November 28th, 2020

The Johnson Occupation Regime as a Prescribed Medication. Demand it vacates Parliament immediately

Monday. Added the rest of Rumors from Nov 29. Crown Inc. added to the list of foreigners the regime colluded with against the public. (The blue text halfway down.)
Sunday. Added UKC 27th, repaired Deli's post, added Rumors 28th and 29th.
Perhaps I should have made the title, "as a virulent, deadly disease," however, lets see how this works out.

It may eventually get us partially disentangled from the proven criminal IJ EU regime.

Contra indications?
Since voting to leave the proven criminal IJ EU collective also called the EUSSR, (playing their rules, we actually officially left the gang we never legally joined* in March 2019 upon the expiry of the 2 years notice of leaving)  the May led and Johnson led occupation regime refused to acknowledge the withdrawal, instead pretending we hadn't left, with a court kicking the can court case (faux opposition to stymie other cases?) down the road, and continuing to illegally tax us as if we we hadn't left, to illegally impose IJ EU laws as if we hadn't left and continued to negotiate an illegal and now treasonous military union with the proven criminal organisation that continued to use tax pot funds to buy governments, openly demonstrated by the Ukraine (of,  "f*ck the EU" fame) bribery.
(*Heath's death bed confession of treasonous deception in saying it wouldn't involve much loss of sovereignty, sovereignty being indivisible, the signatures being criminal actions, the transfer of funds was and is fraud, and dealing with criminals is a crime, whether by corporation or a national government.)

Then there is the so far, and likely forever and ever mythical COVID19 virus.
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Dear Mr Johnson and the gang performing as an enemy of Great Britain while pretending to be this country's government, I formally demand you vacate all public properties and cause those occupied by services alluding to be public to be vacated, That includes regional councils and especially those led by world government parliament mayors. And take your debt with you.
Each past and present claimed Cabinet member (the full board of directors) should be sued individually for crimes against the public that include fraud, theft, deception, murder, treason and the concealment of crimes, the issuance of false laws, colluding with criminals to commit fraud against the public, colluding with members of foreign entities, notably the City of London aka Crown Inc., Bilderberg, the G20, the WHO, the EU, IMF, WB and the Fed Res to formulate policies and laws and conspiring to commit and committing deliberate avoidable harm and death to large numbers among the public. For openers, old chum.


UK Column News - 27th November 2020

Brian Gerrish and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

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Telecom densification of electrosmog is not a minor problem
Harmfulness has been known since 1977
Biological effect of Millimetre Radiowaves (mmWaves) – 1977 – declassified in 2012.
Studies with with rats and 97 persons working with generators of the
mmWave range on the basis of systematic conducting of biological analyses.
More studies have been done since then. ActiPo's B N Frank
has assembled an impressive list of many of them.

5G can be used as a WMD.
Any prat or otherwise subnormal regime twit that suggests 5G is safe should be vaccinated with prejudice.

The US Navy was left with 2 ships after 5G disabled the crews of the rest of the fleet.
Unsurprisingly, the US Army brass has invested heavily in

telecom research allegedly for non aggressive use.
As if.
Sure, it's harmless. Do pigs buzz like bees when they fly?
Whoops there goes another one of them...


It's good to see James on the side of truth. He can see much of the bigger picture. He still hasn't seen the gigantic criminal operation aspect.

Delingpole: The Green Agenda IS the Great Reset
James Delingpole
Breitbart 24 Nov 2020

The green agenda IS the Great Reset.

One of the few political leaders who gets this is President Donald Trump.

On Sunday he warned in a video statement from the White House to the Group of 20 summit hosted by Saudi Arabia that the Paris Climate Agreement was ‘not designed to save the environment. It was designed to kill the economy.’

This is fair comment for reasons I have outlined many times before (eg here, here and here).

If the U.S. had remained a signatory it would have ceded huge competitive advantage to favoured economies like India and China to no useful purpose. After all, as Bjorn Lomborg once calculated, even if every country in the world sticks to its carbon reduction targets agreed at Paris, the best-case scenario is that it might reduce global warming by the end of the century by 0.170 degrees C. This is a difference so small it will be barely measurable and certainly not noticeable – at a cost to the global economy of perhaps $1.5 trillion per year.

Tweet: Breitbart London
World Economic Forum Outlines Its ‘Great Reset’ to End Traditional Capitalism
World Economic Forum Heralds 'Great Reset' of Global Economy and Society
The coronavirus crisis is an opportunity for a "new kind of capitalism" according to World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab. 12:40 PM · Oct 14, 2020

Yet Joe Biden — in the event that he becomes president — has promised that he will drag the U.S. back into this frivolous, destructive, eye-waveringly expensive deal.


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Just to say thanks to the RumorMill News contributors. They are showing us what will happen here if we allow it.
Bluebeam musings.
The voice of a god in each language transmitters are in place, thanks Elon. The space force to fight the baddie Venusian ChiCom Russians is in place. Atlantis flying city types already practiced, enough shit in the air to hold the 3D projections, the projectors' launch-aircraft base is in Alaska, currently used to screen rehearsals with artificial sunlight?
Can - will it beat Star Wars in the ratings? Will Netflix buy the serialisation rights? Should I buy shares in popcorn yet?

More info:

Last thought on this page. Do the sacks need 5G to put voices in peoples' heads?
If there's enough shit in the air, why are the toxic, persistent contrails still continuing? Are the sacks still working on the "second wave"?