November 9th, 2020

Anna Von Reitz - Red Hot!

Red Hot!
By Anna Von Reitz

Red Hot! Kevin Kiley and James Gallagher, State of California Legislators, just won their law suit against "Governor" Gavin Newsom and his ugly unprecedented over-reaches as self-proclaimed Dictator of California.
Read the press announcement here:
We are going to undermine Newsom's position a great deal more and leave him no authority related to our people or our assets in any venue of the law in California. Watch the wave coming.

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An eye-opener from the dear lady.
The Roman Church, The Guilds, and The Hellfire Club
By Anna Von Reitz

When I say “Roman Church” I am speaking of the pagan version of the Church of Rome headed by the Roman Pontiff. This is otherwise known by the oxymoron “the secular church”.

Though the Office of the Pontiff was purportedly dissolved along with the Trust supporting its activities in 2011, there is no sign that it actually stopped functioning. Rather, it appears to have changed names and moved its operations to the United Nations storefront in 2011 and has been using that organization to promote its agendas ever since.

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Work in progress.
Medical Science is as Big a Conjob as Government
I didn't know that was possible but the two seem joined at the hip in ripping people off and jointly participating in mass murder.

There is no such thing as a natural virus that is harmful to humans
Ask any medical professional to show you an image of a virus that is harmful. They can't despite that the first electron microscope was used in 1931. If they show you anything it will not be a harmful virus. There is no definitive proof any such virus exists outside of a computer 9like CAGW) and in the minds of the (often self) deceieved and deluded.

Man made bioweapons from other species' exosomes are are not infectious viruses and so far biolabs funded by evil sacks of excrement such as Gates, Soros, Fauci and military brass, with the likes of  Fauci and military brass and using public funds, have been unable to create one that is infectious.
How many billionaires like Gates got rich via conjobs like COVID?

When and why was the virus confidence trick invented? Watch Dr Lanka's video. (See the previous post for vid details or visit Bitchute,)

It has been a for profit conjob from the outset, whether as a defence mechanism, (black death victims were catapulted over the parapets and into enemy forces in the false belief they were contagious.) or simply to experiment to see if a cure could be found for cyclical inluenza that was known to be caused by heightened solar emissions in the 1800s. The Spanish Flu was caused by solar emissions amplified by emissions from widespread electrification and the introduction of radio, It is unlikely many died directly from the immune response to the non ionising electromagnetic radiation poisoning but the use of masks led to rapid growth of and inhalation of bacteria that proliferated in the favorable environment (warm and humid) of the masks. The immune system response was to flood the lungs to wash out the foreign bodies, a condition called pneumonia and that killed many.
Toxic vaccinations developed and provided by the Rothschild Institute may as well have contained cyanide as they appear to have killed almost everyone that received them and were responsible for massively increasing the death toll credited to a phantom virus. The deaths caused by vaccinations and pneumonia exceeded by far those killed by bombs, bullets, bayonets and gas. The Institute must have been aware of how deadly their "vaccine" was as it killed almost all the soldiers it was tested on in Fort Detrick. The military brass believing that a deadly pathogen was the cause of the deaths sent soldiers exhibiting symptoms of immune response to EMF radiation poisoning to the front lines in Europe hoping to infect enemy soldiers.

Note, J D Rockefeller that created the institute was a chip off the block, like father, like son, another snake oil seller and ruthless businessman, profit by any means seems to have been his motivation. Soros, claimed to be the 1st lieutenant of the most recently deceased snake oil salesman D. Rockefeller, is of a similar frame of mind for example, having killed millions with his manufactured colour revolutions, for profit.

Dr Sal Martingano detailed the mass murder by injection in his article The 1918 "Spanish Flu": Only The Vaccinated Died. He was unaware of scientist Arthur Firstenberg's published research, (ignored and suppressed by the odious 'scientific' "establishment") that extensively evidenced EMF radiation poisoning as the source of influenza outbreaks, but nevertheless is a fine piece of research.

There is no such thing as an isolated natural virus harmful to humans. The sacks of excrement protracting the fraud have had at least 60 years and electron microscopses and there is STILL NO IMAGE OF A REAL INERT INFLUENZA VIRUS. Images of human exosomes are not images of a 3rd party infectious virus.

I have yet to see an image of a bat virus modified to be a toxin, a bioweapon, not a harmful virus.


There's no such thing as a natural virus harmful to us so what are the Rockefeller Foundation assets testing for with the proven inappropriate PCR test that gets over 80% false positive as well as negative results, apart from the human chromosome 8 sequence? Waste and debris from damaged cells, not a virus because they could never get a positive test otherwise.

Looking at the latest trials where vaccines are being tested on humans without animal trials, it seems the Rockefeller gang members are at it again. Fatalities and severe harm have already been reported. Perhaps if the perps ever land before a hanging judge, the lethal vaccine used to murder WW I soldiers could be used to send them to Hell. Their partners in crime in the Telecom industry are rolling out harmful 5G supported by misanthopic regimes advised, no doubt by Rockefeller assets, (Baroness what's her name was transferred from  the Telecom 5G approval department  to the nation's vaccine imposition dept., no doubt in a similar situation as Ferguson, Hancock et al working the conjob COVID scam) that is an order of magnitude increase in electrification, whose ability to cause harm is already known with details communicated to governments around the world and the satanic UN.

