February 12th, 2020

If there were no Illuminati...

Nullius in Verba
The Latin phrase for “Take no man’s word for it” is the motto of The Royal Society of London, which is a shortened and less meaningful change from the original name. Loosely organized in 1660 by the greatest minds in the history of science, they petitioned King Charles II and were granted a Royal Charter in 1662. The name this distinguished group chose was the “Royal Society for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge by Experiment”.

Both the motto and the original society name give great insight into the mindset of those who gave birth to true modern science. The rise to power of these great men followed thirty years of bitter civil war that left much of their nation in ruins. Today England is still dotted with hulks of former abbeys, cathedrals and castles from this era. These great men faced the plague of 1665 and rebuilt London in 1666 when fire destroyed a third of the city.

They created the methods that would unlock the secrets of steam power, electricity and magnetism. Later members of this Royal Society would provide the greatest transportation, manufacturing and medical systems in the world. Humanity is forever in debt to the great minds who took little on trust and everything to open, measurable and repeatable empirical data. This is the foundation of all good science, which is best distinguished from bad science by example.

Bad Science
Alchemy is the Dark Age ‘science’ of creating Gold from chemical reactions of base metals. Though easily understandable as a false promise with modern atomic theory, many a sorcerer defrauded many a king’s treasury for centuries. Alchemy is bad science, but there is as always, a corollary. It is possible to create Gold by nuclear reaction.

Our planet currently has 4 parts per million of Uranium under high temperature and tremendous pressure. Uranium has a half life of 4.5 billion years in laboratory conditions but the decay rate is unknown and unpredictable in the Earths molten mantle.

In the natural process of nuclear fission decay Uranium can develop as many as a dozen daughter reactions. This decay produces 2 million times the energy of a chemical reaction such as combustion and some of the resulting elements are very unstable. Radon is one such element with a half life of just 3.8 days. Radon is inert and cannot form chemical bonds. The fact that there is any Radon on the planet is proof of its constant production by nuclear fission.

It is theoretically possible to create Gold by fusion of base elements or by controlled fission of higher atomic order elements. The cost would be beyond any royal treasury and is now beyond current technology. It may be that most or all of Earth’s Gold supply is from elemental reactions and not from original creation.

Good Science
Proper science is self reinforcing in profound ways. In 1842, Charles Doppler developed a theory of pitch change from compression or elongation of sound waves based on the relative motion of the source and the observer. Sound does travel in liquids and solids but this theory was primarily an auditory phenomenon. In 1916, Einstein proposed in his General Theory of Relativity that the universe must either be expanding or contracting.

Hundreds of years of accurate celestial observations showed no sign of contracting and the thought of an expanding Universe flew in the face of Newton’s Law of Gravity. Then in 1929 Edwin Hubble, using the most powerful telescope then invented discovered that specs of light previously thought to be stars were in fact distant Galaxies each containing millions of stars. Through spectral analysis he discovered that the light from these Galaxies had a Doppler shift indicating that the farther away the source the greater it’s acceleration away from the Earth.

Since light moves at such incredible speed there was no laboratory method of verifying the Doppler Effect with light. This was a case of positive reinforcement for both Doppler and Einstein. Then quantum mechanics theory required another conflict with Newton’s Law of Gravity. A law of science that stood unchallenged for three hundred years now required a corollary on both the macro and micro scale. Such is the fate of true science.

It Gets Curiouser and Couriouser
“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see ?” So said Alice, the only sane being in Wonderland. And so it is, that those of us with sane minds and understanding of both science and history must deal with the present reality. During the 350 years since its founding, the Royal Society grew and subdivided. Today the Royal Meteorological Society has been trusted with the ‘science’ of weather. Surely, these guardians would be loyal followers of the proven English Scientific Method.

Dogma and group think have been the nemesis of knowledge for all eternity. The Hadley hacking has provided overwhelming proof of manipulation of raw data, suppression of all dissent and total disregard to openness and transparency, the RMS guardians respond with silence. A visit to the RMS website six weeks after the greatest scandal in all of history reveals their lament over the “Failure in Copenhagen”.

The RMS website continues, the RMS “is deeply disappointed with the lack of results of the Copenhagen Climate Summit Conference. SocEnv would have welcomed a clear signal from world leaders that the transition to a low carbon future had begun globally, but the outcome of the Copenhagen Summit fell well short of that. The world is worse today than two weeks ago.”

Adding insult to injury the website still had on offer ‘instructional’ DVD’s by the sorcerer in charge of the Hadley Climate Alchemy Unit. To the members of the Royal Society, have you no shame, no conscious, no sense of history ? You worship in the shrines created by Christopher Wren. You travel daily the streets resurrected from ashes by Robert Hooke. Your surgeons train in the theaters of John Locke. Is there no moral fiber left in the English soul ? I can only weep from afar.

The Time Has Come to Speak of Other Things
Only a delusional paranoid could possibly consider the massive climate fraud and pending tax and control structure as some ‘conspiracy’ by those on high. If there was no Illuminati, no Trilateral Commission, no Council on Foreign Relations then there would be nothing to worry about. If there was no Machiavelli, no Alinsky, no Lucifer then there would be no problem.

The problem is that there are all of the above. They have had a century long published record of their plans for world domination by their unelected, omnipotent tyranny. When first conceived by European monarchs and monopoly funded American Progressives the controllable level of human population was set at 600 million. In 1900 that would have required ‘eugenic treatment’ for half the world population. Today that number would require 90% reduction of human population. This is the population reduction currently mentioned in all of the New World Order action plans.

Sometimes in science and in history there are pivotal moments. There are times when great forces of destruction are thwarted or are overcome. In the mid seventeenth century England was freshly visited by all of the horsemen of the Apocalypse. Famine, fire, war and plague surrounded the great men of science. Still, they triumphed over ignorance, indolence and superstition to provide a better future for all humanity.

We stand today on the threshold of two worlds. The Hadley hacking has tipped the globalist hand prematurely. They are being forced to spring their evil trap short of the major control and funding mechanism that they had hoped for. The One World Government is the biblical thousand years of darkness where the privileged few rule over all life on our planet. Or we can choose freedom and self determination for all humanity. We must begin by forcing an end to ‘human caused global warming’ false orthodoxy. In lingua latina for the remaining great minds of the Royal Society,Nullius in Verba. The possibility of a thousand years of light may well depend on you.

Joseph A Olson, PE
Dec 30, 2009

In PDF format http://fauxscienceslayer.com/pdf/nullius.pdf
All things considered, the gentlest reprimand.

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