March 14th, 2020

Corona Cluedo: Corona-2019 (SARS CoVID2) - Probable cause

The fake pandemic pronounced by the puppet WHO appears to be a banksters' gallows avoidance scam!

Judge Anna pronounced:

Stop the Presses! Public Notice!
Sunday, March 8, 2020
By Anna Von Reitz

Modern cryptography is based on computer "keys" --- complex binary identifiers that unlock programs and "subroutines" that endlessly modify and jumble other equally complex "blocks" that act like locks to access other programs. Sigh. Oh, what a tangled web we weave....
But, there are older systems of cryptography, which simply means "secret" or "hidden" writing, going back to Megalithic times. These were in use for thousands of years and all over the planet, and these are what intrigued us, because although their pictographic meanings are often obscure to modern minds, they are actually more advanced than our binary system and so-called quantum models.
Instead of tracking numbers and digits and pieces of the paper, these Megalithic Ciphers track resources, magnetic nodes, ley lines, maps to other star systems, history, lineages of people, treaties, and all sorts of things that are otherwise hidden from us. Because they are so different from modern systems and because so few people study them, it is perhaps not surprising that these were the codes chosen to hide the most closely guarded secrets of the banking industry.

In a way, Karen Hudes was right. We have been blown back to the stone age, but not by The United States of America.
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