Stop the illegal experiment called 5G in space and down here.
Stop 5G UK
"Five to six tmes higher than European regulations " (Safety levels)
"One quintillion times higher than natural background radiation"

Can we make hand held focusable 5G weapons so we can
legally irradiate the 5G advocates, permitters and imposers?
Perhaps from microwave oven parts.
EMF radiation causes what is termed seasonal flu.
There is no such thing as a natural virus harmful to humans.
That is why there is no evidence.

Bodj could command the Telecom sacks to stand down and order the arrest of the ministers and their advisors that are controlling the Rockefeller (Pilgrims) assault of the British public. Otherwise fight fire with fire.

A list of components, a plan and assembly instructions needed for a hand held radar assembly, probably something like speed traps use.
A list of the UK corporation ministers and executive responsible that can benefit from being targetted is available at Wiki.
A group of 100 people pointing such "harmless" assemblies at 100 Parliament Street may get the message across.
The Dept of Health irresponsibles imposing murder, DNA alteration and tagging by vaccine here; 39 Victoria Street should also be targetted. because there is no virus and likely they know that. Then there's the traitors in the military.

The regime sacks of excrement advisors have all completely ignored global petitions that give the facts, military grid weapon level broadcasting equipment must be replaced or disabled and perps jailed, including local and especially EU region councillors. I expect that includes the Welsh Assembly and Nicola's bandits.
Some African governments and too few others have sounded the alarm and even booted UN reps for advocating harmful vaccines. I don't know how many have banned 5G, Brussels' bureaurats have stopped installation in their city.

PBS appears to have "lost" heir copy. Now how could - why would that happen?
Perhaps the Rockefeller family are ashamed of their ancestry? They could always do a Saxe-Coburg Gotha > Windsor makeover?

Some Rumors to be going on with, continued from the previous post.
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The movie
Voting software company involved in glitches tied to nancy pelosi

Fulford Report
Washington DC Given Reprieve Following Zionist Surrender Proposal

November 2, 2020
By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 330 Comments. [I'll check them if I get time. Cc]

First of all, we would like to note the 2020 Halloween full blue moon really did look like a pumpkin. A photograph can be seen at the link below.
I saw it with my own eyes, and think it was very auspicious.
Now, the attack on Washington DC has been postponed following a surrender proposal by the Priority of Sion, i.e. the headquarters of world Zionism. These are, by their own admission, the people who carried out the mass murder and terror attack on Fukushima on March 11, 2011.

Here is the letter we received from them:
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I wonder if Trump will embrace the offer from Anna to lead the real US government?
Read a lot of Anna to know what is happening, hidden from you by the MsM. Gone are the days the lady would be a regular feature in a Sunday national, now the media's job is to continuously fool the public whilst the fake US regime thieves money from them and conveys it out of the country and to corporations, and still people keep giving the media money for toilet paper.

Tinnitus is scrambling my brain so blame 5Gista psychos for any incoherence.

Looks like Trump has 5 aces. I was going to bet on him winning at good odds but the odds dropped before I had a chance. A GB businessman placed a 5 mill bet. That was likely the max the bookies would take.
If Fulford is to believed, (always the flip of a coin) the Rothies are (still!) negotiating terms of surrender, with who, whom? The real US gov? The UN bottom feeder contractor corporations masquerading as the gov? Mrs Windsor? Trump, a Rothschild ally? The compromised US military? JFKj? The satanic, Rockefeller controlled UN? The Satanist Pope? The White Dragon org?
If it were true, Boris should have forced Telecoms to lower the 5G grid weapon strength and I wouldn't have tinnitus.
That suggests the Pilgrims' > Rockefeller controlled UN and the KJ advised Chinese regime are continuing the assault on us and a Rothschild surrender is without meaning. Unless location and names of the perps can be gotten.

Blood drinker Pecking order?
Fascist (Lizzie, figurehead of the Pilgrims and PP > Pilgrims-Rothies-Fossils of Sion-Jesuits > Zionista-Fabian-freemason dregs of humanity (City of London-RIIA) > nat gov) > Communist ( regional councils-freemasons-Communist Purpose > local gov-military-police-councils-charities-unions-NGOs) sheep.

Trump and Israeli annexation: The Christian Zionism connection
Middle East Eye12 August 2020

And then came the border wall between the UN controlled US and Mexico.
Know where you've been to know where you are going. The Fabian UK Ltd regime and the Zios control education to avoid that. Get behind Anna, Yanks, and the rest of the non traitors of our human world.
Trump cannot be the Zio's fall guy. He needs to choose. The globalist UK Ltd-Zio-Fabians or humanity.

2012 Agenda 21 freak show.
United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio 2012
Leaders in attendance
If I had time I'd cross reference them with the annual satanic UN climate change meetings and the valid arrest warrants at the Round Op Alpha site:
Hellfire clubbist Bodj and May need to be added IMO. If Trump continues to serve other than the Americans...

The US military is controlled by foreign powers because all are deceived into signing away their rights. The top brass is paid handsomely to allow this. Likely the former British military is in the same situation, a subcontractor of the City and Vatican. I'm unsure of the Police, likely the same. They have no union otherwise they would be on strike for being ordered to break Constitutional and International Law. There is no such thing as an honest judge.In Germany, people are locked up for questioning the lying sack Zionist holocaust money spinning confidence trick, meanwhile their military supports the conjob COVID protestors.