February 8th, 2021

Reign of Heaven Hustle, Rumors 5-6-7. Is Gould associated with the Khazar Jew Mafia?

I'll update this if better info comes to my notice.
Gould has the backing of (controlled by) the disgraced (COVID scam, vaccine scam, secret cancer cures, fiat currency scam, oil wars, MIIC) Rockefeller Foundation (Pilgrims) via the crooked disincorporated
(Khazar Jewish Mafia controlled) CCP controlled UN company, and the bankrupted Navy Pentagon corporation Inc (MIIC). The Democrat party is a UN company party (Like the Republican party). The Pentagon is a Pilgrims' (Rothschild-Rockefeller) corporation. Supporting Gould (RoH) is supporting the Khazar Mafia controlled CCP.
Conclusion. Gould is part of a Pilgrims - Learned Elders of Sion Khazarian Mafia operation.

What is the private Pentagon company doing with the Vatican - Israeli pirated gold horde? Stealing it? Was the heist merely its relocation by sacks behind the Vatican (Khazar Mafia) whilst retaining control? Demand a full accounting.

Everyone is still confused. I suggest consulting Anna's articles for clarity.
Martial law was imposed in 1863. The military has had control since. Trump was backed by the military in the 1st election to the chair of the service corporation. The Insurrection Act isn't needed for the military to act imo.
If Trump is still president, it is of a Democrat occupied defunct corporation with no contract to serve the American Government or people so no authority to issue regulations. The Crown owns DC and America below 6" so has the mineral rights I expect. That would be balanced by access rights unless the tales of tunnels are factual. The hydrocarbon corporation sacks from the likes of BP could legally be sucking the oil and gas out from under your feet without you knowing. Or others.
There is a lot the American Gov has to do make things right. People need to get behind it to give it more power than just the law of the land, (most of) the Army and the original 50 States.
People should ignore anything emanating from DC, Biden is a stand-in as far as people cleverer than me can see, CGI when needed. The election of a dead person is illegal afaik, not ignoring the mountain of evidence of fraud and Mr T has won 2/3 of the voting fraud state cases so far.
Hoping to not be presumptuous, Mr Trump needs to announce if he is standing for President of America or for a UN (the Crown Inc-Vatican > banksters including  Rockefeller > Military Industrial Intel Complex (MIIC) Inc,  controlled >) service corporation that calls itself whatever, US Inc, USA Inc. If the service corporation, then he needs a contract from the American Gov.
Trump as CIC is the CEO of the Military Inc that was under contract to the American Gov. Since the Pentagon went bankrupt, at the same time the COVID crisis was manufactured, I wonder what it's status is now? If it is a freelance company, it may be selling a soft coup. Any Federal service company is by definition a corporation and requires a contract. Otherwise it is there by deception. I expect the Privy Council, RIIA and FCDO have plans.
The MIIC (Pentagon-RIIA-CFR) looks to be running the Democrats. Why are they trying to force insurrection, more than just weapons sales?
Try chaos for a fit.

How often do you hear patriots mistakenly vow to defend "their Constitutional rights"? This thinking reflects the decades of public school brain washing to which we have all been subjected. We need to correct each other and understand that our rights are God-given, not constitutional.
VIA http://www.paulstramer.net/search?q=government+established

The real GUN LAW

The Reign of Heaven Hustle - tell a friend.
For All State Assemblies -- Notice of Ongoing Fraud
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch July 9, 2020
By Anna Von Reitz
We have today received an "Order" from the Reign of Heavens Society demanding that we stand down and accusing us of "stealing" property that they propose belongs to them.
The actual law and history is this---- and we do have proof and documentation of it all:
The Reconstruction of our Confederation of States of States (aka Confederate States) after the Civil War was never finished. This led to part of the original Federal Government known as the Federal Republic, being inoperable. That created a vacuum of power, and our unscrupulous European Subcontractors stepped into it.
The actual Federation of States (States not "States of States") was never involved in the war directly, but suffered considerable undermining and misinformation.
Many key officers and other people who worked for the actual Federation of States known as The United States of America, were shot like Lincoln, threatened, forced to flee for their lives to the hinterlands of the Great Northwest as "outlaws", bribed into complicity, blackmailed with sex and drugs, and otherwise overcome. This then allowed the actual criminals infesting Washington to bypass the actual government and usurp upon it.
They didn't "officially" commit treason, but treason it was. They "set aside" the actual government and the actual Federal Constitution, known as The Constitution for the united States of America, and began operating under "Emergency Powers" that were never granted and don't in fact exist.
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RMN 5-Feb-2021
Robert David Steele: Trump Triumph In 1 Minute 47 Seconds: We Have It All! Make The Deal Or Die!
My problem is that all theses people seem to be working with the Reign of Heaven shysters that have been moving heaven and earth to get control of the gold that belongs to America, stolen by those behind the service corporations that pretended to be the government of America. The RoH has bought a lot of support with promises of free money.
The gold belongs to all of us, not the RoH hirelings.

Rockefeller hard cop, soft cop or an interloper, which is Gould?

I trust RDS, but he is as capable of being led down the garden path as any of us.
"The CIA is 90% good men working in a bad system." Huh?
Those smuggling weapons, drugs, secrets etc. are good men?
Those helping to kill civilians in false flags are good men?
Those employed because they can be blackmailed are good men?
Those that kept quiet about 9/11...
The Pentagon has more than a few that work for other than American interests.
I'd say that % needs to be seriously reconsidered.
Slavery (owning people) was never abolished.
RDS should have a chat with Anna, Fiduciary of the actual American Gov.
The American Gov is over any Federal service corporation legally and lawfully. Cc
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brought to you by the UN acting for the Khazarian Mafia's CCP.
That's a Rap!