January 2nd, 2021

Doomsday: The End Is Nigher. Rumors Christmas Edit. continued

Anti Vaxxers, take the course on giving the jab, then go visit the sack that says he's your rep (MP).


And now, the end is near, and as we face the final curtain...
Deborah Tavares: EARTHQUAKE, EMP, 5G ATTACK PLANS - And More Bad News

This copy via Stop the Crime http://stopthecrime.net/wp/
Deborah tells us what we face.
All it needs is for you to continue giving the Johnson regime corporation your cash.

Giving the regime your cash is supporting treason against humanity,
the destruction of your children's future and the destruction of life on Earth.
Mexico blackout. The 1st country selected. You could be next.
Croatia earthquake. HAARP? Why?
COVID myth deconstuction continues.
The PCR tests identify the idiots. The vaccine takes care of them, permanently.
"Hey buffalo shit Bill, are the vaccines safe?"
"Erm, erm, erm."

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At the current time the only Federal Courts in operation are “district courts”— Admiralty, Maritime, Special Admiralty, and Article II Administrative Courts— together with their Appellate Courts and their Supreme Court.

They are all foreign with respect to Americans and are meant to be.

So for all those Americans who are appalled by the cheating that went on in the recent corporation elections—- none of these Federal Courts have subject matter jurisdiction and technically, neither do their franchises operating as State of State and STATE OF STATE COURTS.

The only way to punish Joe Biden for what he has done and what his co-conspirators have done is for shareholders in these corporations to bring a criminal complaint for malfeasance and material harm — and that is difficult to prove before a man takes office, and also it’s difficult to find anyone with standing to field such a complaint.

The Voters pass their Proxies to their elected Representatives and by doing that divest themselves of any standing.

Things I notice. Earthquakes are caused by man made CO2. Earthquakes are caused by nukes in an underground war. Earthquakes are caused by HAARP. Earthquakes are caused by Nibiru coming close. Earthquakes are a natural consequence of changes in solar radiation and magnetic field variation. Take your pick, any 2.
Is the new bright star (of Bethlehem) Saturn and Jupiter seen next to each other in line of sight (every ~20 years) or Nibiru?