March 17th, 2020

Corona, SARS COVID2, (variants S-COVID-19 - L-COVID-19) virus , the bottom line

Dear PMoGB&NI, CEO UK Inc.Mr Chairman, Boris,
It's a blatant psy-op. Why not stop the media driven panic and stress and save thousands instead of  effing over the nation for the benefit, (economic - US v China tade war, direct profit, (always) and geopolitical - NWO) of the despicables?
Some call them lizards, I call them Satanic Jews. They have many human servants. You appear to be one that is unwilling to follow their script, likely "advised" to you by the Pilgrims' RIIA.
Have there been any seasonal flu deaths other than Wuflu?
As soon as the weather warms, flu victim numbers plumment. Wuflu is no different. It's an engineered flu bug, the majority of victims suffer no worse than a regular cold. Many will get it and not notice. The zBBC headlined 2 further deaths in Wales, both octagenarians, both with complications. How many road deaths? It's not an emergency and 11% victims away from being a pandemic.
A UK Column News viewer wrote in with the math, a demographically similar area in China, and arrived at 0.007% fatalities. Panic,panic, if you believe the deceptive BBC.
5G and very likely 4G change oxygen's vibrational frequency and so avoid its transport by haemoglobin around the body, weakening the immune system. The microwave range used for 4G and 5G may act directly on the virus, a different version was released, or escaped from a bio lab (/sarc) in Iran(that has widespread 4G, different bug, fine tuned?)  causing it to be the L (for lethal?) version. Check the map to see if you are at risk. Swansea and Cardiff both have 5G imposed. Both have deaths by virus reported. Wuflu, deadly in Wuhan is very likely being used as cover for pollution deaths. (The inscrutable zionists advising?)
It's an engineered weapon.
It should dissuade a lot of people from supporting not only 5G. Apple (iPhones, sell) has consolidated. It's board appears to prefer China. Why's that?
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