February 3rd, 2021

Rumors 2-3 Feb, Patriot Steetfighter - DUMBs. Mythical Kent COVID variant invention debut

And thar's more.
Note for the Dominion evidence holders, could you release what you've got on UK ballot fraud please? Particularly with reference to the Brexit ballot.
Has Mr Trump been fooled into heading a Pentagon corporation coup against the real American government?
Anna Von Reitz, who she? Learn:
http://annavonreitz.com/publicinternationalnotice.pdf Excerpt:
"Number Two --- we are the actual owners of the American Federal Republic and our ownership interest has reverted to us long ago by Operation of Law. Anyone trying to seize upon our Good Name and property interest is simply a criminal engaged in impersonation and infringement of Trademarks. That goes double for the Reign of the Heavens Society.
Number Three --- the actual international and global law applicable is the Maxim of Law: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership." Any copyrights, flags, trademarks, names, rights, material interests and property assets attached to the name of our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776 belongs to us, our Federation and our member States of the Union --- and we serve Public International Notice of the same.
Number Four --- any attempt to confuse their entity doing business as "The Republic of The United States of America" with our Federal Republic is an obvious fraud scheme and they will not be allowed to "board" our Vessel or perpetrate another Big Lie upon the world."
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RMN 1-Feb-2021

Jim Stone: New Covid strain with actual eyesight, levitation and super powers discovered in UK after people get snippy over quarantines
UK COVID news live - latest updates: Kent variant gains 'superpower' - as Sturgeon expected to deviate from England on border controls. Two new areas, Liverpool and Bristol, are revealed to have seen cases of the South Africa variant; the Kent variant has mutated.

Mutation of Kent COVID variant has been discovered

Public Health England has revealed a mutation of the Kent variant that is better able to evade the immune system has been detected.
And a professor of outbreak medicine who is part of a panel that advises the British government says this is the mutation that is currently "of most concern".
The new E484K mutation is the same change as has been seen in the South African and Brazilian variants that are causing international concern.
"The mutation of most concern, which we call E484K, has also occurred spontaneously in the new Kent strain in parts of the country too," said Calum Semple, a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, on BBC radio.
The mutation had already been reported in a technical briefing published by Public Health England, but this had not been widely noticed outside of scientific circles.

Jim Stone's comment: Nobody has figured out how it can actually develop eyes and see with a genome of only about 65K. Here is more from the Mirror

The Mirror did not censor the comments! (OOPS)
StevieDee316 3 HRS AGO
Kent? Isn't that what posh people call anyone who believes every word of this nonsense?
pau64 3 HRS AGO
When are people go to realise this is all lies lockdown is here for good.
REPLY PhilipDaniels 3 HRS AGO
Kent? now isn't that the place where dinghies full of illegals from God knows where keep washing up and are just allowed in?
BigBalls42 4 HRS AGO
I do hope we get an "aren't I stupid & dim for believing this nonsense" strain of Covvy-D...imagine how many people would have that ha!
southdogg 4 HRS AGO
ha ha Kent variant , heard it all now
Jim Stone's COMMENT: If the people pushing this con job had any brains at all, they'd have called it the Sellafield variant
Jordan Sather - "ATJ #23: The MYANMAR Election Coup - Lincoln Project - Fraud Fauci - More Vax Effects [2.1.21]
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RMN 2-Feb-2021
ATJ #23: The MYANMAR Election Coup - Lincoln Project - Fraud Fauci - More Vax Effects [2.1.21]