September 3rd, 2020

Expert: Coronavirus Patents Are Functional Forgeries


Red Alert:
Expert: Coronavirus Patents Are Functional Forgeries

The truth behind covid19
Youtube Aug 28, 2020
Elliot Finch

Captap GGI's Morgan RMN

Is it possible for someone to alert the commie con regime corporation that this together with the fact that the PCR tests are not only inappropriate as stated by its creator, but are testing for a human gene and throw in the fact that people are suing the regional and national
corporation governments for damage caused by the COVID scam, et voila, it all falls down.
No wonder there were so many positives. How did they get any negatives? Accounting by duplicitous characters perhaps? They have a history.

Not a Common Law Court... yet. GB is playing catch-up so don't expect anything like this to happen here anytime soon.
#Germany - The #COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee - Start #Conference 03rd July 2020

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