October 30th, 2020

What Happens When Bandits Govern The Country? WE GET A FAKE MEDICAL EMERGENCY. Why?

The fake medical emergency. Why?

First and foremost, the COVID scam is cover for the imposition of a Fascist world government corporation.

Secondly to impose the 5G grid weapon without resistance, a whole cloth illegal experiment in national and international law permitted by sacks pretending to be your government.

The Satanists want 5G up and running because to run a spy city with driverless vehicles and everything centrally monitored and controlled it is necessary. 5G can see through walls and observers can tell whether you are having sex, reading a propaganda news sheet on the bog, whether you are circumcised, whether the wife is pregnant and whether you are organising a rebellion and so on.

Thirdly. to persuade you to accept a harmful vaccine. 5G causes immune response symptoms, some of which are pretended to be caused by an imaginary virus or a biowepon.manufactured in Wuhan, sponsored by Gates, Fauci and Soros. In Wuhan because the despicable junkie Obama  outlawed bioweapon research in America. What's in it for Musk of 5G satellite fame? He, like Gates, Fauci and Soros has invested heavily in vaccines. Know your enemies.

4th. To establish national Fascist regimes dictating to a communised public under medical martial law on the basis of the imaginary virus.

5th. To kill as many pensioners as possible with 5G and assassin doctors to rescue banks and the pensions and insurance industries that have plundered and gambled funds remorselessly.

6th. To crash the economy, blaming COVID instead of the 13 bloodlines' banksters, and impose digital crypto currency as the only way to save the economy.

7th. To kill all small businesses in favour of corporations like supermarkets and online traders like eBay and Amazon.

8th. Population reduction by as much as 90%, (ongoing, not least by war and various 13 bloodlines controlled UN con schemes like murderous vaccine programs, spreading disease by UN military, banning DDT) so much easier to control us is also part of the Satanist sacks' plan.

9th. To impose a global COVID tax justified by a crashed economy blamed on an imaginary virus. It was actually caused by treasonous regimes.

(Possibly 10th, to gain sufficient support for a nuclear and or assorted other types of global war based on faking an enemy. Was Russia, is China. China is advised by KJs as are US administrations. Some military brass is loyal to or controlled by KJs, as appears to be the case for Britain)

The Instruction manual is the Rockefeller Foundation's,
"Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development".
Jump to page 18. Lock Step.

A good lady at the LissaHumaneLife site discussed it here,
"Operation Lockstep ~ Rockefeller Plan for Martial Law Written in 2010".
Finer details were discussed by Henry here,
"Viral! World Lockdown Plan Leaked".

And you can find out all about the the evil being played out on the back of an imaginary virus at -

Warning for Humanity COVID 19 Vaccine

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Thanks to the compilers, conspiracy factists.


Namaste posted the following at Rumor Mill News from a brave person that has stood up:
Importance: High Treason

The uk Government is led away from our Constitution into forming the basis of a Police State
Posted By: Namaste
RMN Tuesday, 21-Apr-2020

Importance: High Treason. The uk Government is led away from our Constitution into forming the basis of a Police State, equal to that of old East Germany. Inducing Panic, Control & unquestioning obedience.

From: ********
Sent: 20 April 2020 03:48
To: Neil Ferguson Imperial College
Cc: Nadine Dorries MP Sec of State Health ; Priti Patel MP Private External HO ; Suella Braverman ; Police Commissioner Metropolitan Police Ms Cressida Dick
Subject: Questionable Vaccine Policy
Importance: HIGH TREASON
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Once upon a time we had a royal on the Throne of England

The lady that was momentarily HMQEII of England abdicated to sit on the Chair of the Estates (Vatican's throne of the Commonwealth?). Unless the maid was a Lady Bowes Lyon - Churchill rent a mom (test tube baby), Elizabeth was the daughter of a commoner (Lyons Maid ice cream came out in 1953, they love their puerile piss takes). She was crowned on a fake Stone of Scone.
See: The TRUTH about the British Monarchy; the "Golden Jubilee" (50 year reign) of the queen who never was for a partial list of offences against the English and British public.

With the throne vacant since at least 1953 there has been no HM government, no HM Inland Revenue and its derivatives, no HM Civil Service, No HM Police and no HM Armed Forces. They have all been illegitimate like every Lib Lab Con EU government since.

So all laws passed at the very least since the lady left are void, ALL taxes have been exacted fraudulently and all secrecy agreements sworn to HM whatever are null. All judgements made by judges operating with HM's authority are false. And so on. All cabinet members past and present have committed treason as have all CS heads, etc.
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The straight forward and honest solution to the COVID scam-hoax-confidence trick, state mass manslaughter by lockdowns, O2 deprivation via illegal 5G radiation poisoning and compulsory mask wearing:

Sue this goddamn criminal fake occupation regime for treason and get the present and past living Cabinet members hanged as fast as possible.

I expect if Anna was asked politely, she would be happy to convene a legitimate court (I doubt we have one in Britain) to carry out the process. I did consider Soros' International Criminal Court but not many of the sacks are brown on the outside.

There's a place for the scum
Where there's room for every one

Suitable for creating recyclable waste such as compost, for red shoes and spare parts, the options -
Government Repair Kit

For the gullible that signed away all their rights, in fact everything by registering to vote, then voting for a representative in the ILLEGAL occupation regime, remove your name from the electoral register. There are no legal authorities where you can reclaim your living person status. I'm unsure of the status of lawyers and solicitors

Boris, still time to save your skin. Come clean and trust the British public. Beat the rush to betray the plotters.

UK Column News - 26th October 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News

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More in the Supplement Rumors upto 31st including Fulford's report.

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