July 5th, 2020

5G transmitters in the upper atmosphere will microwave the planet

Very likely they will be able to microwave individuals, villages and maybe cities. OYE News produced the below compilation of  information that I have faithfully reproduced as far as I am able. It is as relevant now as it was in April. The situation hasn't changed and the enemy PTB have doubled down on the deception and oppression whilst racing to get as many 5G masts in place as possible before they are called on its illegality.
I can't believe people are swallowing this medical martial law by deceit.

5G Now Determined as Safe – But is It Really?

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With all the current attention on 5G due to the alleged ‘Conspiracy Theories‘ about its links with the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at any studies that exist which indicate the technology is safe. After all, we keep getting told that 5G is safe and anyone who suggests otherwise is a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist.

But the fact remains, there are no specific studies for 5G, as  Congressman Blumenthal discovered when he asked the question to top officials from both the FDA and FCC at a US senate hearing:

ICNIRP Determines 5G Poses No Health Risk

On March 11th 2020 the International Commission on Non‐ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), a German-based scientific organization that determines the impact of electromagnetic waves on people and the environment stated that 5G poses no negative health effect. This conclusion was determined from existing scientific research into the frequency ranges used by 5G.

The ICNIRP have updated their RF EMF Guidelines to take into account the new 5G technology being rolled out, though they state that ‘in terms of the 5G exposure levels measured so far, the ICNIRP (1998) guidelines would also provide protection for 5G technologies’.

Scientists have countered these guidelines claiming that the ICNIRP are using outdated science and refuse to accept the hundreds of peer-reviewed studies that have found biologic and health effects from exposure to low-density radio frequency radiation.

Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health in the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Public Health and creator of the saferemr.com website, said that ICNIRP’s guidelines

“were designed to protect us only from short-term heating (or thermal) effects. The guidelines fail to protect us from non-thermal effects, especially from long-term exposure to wireless radiation because ICNIRP continues to dismiss the many hundreds of peer-reviewed studies that have found biologic and health effects from exposure to low-intensity, radio frequency radiation including many human as well as animal studies.

The preponderance of the research has found evidence of increased cancer incidence, oxidative stress, DNA damage, and infertility from exposure to wireless radiation.”

RF EMF Guidelines 2020

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