April 16th, 2020

nCOV-19 the next question, gallows or guillotine?

Is the corona virus family modified exosomes? (Not a virus?)

If yes, who knew, when, and who modified them to be bio weapons?

How were they modded? Nano bots? Are those bots the same claimed to be in toxic persistent contrails?

Have airline unions been bought off, are airline executives on board like the zBBC and other MsM such as Google?

If there are any honest, investigative police forces left, this must be deeply investigated. The nCOV-19 hoax is possibly a bigger crime against humanity than corporation world wars one and two and all the hoaxes from the holocaust hoax on combined, if the reported national death tolls combined are considered.

National and local government cannot be trusted. The Iraq investigation and successive regimes using tax funds to pay humans to kill humans for private profit proved that.

If an investigation uncovers the serious crimes
committed against humanity, the think tanks, financiers, the enablers, the bribers and bribe takers, the doctors, hospital and GP executives, and the necessary MsM liars will need to be arrested. We'll need to spend a load of tax funds on prisons and mass graves. Anonymous burial at sea might be a better option. That is the very best they deserve in my opinion.

If the Police fail to act, defund them. Tell your local council to reduce rates by the amount contributed.  If the local council fails you, sack them. Don't wait for a vote. Just avoid them using the offices paid for with your cash. Form local police forces that work for us, not the incorporated state.

THERE IS NO  TEST THAT CAN SPECIFICALLY DETECT nCOV 19. The test is for any corona virus. Most humans have a corona virus antibody from having a cold or the 'flu. Why don't the deceivers say that? They want to scare you into getting vaccinated. I wonder what the zBBC's cut is?