December 17th, 2020

16th Dec Supplemental. Stay away from quacks and extermination hotspot "hospitals"

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Just now, reading Meet the Edgar File, H.M. Gov is a corporation at
That ever so spiritual State of Israel is also a corporation :
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The Sacks and Freaks show you call government wants pension claimants dead and your immune/defence system compromised. They want the survivors of vaccination marked with the subcutaneous 666 and injected with nanobots (nanites) and other harmful substances. It is inconsequential that the vaccine is not a cure, merely a palliative, like a poor man's Cold'n'Flu but with added benefits such as female sterilisation, autism and susceptibility to further outbreaks of NIR poisoning courtesy of telecom upgrades.

The cure for COVID19 is Magna Carta 2020.
I would have thought disincorporating the telecom sacks responsible for the COVID thing then suing them would do the trick. But, whatever.

Hand Sanitisers Can Kill You Masks Can Harm You.
Two children died because they were wearing a mask. MsM didn't tell you? Perhaps it didn't want to frighten you.
Or believe Vaxx Man and his co-conspirators that say 100% safe, because they love you Bill Gates. And the Schwab.

Governments, the mass media, quacks, hospitals and assorted diseased officials have been weaponised against mankind.
Ask a person occupying the local surgery if they know the difference between non ionising radiation poisoning symptoms and symptoms blamed on COVID-19.
(The correct answer is that they are identical except NIR poisoning has more symptoms, like a dry cough, blacking out, clumping blood cells, oxygen starvation.)

(Perhaps think of weather phenomena blamed on CO2 but caused by natural variation in solar radiation and weather modification (called geoengineering by the satanic UN). The purpose of the CO2 con was to get you to willingly accept CO2 tax, theft of rights and to force industry to the East. The purpose of the COVID con is to get you to accept a COVID tax, theft of rights, invisible currency and a world government corporation. And depopulation by vaccination. I believe this has all been triggered prematurely by Brexit that the crooks in power are working hard to avoid by every low trick they can think of.)

If you must see a person that advocates vaccines and calls themself a doctor, show them the following vid:

Ask The Experts (Covid-19 Vaccine)

Article, comments and credits:

RT 'The CDC is actually a vaccine company' – Robert F. Kennedy Jr

RT America
Youtube 31 Jan 2020
Attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of Children's Health Defense joins to discuss the much-touted HPV vaccine, which new evidence shows may be ineffective and why it has done tremendous harm. He also explains how legal loopholes exempt vaccine makers from rigorous testing. He goes on to discuss the revolving door between Big Pharma and the bodies that are supposed to oversee it and curtail its abuses. He argues that regulatory capture has turned the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) into "a vaccine company."

The Johnson regime (Cabinet) knows all this, MPs fall in one of the following categories:
a) Useful idiot. Too thick to understand there is no pandemic, second or third wave, deserve to be vaccinated..
b) Willing fraudster. Know there is no pandemic, second or third wave, it's all a confidence trick but are paid to go along or are making money from it.
c) Unwilling fraudster. Know there is no pandemic, second or third wave, know it's a confidence trick but are afraid to speak out because they could lose their job or they have been threatened or perhaps blackmailed by the speaker or whip, ("...may I remind you your expenses claim is awaiting verification?").

Regime health officials such as vaxx man likely fall in cat. "b".
Ask the person occupying your MP's skin exactly how supporting a harmful vaccine for a mild illness, whose cause has not even been proven to be due to a 3rd party virus, is serving the public interest?
Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, have you heard of the hippocratic oath? How many times will you have broken it by xmas?
"But Bill Gates said..." The same man peddled sterilising vaccines to Africans, peddled vaccines that caused HIV AIDS to be detected when it is a non existent disease, peddled vaccines that caused polio to spread, likely caused it in the first place, peddled vaccines that cause Autism. There is no definitive evidence any 3rd party contagious virus exists. Seasonal flu is, with a very high degree of probability caused by NIR poisoning such as the ever increasing density of electrosmog in telecom wireless frequencies. The latest top-up is 5G NIR = 5G flu

Can we have a vaccine kill and harm count per surgery and per hospital?
For hospitals, can that be shown alongside the number of Khazarian descendants,
Common Purpose and freemasons employed?
Can such totals be used to determine funding cuts for failure to serve?
The same could be done for councils and police jurisdictions.
UK Column News - 16th December 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.

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What went down in Africa, Gates' sterilisation by vaccination program that saw women fleeing into the jungle to avoid getting jabbed, is now seeing a global roll-out. Was Africa just a trial to see if the chemical sterilisation worked?
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