August 20th, 2020


This article was written when cell phones needed only 900 Mega Hertz. Petition the government to reconsider the telecommunications act? Several dating back years have been submitted to regimes around the planet.
They most obviously care nothing for your welfare nor that of their familes.

Microwaving Our Planet
Cellular Assault

by Arthur Firstenberg

In February of last year, only five senators and 16 representatives voted "no" on the Telecommunications Act of 1996. We have, consequently, hundreds of new satellites competing for space in our crowded skies, hundreds of thousands of new communication towers sprouting up in our midst and the uncontrolled proliferation of wireless broadcasts. This amounts to an electromagnetic war on life from which there soon will be no place to hide.

While the visual impact of telecommunications technology has come under fire, environmental circles have paid surprisingly little attention to its biological impact — one of the most dramatic and rapid alterations of the Earth's electromagnetic environment ever to occur. Yet, there has been a deliberate absence of debate on microwaves and radiation.
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