September 29th, 2020

The Fake Virus Pandemic was Planned. Imagine millions protesting on the streets in London.

They did it in Berlin.
Will we let the Germans outdo the British?

We are many.
The snakes in the grass and their
sacks of excrement are few.
Terrify them the way they have terrified you.
Build gallows in town and city centres.
Retake control from Earth's enemies,
the Vatican, the City, DC, stolen governments
the UN and EU

hoppe the state.jpg

gov repair kit.jpg

Blair made hanging for treason illegal under State Law
to protect himself and his fellow mass murderers.
He could not change the British Constitution wherein it is The Law.

There is no contagious virus.
The imaginary virus was created to instil FEAR in you so that you would be EASY to fool.
Masks are harmful. Yet you wear one because the sacks of excrement told you to.
Vaccines are untested, unnecessary and ALWAYS harmful. ALWAYS.
They cause POLIO.
They cause AIDS
They cause AUTISM
They cause DEATH
They are a means to euthanise mankind.
The sacks of excrement you call government are co-operating in YOUR EUTHANASIA.

Still OK with a government of megalomaniacal
traitors and mass murderers
that are OK with paedophilia and child murder?

Oh well, perhaps you should read this, it might change your mind.

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