the City paedo empire, Brexit and the Pentagon's bankruptcy closure triggered the global fake money reset that is being carried out under cover of the COVID scam.
Radiation poisoning by frequencies used by Telecom, generationally more harmful, causes exosomes to be produced. The misled, maleducated and criminal scientists call them coronaviruses. The symptoms of flu caused by the radiation poisoning can be reproduced by bioweaponised other species' exosomes that are in vaccines and perhaps persistent toxic chem trails, a suspicion deepened by the Netherlands' COVID research flight over S. England sveral days before the "new, more virulent (but inert and not infectious) strain of the mythical COVID.

Is it that Israel is at the other end of the Vatican tunnel used to store plundered gold?
Is the Vatican
at the other end of the Israeli tunnel used to store plundered gold?
Shocking: An Israeli Gives His Testimony As To What Is Really Going On In The State Of Israel. Very Eye Opening Video!! Must See!
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