March 29th, 2020

The zBBC said PANIC

And most did. Why?

It's a hoax purveyed by the complicit zBBC et al to enable massive theft, an act of treason against us.

A smokescreen imposed via the zBBC and all the usual MsM suspects. How far down the ladder from Cressida Dick are the masonic Police involved?
I've related most of what's happening on the American side of the pond mostly using Anna von Reitz' bulletins in the comments section under the previous post and earlier. A $multi trillion financial heist that makes the 9/11 gold heist, insurance fraud and insider trading profits together look like chump change.

Some comments from Aangirfan's post 'CORONAVIRUS FALSE FLAG'University of Hamburg data
The number of deaths in the world
in the first two months of 2020
2,360.........Corona virus
69,602.......Common cold
193,479.....Road accident
And alcohol and cigarettes are government approved.
As is cancer causing GM food. Take your pick.
[Seasonal flu numbers? Cc]

Greg Bacon 25 March 2020 at 14:58
"Goyim, STFU and keep dumbing yourself down, that way you won't ask why YOU have to bail out those TBTF banks AGAIN and other financial outfits who took on bad debt just to make some quick shekels, now that the debt is imploding, guess who's going to pay?"
There's anudda 1.5 QUADRILLION in stinky derivative bets that are going sour, guess who gets that bill?
Give all you can Goyim, so we can keep living like royalty while you work 2 jobs and barely make it by.
"Let them eat cake? More like "Let them eat shit"
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