April 4th, 2020

Amazing Taste

Musically speaking:
Doctor!! DOCTOR!!! You NEED to See This..!!!

Youtube Premiered Mar 29, 2020
John E Hoover
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Doctor Fauci
Doctor Ted
Global Pandemic?
Based on what criteria, exactly?
What was the straw that "tripped the wire" that made them declare it a Global Pandemic of Epic proportion....????
What was the Tipping Point?
I queried the CDC database.
The results are shocking.
Have we seen numbers this high in any year since 1918?
If so, when, exactly?
Are the rapid COVID19 deaths caused by a COMBINATION of Influenza H1N1 or similar, and COVID19, as simultaneous infections, causing rapid decline in pulmonary function...???
Cap tap Paul Stramer
(Play at 0.25 (click on the cog and select speed) to see the docs and the sources.)
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