December 15th, 2020

13th Dec Supplemental. Fulford newsletter 7-Dec CV19 #5Gflu vaccine sterilises women. Rumors 13 Dec

Added Anna articles, a Vernon Coleman piece, and comments. Added comments from Fulford Report. Added Simon Parkes Updates.  (Would be nice if Anna confirmed Simon's deductions.)
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Early morning zBBC bolleaux: Isn't it curious, the zBBC regime propaganda gob is reporting sharp increases in "infections" and a new strain in the south so soon after the Netherlands overflight:
Was the plane broadcasting mixed mm wavelengths? How to find out?

The case against the vacuous vaccination imposers
Constructive fraud
Constructive fraud is a legal fiction describing a situation where a person or entity gained an unfair advantage over another by deceitful or unfair methods. Intent does not need to be shown as in the case of actual fraud. Some unfair methods may include not telling customers about defects in a product.
I'll see if I can find the coronavirus patent constuctive fraud functional forgeries. Alphabet Google can't.
There you go:
The truth behind covid19
Youtube Aug 28, 2020
Elliot Finch

Have the patents been withdrawn or cancelled? Is anyone pursuing the fraudsters/forgers?

Emergency Stay Motion to EU Medicine Agency Warning “Vaccines Could Cause Permanent Infertility”

Medical Doctor Warns that “Bacterial Pneumonias Are on the Rise” from Mask Wearing

Fulford Report December 7:
Among other things the vaccine contains a protein that causes the immune system of women to attack their own placentas, making them infertile.

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By: MrFusion
December 7, 2020
It is Time to Rewrite the History Books as Liberty Dawns on Humanity
By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 678 Comments [added some below]
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Thanks Benjamin. Original, log in req.
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The Brits Again -- Monotonous, Isn't It?
By Anna Von Reitz 2843

There are over 200 known and separate strains of coronavirus, which is associated with influenza, otherwise known as a common cold.The specific variety from which the still-unidentifiable and un-isolated Covid-19 virus purportedly derives is patented by the British Pirbright Institute and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.Oh, go figure. Again. Meantime, many Americans are just now waking up to the following facts:
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The Civilian Government
By Anna Von Reitz 2625.

Let's begin: the civilian government is not the same as the civil government. The civilian government stands over and directs both the military and the civil government. The civilian government does not use political parties to conduct business or dictate elections. Stop and re-read and think about that. No political parties.
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Anna Von Reitz: "Hot and Smoking"
Posted By: hobie
Date: Wednesday, 9-Dec-2020 05:08:50
In Response To: Anna Von Reitz: "The Progression of Lies -- Why There Has to Be War in This System" (hobie)
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Monday, December 7, 2020

Hot and Smoking
Dr. James Lyon-Weiler on fire --- gives the most extensive and scientifically correct critique of the upcoming vaccine and the process that led to it, that I have heard yet.
A few highlights to whet your stone:
HSS is the Defendant in the Vaccine Court. And they determine which vaccine injuries are "real".
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It's an uphill struggle to convince career dependant and other financially dependant parties that seasonal flu is an immune/defence response to increasing electrification, even those fighting the impositions of the political disease(that normal people can cure in 2 days (hide the symptoms) with Cold'n'Flu). Even those that know shy from the fact when focussing on the absence of proof that COVID [ergo SARS] exists. Australia perhaps accidentally revealed how AIDS cases can be or were created. Jon will likely see it. The hardest to convince they've been deceived are those that benefit from the deception. Ask any politician.


Elements of Black Adder creeping in (I hope the comedy movie gets made soon):
Anna Von Reitz: "The Present Situation" (Friday)
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Date: Sunday, 13-Dec-2020 02:31:07
Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:
Friday, December 11, 2020
The Present Situation
By Anna Von Reitz

Some people have been alarmed and calling me this morning asking, "How can Pennsylvania sue PENNSYLVANIA?"
There are two foreign Subcontractors, which are both for-profit, foreign-owned commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services, ---- and one is suing the other.
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Not Just the Americans getting screwed by supra state corporations:

Have you noticed how quietly and cleverly they did it?
The EU has for years been trying to break up the UK.
The Welsh and Scottish `Parliaments’ were set up along EU guidelines.
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"The Supreme Court Justices literally could not hear such a case, even if they wanted to. "
"Texas, not the State of Texas, would have to bring the suit for it to be in Original Jurisdiction, and that is not even possible.
Why? Because the Cause --- election tampering involving a foreign-owned corporation's private elections --- is miles outside of Texas' interests and jurisdictions.
See Anna's, "What Did You Expect the Supreme Court to Do?" about 9 contributions down. Americans need to spread the word. A real government free of UN deceivers has been established. If a civil war is started, it will be for the continuance of corporations (UN subcontractors-Fed Res, IMF, WorldBank) masquerading as the US government, not for the Government of America (currently awaiting an elected president).

#MrTrump, speak to Anna, she has more idea than the "legal team" that it seems may be better at football in Wuhan. The team is not fit for purpose for whatever reason, imo.

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Simon Parkes, contradicting the propaganda outlets, commented on Trump's re-election
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