December 9th, 2020

Note for Vaxx Man. Can You Read? Re the Fake Pandemic. Public Notice to All National Governments.

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Vid from lovely and very intelligent Dana added, and Rumors, the rest of the 8th. (Is the US Constitution still in force?)
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Public Notice to All National Governments
By Anna Von Reitz

At some time in the past, between 1998 and 2005, representatives of your government which were acting as franchise corporations of the UN CORP signed accords allowing for participation in a "live exercise" of world preparedness in the event of another pandemic like the Spanish Flu.

The likelihood of such a health crisis was already known, both as a statistical fact and as a result of turning on the 5G grid system worldwide.  Increases in radio frequency and microwave transmission loads have always been accompanied by "pandemics" of illness brought about by EM Radiation Sickness---- and that has been well-documented since the early 1900's.

So WHO had already arranged for 196 countries to participate in such a "preparedness live exercise" ---- basically a fire drill conducted to see how well prepared we all are in the event of a pandemic, and  the Powers That Be already knew that they'd have a pandemic [exercise
Cc] to deal with the moment they switched on the 5G Grid worldwide.

Are we supposed to believe that this was Kismet?  After 15 years, WHO just out -of-the-blue decided to pull its "live exercise" test and unleash it on us, at precisely the moment the 5G net was being prepared to go live on a worldwide basis?

The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, has charged-back the cost of the entire CARES relief package to the Pope and the Queen, as the Parties responsible for this Mess in America.

You will notice that there have been no further "gifts" serving to exercise our own credit to further indebt us.

And now, it's time to charge the UN CORP for the costs and losses associated with all these nasty shutdowns and lockdowns based on nothing but lies.

Whether we charge the associated franchise employees with additional fines and imprisonment is an additional issue for each country to consider. We have already issued Arrest Warrants for Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci and other Players who have sought to realize personal gain from this disruption.

We strongly feel that while some parties associated with WHO were well-intentioned, both the timing and the manner in which this "live exercise" was carried out, are highly suspect and inappropriate.

Many small businesses have been forced to shut their doors, millions of people have been unemployed and underemployed for months, factories forced to shut down, agricultural production slowed and in some cases stopped, and many other inconveniences and abuses have been perpetuated far in excess of anything that was agreed to or anticipated by the signatories authorizing this "live exercise" in 2005. These are facts that the incorporated service providers are aware of and in many cases, they have contributed to the misery and destruction instead of limiting the disruption.

Now, therefore, it behooves the actual National Governments of each country to charge the UN CORP for the acts and omissions of its franchises worldwide, to assess the damage that this fire drill has caused to their national economy and to their people, and to send the UN CORP the bill for it.

We anticipate that the charges will be sufficient to discourage any continuance of this fake pandemic charade and also serve as an expedient means for the people in charge of their actual governments to forestall any similar insanity in the future.

Via Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch August 24, 2020
My empasis. Cc

MikeV August 24, 2020 at 2:17 PM [Commented at]
dont need to go back to 2005 or further, Rockefeller documents are out from 2010 with their detailed economic pandemic plans, and late 2019 Event 201 run by the Gates staging the exact same scenario's that unfolded just a few months later, while he publicly lied that they had no idea about it or any way to plan ahead when the full script was already written for Operation-Covid19.
Was well documented from the start Wuhan had around 10,000 new 5G antennas recently installed. Now recent testing results can prove that the "Covid testing" which is totally unreliable across the board will actually detect cellular waste material caused from 5G damage to your cells as being a positive test result because the fragmented DNA particles are very similar.
SO the 5G damage to your body will potentially trigger a positive test for Covid19! And they can just blame Covid for the increased reactions to 5G while perpetually expanding Operation-Covid19 and making 1984 the new reality.

