April 1st, 2020

Wuflu, Corona virus, COVID-19, SARS COVID-2 are symptoms of electromagnetic radiation poisoning

Wuflu, Corona virus, COVID-19, SARS COVID-2 are symptoms of microwave electromagnetic radiation poisoning

Vaccines cure the symptoms. Only a global ban on harmful frequencies will reduce the casualties.
The Israeli-Chinese-Bill Gates' "cure" will only cure the symptoms for incredible profit.

What we call a viral infection is a symptom of EM poisoning. It took me a while to discount "expert" opinion on viral infections and their transmission. Transmission is the correct terminology but misapplied. It is microwave transmission that causes damage to cells that is diagnosed as a viral infection. The fact is kept from us so that our common enemy, the purest excreta of humanity in skin sacks can sell vaccines that do NOTHING beyond alleviating the symptoms of radiation poisoning. With the Israelies jumping on the bandwagon, obviously their insatiable hunger for wealth by any means could be ascribed to their fake "vaccine" promotion. But they also have a fantasy that they are this or that deity's chosen and seek to rule the planet and the only way that is going to happen is by removing obstacles such as us.

5G in Wuhan produced cell damage that was identified as COVID-19, with a lot of misinformation around its alleged SARS COVID-2 origins. 4G in Iran produced a slightly different cell damage that was diagnosed as a variant of COVID-19. The "viruses" are products of cell damage that are misidentified. Tiny doses of sarin cause similar symptoms to microwave "flu." Such have been found in food samples from Iran and Italy. Possibly MW flu casualties have also been supplemented in the West, especially in Italy by release from jets and in food. All retail food, drink and tapwater need to be tested for the neurotoxic agent urgently and if found, the culprits despatched. Airforce planes used for spreading toxic persistent contrails should be examined for traces of sarin.

Those FACTS lead one to wonder what kind of inhuman experiments led to the production of different types of cell damage products that have been patented and used as the excuse to sell vaccines.

The INHUMAN BASTARDS want us confined to our  homes so that more people fall ill, displaying symptoms of Wuflu. The microwave pulse that targetted Wuhan is lkely what caused mass deaths that the Chinese have been concealing. It is probable that the Chinese authorities have used lower intensity microwave pulses to eliminate a whole lot more elderly and by other means (sarin in food and drink?) dispatched humans that they considered a threat to their "king of the castle" position, the way Satanist Jew advised Communist dictatorships are guilty of, e.g. the Stalin regime.

The excitable but nonetheless excellent investigative journalist, Jim Stone revealed that the Chinese authorities had to import millions of body bags. A nation with its resources should not have needed so many for an unalarming outbreak of "'flu" or as it should be termed, microwave poisoning.

Arthur Firstenberg discovered that electromagnetic radiation in microwave frequencies caused a variety of symptoms including what is mistermed viral influenza and wrote extensively on the subject. There is no such thing as viral influenza. The assorted health authorities, agencies, pharms corporations and the parasitical Israeli regime corporation must be aware of this. And the parasite Prince Phiip and his missus. Likely Boris and all the inhumans listed here as well. Other 'in the know' candidates include the G8, Masonry leadership, Common Purpose leadership, the Friends of Israel members that include almost all the Conservative party and many others sucking on the Israeli lobby teat. Plus 5 Eyes and the rest of the intelligence despicables, MsM owners and boards and vaccine peddlers. Likely Cressida Dick and her cronies in the Police corporation too.

Source and 2-4.

Judge Anna picked up on the facts and it has been bouncing around in my head ever since I read her essay titled Red Hot Highlights. In the essay she excerpted parts of Arthur Firstenberg's The Invisible Rainbow (no free version) and I quote here parts of those excepts. The reason for quoting is to dismiss claims of "no microwaves before the mid 20th century," and seemingly competent virus "experts," something that had held me back from writing or copy-pasting more on the topic. The key is solar electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range supplemented in modern times by unnatural man-made microwave radiation.Collapse )