May 24th, 2020



It's not contagious. It's marginally harmful. It's called anthropogenic COVID 19.
Hypothetical or real, its attributed symptoms come from another source.
It's not contagious. It's life threatening. It's called RF EMR aka 5G flu.

Sandy Adams / Agenda 21


Is This Controlled Demolition All Over Again?
Zero Hedge (ABC) Posted by Tyler Durden 5/22/2020

Authored by Gilad Atzmon,

For years Eco-Enthusiasts, both activists and scientists, have been telling us that the ‘party’ will come to an end. The planet we are stuck on can’t take it for much longer, it is getting too crowded and unbearably warm. Most people didn’t take any real notice of the situation and for a reason. This planet, we tend to think, isn’t really ‘ours,’ we were thrown onto it and for a limited time. Once we grasp the true meaning of our temporality, we begin to acknowledge our terminality. ‘Being in the world’ as such is often the attempt to make our ‘life-time’ into a meaningful event.

Most of us who haven’t been overly concerned with the ecological activists and their plans to slow us down knew that as long as Big Money runs the world, nothing of a dramatic nature would really happen. In the eyes of Big Money, we tended to think, we, the people, are mere consumers. We understood ourselves as the means that make the rich richer.

Rather unexpectedly, life has undergone a dramatic change. In the present age of Corona, Big Money ‘let’ the world lock itself down. Economies have been sentenced to imminent death. Our significance as consumers somehow evaporated. The emerging alliance we have been detecting between the new leaders of the world economy (knowledge companies) and those who carry the flag of ‘progress’ ‘justice’ and ‘equality’ has evolved into an authoritarian dystopian condition in which robots and algorithms police our speech and elementary freedoms.

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Please do a petition to unseal Fauci's indictment.
If successful, perhaps a statue of his head on a pig's body as a memorial to arrogant greed driven psychopathy on the White House lawn, Gates, similarly bodied next to him and big litter of piglets to have the heads of the major enablers like Cameron, Blair, Bush, May and other Pilgrim mafia members. Then we could have CV19 5G pig flu street parties, like we use to have for German measles.

Beware 6G.