January 19th, 2021

Rumors 18th. Some from Anna and an Oathkeepers' statement


Pres.Trump has a 3rd option. Anna invited him to be the President of the actual American Gov.
Imagine what he could do from there. The one he has presided over till now is made of two UN service corporations that track up the ladder to the Vatican, that's what  Biden will be in charge of. As POTUS for real, Trump could simply sack the service corporations.
Make sure to listen: Did Trump Invoke the Insurrection Act? by Mr Ed
In the 2nd vid a reason for the COVID hoax is given.
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From Stewart Rhodes - Founder of Oath Keepers
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch 16 Jan 2020
Saturday, January 16, 2021
As always, Oath Keepers stands in defense of the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. What is now being installed is not a constitutional government. It’s an illegitimate regime that has unjustly taken power through massive vote fraud, to install a ChiCom puppet who will do the bidding of a mortal enemy of this nation, as well as the bidding of international elites who are in allegiance and alliance with the CCP as they pursue a common goal of destroying our Republic and enslaving the American people.
Executive Summary:
President Trump still can and should use the Insurrection Act, but it’s unlikely. Regardless, patriots should:
1. Prepare for a comms down/blackout environment. Obtain CB and HAM radios, fuel, food, etc

Posse Comitatus, State Assemblies, and Our Military Operations
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch 17 Jan 2020
By Anna Von Reitz
This country has always been under Martial Law as long as anyone now living can remember. It started in March of 1863, so nothing has really changed, except that the actual military encampment is coming out of the closet where people can see it again.
The Posse Comitatus Act was originally conceived as a means of outlawing armed bands of Union and Southern Troops, which did not immediately surrender after the Civil War, and keeping them from raiding communities and continuing to war against each other.
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This is Too Good
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch 17 Jan 2020
By Anna Von Reitz
Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce and other big corporations, especially in the Tech Industry are pushing for “vaccine credentials” which they claim will “empower” people to “return to life.”
This, at the same time that the US Treasury Department is pulling another name trick, converting all the Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trusts that were named like this: GORDON ALLEN FRAZER to the "dead" reversed and bankrupted form: FRAZER, GORDON ALLEN.
Now let me tie this together for you.
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Rumors 19th Jan. Why I Became a “Covid Denier”.

Moved Rumors 20-Jan to next post.
Added the rest of 19th Rumors and the 1st 6 hours of 20th.
What to do? Trump has already said. Stand down, let the military do its job. Watch the emergency broadcast.
Luck to the Trump team.

Is that the Fiduciary of the actual Government of America waving her arms and enquiring if the country is deaf?
Brits are brainwashed as ever, The BBC eulogising over Biden's "fair" win will have the masses believing Trump is a baddie. Boy are they due some comeuppance.

(Britain is plus 5 hours)
Emergency broadcast info among other gems.

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Why do I have the feeling articles like this one explaining the covid hoax will  very soon be unecessary?
Don't forget COVID19 is an exosome. Your cells produce them. They're inert. If a bat exosome is found, it is a toxin, a bioweapon, non communicable. Seasonal flu symptoms are caused by non ionising radiation. Because we are continuously bathed in it our cells are constantly destroyed. In winter, likely due to lower vit D and increased  solar RF radiation the body's systems are less able to cope and RF NIR flu symptoms emerge.
The regime has zero evidence and is breaking every rule in the book up to and including treason. It will emerge soon.
Vaccines create disease for profit. WHO finally admitted polio vaccines cause the disease. HIV is not a harmful virus. Jon Rapport has done in-depth research and concluded all  harmful viruses are hoaxes. The latest crap they're sticking in people is genetic modification and nanite OS parts and disease causing adjuvants. They are experimental and untested. Guinea pigs. Cc
Why I Became a “Covid Denier” Explaining to a beginner in 15 minutes.
Kevin Smith
Off-Guardian Jan 18, 2021

There have been a wide selection of articles published here over the last year on Covid-19 and lockdowns. Since March, the thinking of many of us has evolved which has been reflected within the articles as time has gone on.

Back in April and May, the focus was on the science, the presentation and interpretation of the scientific data, the evidence for or against the measures. Now, as the evidence and new data has emerged and has been analysed the conversation has moved on more to the agendas and the big picture behind lockdowns.

In the middle of last year, I noticed a big increase in reader comments here which has been maintained. But I’ve noted recently, below the line, perhaps an influx of more new readers, expressing grave doubts about the official narrative. I think more and more people are again starting to ask the basic questions, doubting the daily diet of mainstream propaganda.

Yet quite understandably they have questions and some objections towards the vastly differing narratives here.

Therefore, I thought to put something together, setting out the main competing narratives, explaining my journey and how I gradually grappled with understanding the unfolding crisis.

At first glance this might not seem correctly pitched to the high level of Covid-19 understanding here. But it might help us all put our thinking into order and better structure. In fact, I used it as a structure to comprehensively explain it all to my old mum.

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