February 4th, 2021

Anti vax. Show a friend. Rumors 3rd (cont.) 4th Feb. Some InfoWars headlines. UKC News 3rd Feb

Added a link for the Theranos scam.
Added a links to John Hopkins report under Tony's vid.
UKC News and a dire warning vid added.
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Put it on your phone and share it please. It just needs enough people to know the Johnson regime is in the enemy's camp.

Save your family and a friend's life, show this vid to them.
Do not get tested. Do not get vaccinated.

Tony Robbins just called out the scamdemic

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RMN Sunday, 31-Jan-2021

Yous @YousXPB 30 Jan - https://twitter.com/YousXPB/status/1355633534346670086

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Perhaps MsM  will change sides one day.
Mentioned by Tony, the John Hopkins report and its withdrawal was discussed byW M  Briggs:

On That Censored Johns Hopkins All-Cause Death Analysis
Seems the Hopkins gang were pro slavery.


Dear weaponised doctor, how many times will you break the hippocratic oath today, tomorrow and the rest of your miserable, deceitful life?
How many will die prematurely by your hand? How many will be maimed?

Doctors, you may as well give your kids the vaccine, they'll suffer the same privations regardless due to your support for illegal toxic fake vaccines enabling the Davos agenda.

PCR tests. What do they test for? COVID virus is a myth. SARS COV2 virus is a myth. Biowepons that are not contagious, that produce flu symptoms are not a myth. The test can produce more false positives or less at the turn of a knob. More cycles = more "cases" less = less. Politically directed. E.g. after the Democrats gave the appearance of winning, the WHO sacks of excreta asked for the cycles to be reduced. They have already admitted that lockdowns are useless (because flu that has been mistitled COVID is not infectious).

Johnson regime corporation, we don't believe you.
"State Policy Inspired by Hollywood?" Or Israel (occupied Palestine)?
UK Column News - 3rd February 2021

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.

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Yugoslavian Woman Issues Dire Warning to Americans About Communists
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RMN 4-Feb-2021
Dear RM Agents and Readers,
Have you woke the F up yet??????
Many Blessings,
Yugoslavian Woman Gives Dire Warning to Americans
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Is Bitch ute doing a Zero Hedge?
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How long before the big supermarket corporations that are deeply involved in supporting the "kill all  small business" conjob COVID nonsense get called out?
Some headlines from InfoWars' front page:
CDC: Teachers Don’t Need to Be Vaccinated to Safely Reopen Schools
by Infowars.com
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Yous @YousXPB 31 Jan
50,000+ medical professionals & infectious disease epidemiologists Signed this declaration Calling for a common sense ‘focused protection’ approach Those at higher risk use higher precaution


There has been no increase in total deaths compared to previous years.
Flu has flatlined.
Pretending COVID is real, add in the expected but unrecorded flu deaths and the fraudulently recorded COVID deaths that actually died of other causes and guess what? There's no room left for COVID. It has been faked by the NHS. It has been faked by the regime mouthpieces. It has been faked by the BBC. It has been faked by MsM. It has been faked by scientists.  It has been faked by the doctors. It has been faked even in the alternative news media. It has been imposed by enemies of us using the police in a Naziesque Israeli manner with so many of them happy to mimic the IDF and treat the public like Palestinians.
The hardest to convince they've been fooled, unfortunately is most of us. Stop buying news media, stop paying the BBC to lie to you.
On the recent Patriot Streetfighter vid that discussed the alleged UG war - negative earthquake measurements:
How can an earthquake have a negative magnitude?
If an amplitude of 20 millimetres as measured on a seismic signal corresponds to a magnitude 2 earthquake, then:
10 times less (2 millimetres) corresponds to a magnitude of 1;
100 times less (0.2 millimetres) corresponds to magnitude 0;
1000 times less (0.02 millimetres) corresponds to magnitude -1.
An earthquake of negative magnitude is a very small earthquake that is not felt by humans.
-3 (0.0002mm) may have been a mole fart rather than an escaping alien's (or an Antarctic Nazi) flying saucer being blown out of the sky.
I'd love to see the logistics involved in rescuing, sheltering, feeding and treating all those poor 10s of 1000s of kids rescued in the alleged UG war.
Earthquakes can be caused by HAARP.
The CIA can put voices inside your head using MW frequencies. It's likely they can also put images.
I expect the movie will be a blockbuster. If there's anyone left to make it. Or their clones.
Sore throat all day. A mug, one teaspoon of salt, one of turmeric powder add enough hot water to dissolve. Top up to half a mug with cold water. Gargle a couple of times. Keep the leftover in case a repeat is needed. 20 minutes, swelling down, pain gone. Both ingredients are antibiotic.