January 21st, 2020



Join in this global uprising and announce your event here. It can be anything from a Candle-light Vigil to a silent march; a stationary rally to a Music Gig.
Let your imagination flow, and let the world know we want safe, bio-sensitive technology which is gentle to the Planet!
Please email us your event and we will post it on the website. Include: time, location, city, country and email contact. (Please note that all events are on January 25th, 2020, unless otherwise indicated on the post.)
Send to team@stop5ginternational.org
And gladly join the Stop 5G Global Protest Day Facebook site to share your events and ideas with others around the world: https://www.facebook.com/groups/548912049259423/?
Press Release (EN)


Flyer for Protest – Can be adapted to your event.

Also see flyer with image and no text.

Preliminary list of flyers for the January 25th 5G Protest Day, courtesy of Stop Smart Meters BC.

Posters and Signs courtesy of Americans For Responsible Technology

Song (Chant) – 5G NOT FOR ME – courtesy of Nick Curto , if used and filmed please share with the author

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50,000 satellites that broadcast 5G. It's been used in trials for crowd control. Crowd control from inner Earth orbit, a bit higher than jets fly? Imagine if enough satellites focused on one crowd enough to cook it. These are real misanthropic nasties imposing this weapon of mass destruction by deception via enemies of humanity masquerading as political representatives and leaders.

Cities Around the World Unite for Global Protest Against 5G Technology on January 25

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