November 3rd, 2020

Brexit Caused "The Great Reset" to be Unleashed Prematurely

Brexit Caused "The Great Reset" Scam-Hoax-Confidence Trick to be Unleashed Prematurely as the Snakes' Sacks Writhe to Neutralise the Spanner in the Works with the "Great COVID Pandemic" Scam-Hoax-Confidence Trick.
The 5G (60,000,000,000Hz range as used by HAARP) EMF radiation poisoning called COVID is being used as the excuse to destroy the economy to enable the imposition of banksters' crypto currency.

Why has 5G been reduced to 30GHz in America
but in Britain the ILLEGAL 5G roll-out using the deadly 60GHz microwave range continues? Ask the illegal occupation regime "minister" at 100 Parliament Street, responsible for permitting the mass murder by 5G, preferably at the end of a pitchfork, maybe later, via a properly constituted court, last words at the end of a rope.
Oliver Dowden, Caroline Dinenage, Nigel Huddleston, Matt Warman, Diana Barran, John Whittingdale, previously Sajid Javid, Karen Bradley, Matthew Wancock, Jeremy Wright, Nicky Morgan.

The illegal occupation regime sacks are in the process of mass murdering more of the elderly by LOCKDOWN while you sit there being brainwashed by the BBC traitors.


Save our old folk.

If you didn't get to the Samuel Eckert Article via the 30-10 Supplemental, follow this link, translation and jump to the conclusion. If that doesn't convince of the falsity of the virus, a media staged con trick, nothing will.

Listen carefully to Corbett. He may not be a work of art to look at but his mind and presentation most certainly are.

You’ve all heard by now that The Great Reset is upon us. But what is The Great Reset, exactly, and what does it mean for the future of humanity? Join James for this in-depth exploration of the latest rebranding of the New World Order agenda and its vision of a post-human Fourth Industrial Revolution.
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Fauci-Gates-Soros backed? Video -
The Secret 'Corona-Thrax' Project & The Impending Bio False Flag
The Last American Vagabond

We need petitions to get tax and privately funded biolabs (behind the weaponisation of exosomes our enemies have called coronaviruses) buried so deep they dare not resurface. Legitimate laws need to be passed to outlaw them. Court actions against them would help if an honest, non corporation court could be constituted.

Remember the Swine Flu?  And Bird Flu?
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch April 21, 2020
By Anna Von Reitz

Remember the Swine Flu?  And Bird Flu?

I am reposting this article to remind everyone of how this same agenda has been pursued on other occasions --- always with the same end in mind -- a bioweapon disaster planned in cold blood against civilian non-domestic populations leading to forced, poisoned vaccinations, and government control of everything and everyone.
It's time these criminals were unmasked, arrested, tried, and hung.
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Plandemic. A Second Passover. And the Pied Piper.
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch April 5, 2020
By Anna Von Reitz

From Day One I have said that the Brits were at the bottom of the dog pile and pointed at the involvement of the Pirbright Institute and the Wellcome Trust in development of engineered corona viruses and their ownership of patents on "novel" corona viruses.
Bear in mind that this research is designed to enhance the Common Cold virus, to make the virus MORE infectious, MORE deadly, and then ask yourself what you think and feel about this pursuit and the people involved in supporting it?
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Is the UK regime corporation's NIH a corporation subcontractor?
The UN (dis inc.) subcontractorsmasquerading as the American government, run by the WB, IMF and Federal Reserve's NIH is a corporation subcontractor. The flow of control goes like this AFAIK. 13 bloodlines > Pilgrims (including Rockefellers) > UN > subcontractors posing as government > CDC subcontractor & NIH.
(Is China represented in the Pilgrims? The UN intends to move to China)

The NIH and CDC Are Not Public Institutions
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch April 21, 2020
By Anna Von Reitz

No Five Regions Agreement
Paul Stramer Lincoln County October 29, 2020
By Anna Von Reitz

There are proposals in some military circles to divide our country into five regions, each with their own “President”.
Such an idea is a thinly veiled attempt to bring in the UN Regional Government model and is an action seeking to undermine the sovereignty of the States and People of this country.
Anyone promoting this is a traitor and is promoting insurrection against the lawful government of this country.
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Reminder: The global regime corporation's mayoral global tax regions, city states, Zionist Babylonian style. - I wonder how Wales, Scotland and NI are carved up? Under Nicola's fishy administration, I suppose Scotland is already wet fish on a slab.
We left the EU? Why do we still have (and pay for the administration of) EU tax regions?
eu regions.jpg

Mass murdering Johnson regime continues to decree murder by 5G non ionising
microwave radiation poisoning aka COVID by imposing  nonsensical lockdowns.
The chuckle f*ckwits avoid each other like they are a plague on humanity.
Will the elderly in your family be murdered by you obeying these sacks of excrement?

UK Column News - 30th October 2020

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.

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3rd November Supplemental for UKC 4th November, Rumors: election fraud and other interesting topics.