My empasis. Cc
The Rockefeller document: Rockefeller Foundation.pdf
Event 201
My thoughts on the topic.
The vaccines and maybe the tests contain bio-weapon bat exosomes allegedly rendered harmless, perhaps by the removal of HIV spikes but may be made able to poison cells. If the cargo carried by these bio-weapon exosome packages was to be sarin for example, it could be released into the blood by exploding or disassembling them by specific frequencies via your phone, or by a second injection of specific antibodies that would disassembe them. It's called a binary weapon. In small doses sarin causes flu-like symptoms and then kills you.
Remember, the Gates-Rockefeller mafia (Pilgrims) that appears to include the UK occupation regime is pure evil and they are on board the agenda to eliminate 95% of us by mass murder and sterilisation.
The vile and repellant creature I've nicknamed Vaxx Man is in this Agenda 21-30 "elimination exercise" past his adam's apple, under butcher bodj Boris' direction.
The more evil politicians that perform in the pantomime by getting injected live on TV would get only half the bioweapon. It is up to us to demand they receive the second injection live on TV. If this is made clear to them, and that there would be no possibilty of a fake injection, they will very quickly decide to be allergic to injections. Unless they are thicker than a proverbial brick.

War is being waged on us via enemies of mankind that have been infiltrated into every level of government, bureaucracy and public services, especially the health services, civil, police and military. Many, even Communist Purpose plonkers and Extinction Rebellion plant pots are not aware that they are serving paedophile satanists. Eh comrades? The leaders of 77th Brigade, tax funded to betray us, should be publicly defrocked and flogged.
They are all committing treason.
Anna's views on the 5G grid weapon that has been deployed around many western countries and in space.
5 G --- the "Stupidest Idea in the History of the World"
By Anna Von Reitz
If only because 5G towers and antennae can be weaponized to kill off most of the population. Read on.
Stupidest and most dangerous.


Does pulsed signal non ionising radiation from telecom transmitters mimic ionising radiation?
Wiki -
γH2AX as an assay for double-strand breaks
An assay for γH2AX generally reflects the presence of double-strand breaks in DNA, though the assay may indicate other minor phenomena as well.[15] On the one hand, overwhelming evidence supports a strong, quantitative correlation between γH2AX foci formation and DNA double-strand break induction following ionizing radiation exposure, based on absolute yields and distributions induced per unit dose.[15] On the other hand, not only the formation of distinct γH2AX foci but also the induction of pan-nuclear γH2AX signals have been reported as a cellular reaction to various stressors other than ionizing radiation.[16] The γH2AX signal is always stronger at DNA double-strand breaks than in undamaged chromatin.[16] γH2AX in undamaged chromatin is thought to possibly be generated via direct phosphorylation of H2AX by activated kinases, most likely diffusing from DNA damage sites.
Image from Microwave Injured Veterans Network

Time is irrelevant in the sense that injuries vary depending on the injured person but the pathology is very distinct. The entire process could occur immediately or take decades to present symptoms. This is why microwave injury has traditionally been difficult for care providers to diagnose and treat. Continuity of care is difficult with any long-term illness.
From that site's virus page, remember when reading, the so-called virus is a human cell produced exosome that is part of the immune/defence system produced in response to telecom frequencies' radiation damage. Unless you've been injected with the bio-weapon bat exosome.
(Injected with it? Expert opinion via the zBBC, "We didn't infect enough people.")
5G devices are immune suppressive because they are MASERS (Microwave Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation) and should not be legal to operate in the U.S. because there is no way for microwave injured veterans or the general public to opt out of the irradiation. These devices run counter to the health and safety of microwave injured veterans and the general public. The U.S. government is tasked with promoting the general welfare of the people and ought to bring about the much needed safety and health regulations that have been missing from the implementation of 5G. Recently two major 5G companies announced that they are teaming up together. When the general public and high-ranking politicians realize that 5G is the source of immune suppression that bolsters the virus then there will be an outcry. Congressional hearings will be inevitable and criminal charges may be filed for wrongful death.

mRNA vaccines NOT TESTED. (Alex - 00:19:55)
Brexit of Brreentry?
The criminal IJ EU gang has our military. Can they take the fascist Cabinet and politicians as well?
I beg them.

UK Column News - 7th December 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.

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Lab rat vaccine ID. Why is the batch number needed? Do the harm causing ingredients vary from batch to batch, as in an experiment, perhaps to see which mix is the most lethal?

What to do when the casualties begin mounting? Payback.

Is Trump a (witting or otherwise) tool of the chaos makers? The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind.
Here's Dana Ashlie's take on the matter. The lady is quite astute.

YT REMOVED - Why Trump will win (and you may not like the answer) BY DANA ASHLIE

⁣Don't get caught up in the division folks. We are about to watch the unfolding of America's takeover and they'll blame it on Tru-mp.

Back-up Channel for Dana
Dana's contact info and many interesting comments:

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