January 11th, 2021

Urgent! Urgent! Urgent! By Anna Von Reitz, (Election Theft). Criminal Prosecution Of MPs. Rumors

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Anna Von Reitz: "Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!"
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Paul Stramer Lincoln County WatchWednesday, January 6, 2021
Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!
By Anna Von Reitz

Proof that Obama and his cronies literally conspired to steal the election for Joe Biden has come from Whistleblowers in the Italian Government. CIA Operatives have been identified colluding with former members of the Italian Government and Italian Defense Contractor LORENZO to upload the software used to reverse the electronic votes of Americans ---and artificially spin a Biden win.

We now have the who, what, where, when, how and why of what happened, and the answer to how a landslide Trump victory was turned upside down in favor of a man who is a self-admitted criminal.

This is the "cherry on the cake" of all the crime that has emerged from the DC Swamp during the last five years, fully exposing the culture of crime that has been promoted and rewarded ever since the Kennedy Assassination.

Before you assume that this was any simple rogue action by some Italian operatives involved in this crime, the Italian General responsible for coordination of the operation is a key player in the European Union's power structure and administration. He did not act alone.

It has been confirmed that Barack Obama was directly involved and that money delivered by his Administration to accounts in Iran was used to pull it off. Please pay attention -- "confirmed" doesn't mean alleged, or supposed. It means that the law enforcement professionals and forensic auditors responsible for the investigation have the proof in their hands.

This is orders of magnitude bigger than Watergate. This is the political crime of the century and any member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, who doesn't come out in strong support of President Trump will be forever marked as an accomplice to this crime and a traitor to the people of this country.

The Italian Secret Service is fully cooperating and the Italian Government is taking strong and immediate action to intercept the perpetrators and provide the information to the Italian Press. Photographs of the fugitives have been published in Italy and a major manhunt is taking place; some of the participants have already been arrested and others placed in protective custody.

Sidney Powell's group, nationsinaction.org, is at the forefront of the effort to break this story in America and is acting in a private capacity to support the capture of the documentary and witness testimony in Italy. They are in desperate need of assistance.

First and most importantly, this information has got to get to the President and to the members of every Congressional Delegation. They have to have "cause to know" that a vote for Joe Biden is a public vote for both a crook and for crime syndicate Business as Usual in DC---and everyone in America will shortly know that and will hold each and every single one of them personally liable.

Sidney Powell doesn't have deep pockets. She is working on this independently. Her Law Group is a small, highly dedicated and highly skilled operation, but lacking -- for example, access to a jet that can fly to Italy and back. They have to have funding to support such costs, or donations of such services.

Everyone who cares about this country, everyone who cares about its reputation in the rest of the world, and everyone who cares about its electoral process and the quality of the leadership that process yields, needs to take action now.

As you all know, I don't vote in these elections or have any dog in the fight, but we, Americans, do have an interest in who we work with as Subcontractors and we do have an interest in the welfare of our employees and the well-being of this country as a whole.

In the truest sense, then, this situation is a national emergency --- something that impacts everyone adversely, regardless of race, religion or partisanship.

Go to nationsinaction.org and donate now. And pray that this great travesty that hangs over our country will be corrected without crime giving rise to innocent blood in the streets.

Private Criminal Prosecution Of MPs | Mark Devlin Talks To Mob On The Good Vibrations Podcast
Bitchute October 18th, 2020


Yesterday afternoon we received confirmation that the partners of the firm of barristers we are talking to about the case against Parliament are all in agreement - the case is one that can be won, despite the hurdles that we will have to get over to achieve that.
This means that we are now moving forward into the preparation of the court papers, including an affidavit containing all of the allegations of fraud, treason and genocide.
It will be the first time allegations of treason have been made since the aftermath of WWII, whilst genocide is a crime under international law and the such allegations would almost certainly be dealt with in the Hague.
Nevertheless, with Liverpool and Northern Ireland already under regional lockdown diktats , as well as Newcastle and London having been threatened with the same, along with the rest of Britain [save for the more affluent areas], we are aiming to lay the charges in a criminal court as soon as they have been properly drafted.
We will also be seeking an order placing the entire cabinet and their advisers under house arrest, to prevent the rogue government from attempting to murder more people [as well as its opponents, under the new homicide enabling act] with purported statutory impunity.
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Will Bojoke choose the Hague or will he wait to get Gitmo'd? Must admit seeing him and his cohorts do the shackes shuffle would be worth 2020 and 2021.

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