September 19th, 2020

There is no COVID 19. Prove me wrong. 5G FLU KILLS BEES AND TREES


There is no definitive evidence for ANY claimed harmful-to-human virus. Why not?
The only tests carried out to prove contagiousness failed completely. No publicly reported test has been carried out since. Why not?

There is no virus flu.

a) Symptoms claimed to be due to the (Gates' et al billions in criminal profit generating) virus are the same as symptoms produced by electromagnetic radiation poisoning, (hence I renamed the 2020 outbreak of flu symptoms 5G EMR flu).
b) Claimed COVID 19 hotspots, worldwide from Wuhan to New York are 5G roll-out zones.
a+b=institutionalised fraud in health services, corporations and corrupted governments to hide 5G EMR flu, sustain the virus myth and to profit from the deception.

The con is sustained by fearmongerering by crooked politicians, crooked health officials and GPs, Communist Purposed councils and police, and the extraordinarily crooked mainstream media like the zBBC.
The Hippocratic Oath no longer has any meaning.
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