February 8th, 2020

Bojo'd brexit. Not even vaguely out, by any stretch of the imagination

The Boris (Merkel-May Royalists) bodged Brexit. Out means out. We are not out.
All politicians lie, as if their life depended on it. Boris should be shown what out means. A petition should be made calling for Boris to step down for having failed to fulfill his single mandate and for ceding more sovereignty to the enemy.
The Illuminati Khazar Jesuit and international Khazar bankers that run the E.U. conveyor belt law production and wealth confiscation machine are a bunch of common thieves whose ideology is founded in Khazar and Black Nobility banditry and Bolshevism, collectively, satanic globalists that have managed to induct a large number of bureaucrats and politicians into their mafiaesque scheme of collectivisation (Communism) mainly through childish but deadly Talmudicised Masonry blood oaths and by bribery using public funds. It is unclear whose anus graces the pyramid peak but it is likely a toss-up between the Pope of the day (Roman Empire, religion), the Black Nobility leader of the day (British Empire, military) or a Zionist banker of the day (Financial Empire, economy) whose title is synonymous with criminal and murderer. Or perhaps it's a group squat.
Still the UK Inc. taxation corporation continues to plunder the nation on behalf of the Satanic globalists.
Thank bodger Boris. I imagine his EU "reward" rivals Cameron's and May's. Dual loyalty should have no place in Parliament yet almost if not all Con men are beneficiaries of the Friends of Israel, Israel being and a Masonic genocidal and apartheid corporation that supports and practices terrorism and international assassination.
Floater Boris has to go, he represents what we voted to flush.

[Brexit did not happen on the 31st Jan 2020. What we were given was a ceding of more power to criminals by a criminal that pretends to represent us, but doesn't. Cc]

Brexit Day
By Dr. Binoy Kampmark
Global Research, February 02, 2020

Parliament Square is the site, muddied by rain, trodden by hundreds who have made it their celebratory space.  The Leave Means Leave official website had been busy for weeks, thrilled about January 31 and the fact that that Britain would finally be leaving that beastly collective they know as the European Union.  Those who promised to be in attendance were the usual suspects of the Little England brigade who had been so successful in convincing citizens that leaving the European Union was tantamount to gaining one’s freedom from a stifling oppressor.  Over time, the EU had become a figure no less savoury and vicious than Hitler, an achievement of branding if ever there was one.

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