January 23rd, 2021

Virus? Prove it. UKC 22-Jan. Rumors 23rd Jan. Anna evicts THE US GOV INC.

Biden doesn't have the launch codes. A nuke war is off the table unless China invades.
They're already making aerial incursions over Taiwan.
Baiting the US military?
The US military must support the actual American Government in evicting the UN's service companies. And the corporation President.
Fulford's full report - Biden shot heart attacked days ago, maybe 12th (hence the AI CG vids and fake Biden?) . If true, no wonder Trump is, erm, bouyant. And peeps keep calling wot's'er name the next President. Shouldn't there be another election? To contract cancelled and evicted corporations?
Show weak when strong.
I hope Boris understands the domino effect. Governments are going down - being taken down like flies. I'm sure the BBC is keeping everone up-to-date. /sarc.
Topped up Rumors to 14:14:23 I'll do the rest on the morrow. Finished.

Dear Anna, how about "Trump for Prime Minister" rather than President so as to differentiate between the two roles, government leader v service corporation leader?

Get vaccinated and die. It is euthanasia, population control.

For the hoax deniers. The alleged virus has never been isolated. COVID's existence is hearsay.
NO HARMFUL VIRUS HAS EVER BEEN ISOLATED. Pandemics and outbreaks have always been a hoax. The WHO admitted polio vaccines cause the disease. In Australia vaccines caused AIDS to be detected. Oops. Lucky there's no such thing. (See nomorefakenews.com)
Where are the funeral processions? I've seen one since 2019.
The total death statistics tell us there is no pandemic. There was no 1st wave. There is no 2nd wave.

How to invent a disease for political purposes.

Screencaps from UKC 15 Jan. (Click the images for the full size version.)

Coronavirus SARS COV2 variant COVID 19 CURES THE FLU


The only "pandemic" visible is the state mandated lockdown euthanasia in England in March that NI escaped.
The only spike in deaths was caused by regime corporation policy forcing lockdowns and regime corporation policy sending the ill to die in old folks' homes, likely by NIR poisoning.
All COVID kills were nothing to do with COVID, e.g. inappropriate intubation due to the reward system for example. Flu deaths vanished due to COVID being put on death certificates due to the reward system.

If a bat exosome mistitled covid 19 is found in Britain, especially in vaccines it is an imported bioweapon and people need to be tried for mass murder. That, perhaps is another reason for it not being isolated.

The PCR tests are adjustable to produce whatever result is desired. The WHO has all but admitted it.

PCR does not test for the a "virus" because it hasn't been isolated so a test for a virus is impossible. Instead they test for antibodies whose identity was divined from a computer model concept of the
imagined virus based on assumption and hearsay.

No alleged harmful virus has ever been isolated.
No test for contagiousness has been done for nearly a century.
Why not? The only test ever carried out proved flu is not contagious.
Measles was proved in court to not exist. We still have sacks in regimes pushing measles vaccines. It has always been a massive con inaugurated by the Rockefeller Foundation in the early 1900s.

Most mammals have exosomes that wrong headed people call viruses. Exosomes are inert and are not functional between species. They are produced by cells and are multi purpose, some versions function in the immune-defence system. Some vaccines trick the immune system to treat them as toxins or waste to be disposed of. This is probably why people are much more likely to suffer flu after having a flu shot. Having doctored foreign exosomes injected into your body is poisoning you. Slow euthanasia as your body is increasingly fooled into fighting its own response. Other crap in the vaccines can only harm you. Vaccines do not stop you getting sick. Very likely the cause you to get sick.
UK Column News - 22nd January 2021

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

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[Eviction notice... Any bailiffs need a job?]
Public Notice to Pope Francis and the World
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch January 21, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz
The Municipal United States is a rogue entity operating under Roman Civil Law; it has no granted authority to speak for, represent, indebt, or otherwise obligate this country or its people.
It is attempting to stand and to "represent" us in the face of our States being in Session and our international government, our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, being in operation in international and global jurisdiction.
The Municipal United States is an independent, international city state that exists only under the provisions of The Constitution of the United States, which has been breached by the Municipal citizenry.  This entity has operated in Breach of Trust since 1860. Its "laws" have been misapplied to American State Nationals and American State Citizens resulting in the extortion of land and labor assets and other assets naturally belonging to those same injured Americans.
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