September 28th, 2020

Coronavirus Influenza is "Far Out" Science Fiction - Fantasy and Other Stories

Claimed CV19 Influenza symptoms are identical to electromagnetic radiation poisoning.
Claimed CV19 influenza hotspots are ALL 5G roll-out zones.

Why are the health authorities and researchers telling lies? Some do it through ignorance, some are jobsworths, but most pretend for the money. Especially modellers. Like politicians, like "climatologists" and like Ferguson, a Gates sponsored modeller with a history of either deceit or incredible incompetence. The COVID confidence trick has much in common with the "catastrophic AGW by CO2" confidence trick.

When your eyes are opened to the truth, beware. Sarin in tiny doses (in food for example) can produce flu symptoms and death after several weeks. Other toxins, e.g. doctored exosomes from other species that would otherwise be harmless can produce flu symptoms. It is believed these have been administered via tests and vaccines, the way the AIDS disease was spread. Because of the incapability to spread, the vaccine industry beneficiaries have developed a nanotube delivery assembly that is disassembled by specific frequencies in the 60GHz range. The full story of that is here:

Exhibit A.

To Trump aides: you have no idea how deep the CDC scandals go

NoMoreFakeNews September 17, 2020

Trump aides and CDC loyalists are at war over the CDC’s handling of COVID reports. Charges; counter-charges. [1]
A core issue is the veracity of CDC weekly updates on case and death numbers.
These are included in the “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR).” [2] This is a long-standing, highly regarded, and widely referenced CDC publication.
Medical professionals (who aren’t known for their ability to think straight) rely on these CDC numbers.
Now that Trump aides are taking issue with the MMWR, defenders are circling the wagons. One such defender called the MMWR “the holy of holies.” [3]
So I had to write this article.
I had to revisit the 2009 Swine Flu case-counting fiasco.
You see, that summer, while the CDC was reporting thousands of Swine Flu cases in the US, they had secretly…
Stopped counting the numbers of cases. [4]
The person who discovered this was Sharyl Attkisson, the star investigative reporter for CBS News.
And Attkisson found out what was going on.
The overwhelming number of test samples, routinely gathered from the most likely Swine Flu patients in the US, were coming back from labs with…

No sign of Swine Flu or any other kind of flu.
My, my.

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Is the DVD Dachau an FCO MI6 department?
Blair was MI6, claimed to be DVD. Bush was CIA claimed to be DVD. Cameron was MI6, Bodj is MI6.

Following on from: Weaponized Coronavirus Is An Anglo-American Pilgrims Society Attack On Non-Globalist America While Blaming China

Meet the Pilgrims
From Americans For Innovation

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Less woo-woo than a contagious virus:
The Hidden King. Joseph Gregory Hallett.

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Global Research Headlines selection 21 - 28 September

The COVID-19 Crisis in the UK. Towards a Full Lockdown?
By True Publica
Based on fraud. Another CAGW by CO2 confidence trick similarity. They keep adding up.

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Interesting how gods morph through the ages. Moon, Saturn, Sun, emperors, kings and queens, pharoes and fairies. Nowadays it's a man-like invisible entity with a beard that can impregnate females, and increasingly an alien geneticist.

On the subject of morphing, where is the Territorial Army that is supposed to defend us from such as Bodj jobs?
Perhaps the London Regiment could detain him for psychiatric assessment? He keeps imagining this imaginary virus syndrome can be treated with harmful vaccines.