May 12th, 2020

The Bodj regime corporation is insolvent, defrauding the public and acting without authority

In response to the Manchester Gestapo-like thought police and any other Gestapo-like state police force oppressing everyone that cares to think or speak out about the psyop being played out, contrary to the British Constitution and the right to free speech and thought. Is it the British Police or has it been corporatised and sold?

I also wonder whether the military has been incorporated and who its present owners are.
With a high degree of probability the local and/ or regional councils have owners that are not rate payers. They are controlled by the City Masons (Ltd?).

Has the British Police been incorporated? It seems as if every public office and public service that is capable of having Inc. inked after the title has been incorporated.

Regardless, the British occupation regime corporation owns or controls the Police. That makes it a privately controlled security force with no authority to act against anyone outside its corporate mandate. Where it otherwise the occupation regime corporation in its entirety would have been arrested for multiple frauds, perhaps selling Britain being the biggest. The good policeman that wants the public to snitch on people acting against the occupation regime corporation's interests by telling the truth or even otherwise, speaks as an individual's opinion and not with any authority to censure anyone. So I believe.

The Police should be aware:
The Bodj regime corporation is bankrupt, acting without authority and committing multiple frauds against the public. By failing to act on information publicly available, the Police (Inc?) is aiding and abetting the crimes.

We need a legitimate government, a British Police Force and a British Military. We have none at present.
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