January 21st, 2021

Did Trump Invoke the Insurrection Act? A third option. Rumors 21st Jan. Gene Decode

A very brief summary. Spain Covered in snow, Snow in Yemen. The Sun seems to be getting lower in the sky than previous years. What have they done?
Washington is not the capital, Philly is. The Vatican is stuffed, the people involved in the election fraud outed, Franky was offed a while ago, all the the cardinals were dispatched in the recent US mil raid, (the yellow brick tunnel Rome to Israel lined with gold is interesting, implicating Israel in all the gold heists) Octogon, (the main group behind the COVID con and the destruction of America) is being hunted down, Switzerland is no longer a run to destination (what will happen to the collider crew under L. Geneva?), I expect Israel to be the 2nd to last regime to be taken down, Australia is deeply involved in the Anglo-US NON CONTAGIOUS COVID bioweapon production and distribution, Canada (Castro's kid Trudeau) is implicated in the Chinese threat to America.
The reality for a little while. Lunatics in charge of lunatics. Rumors completed.

What I've got so far. Trump had to resign or be in the corporation "the buck stops here" seat. I expect he has invoked the I Act, he couldn't do it after resigning.
It is Chinese, likely mercs that are being fought in the tunnnels. Antifa and BLM may be Chinese mercs. All that's missing is AQ and their Libyan assoc's (SDF). That's how the deep state and NATO rumble. I'll do some more rumors when I get back. Mike Adams for national Gene Decode, RD Steele, Ward and Simon for international. And me for a clothcap view. It's looking good so far. The ships off both coasts are American, mostly logistics. I expect Trump is watching all in a comfy chair with popcorn.
Where's NATOCIA's Blue Beam? If-when the goddies win, can it be screened anyway?

Did Trump Invoke the Insurrection Act? - 'Shocking Interview' with Jim Willie (2 part Video)
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RMN 18-Jan-2021
Jim Willie is somebody to follow and has plenty of good material on youtube.
Part 1.
Silver Liberties
Jan 11, 2021

In this Jim Willie interview, we discuss the Vatican's stolen gold, did Trump invoke the insurrection act?
Part 2. [No fringe flag means no Admiralty Law. Coronavirus is the Vatican's revenge. Octogon being hunted]
Silver Liberties
Jan 13, 2021

In this Jim Willie interview (part 2), we continue our discussion about the Vatican's seized gold, and did Trump invoke the insurrection act? Is this stuff fact of fiction?
Trump for President of properly convened Government of America. Make him Biden's boss. Sweet irony.

The Third Option
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch 18 Jan 2020
By Anna Von Reitz
Ben Fulford says that the rest of the world doesn't want to work with either "side" of the present "US" Government. Multiple diplomatic delegations have told me the same thing.
They don't want to deal with Joe Biden because he is a crook and a creepy old white man who abuses power.
There is no gainsaying why the other countries don't want to work with him; they don't, and that's their stated reason why.

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Gene Decode - Optics - INTEL & Current Situation (Video)
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Date: Thursday, 21-Jan-2021 04:32:32
Up Front In The Prophetic Radio & TV
Jan 19, 2021
Gene Decode ~ Military / FEMA / Farewell Speech / D-class
China's 3 Gorges Dam to be blown up by Space Force revealing servers and tunnels.
Trump resigns from fake corp.
Troops are in D.C. tunnels.
Jan 11th Trump becomes 19th President of Republic. (#18 was Ulysses S. Grant)
Vatican Tunnel to Jerusalem had 150 miles of gold worth 34.7 Quintilian.
Biden to be arrested at white House from 21st onward.
Tribunal videos for the people.
Over a million to be arrested.
The moon and its equipment.
Vatican and cabal have been stealing for thousands of years.
Covid Scam = Rothschilds/Soros/Gates.

3 Gorges Dam
Google maps: https://tinyurl.com/y49cc44n
What is the anticipated tax stock kill count? How will China respond?